Turn Your Head, Cough And Vote

This is a great idea, a national license plate tracking system! And our friends at Homeland Security will run it.


Think of the possibilities.

On Election Day the people who have the system can call voters directly in their cars when they run the “Get Out the Vote Campaign.” Each town or ward will have trackers, like we do now, who use their cell phones to get voters to the polls as well as the trackers who are out knocking on doors. Only this election they can get you in your Subaru Wagon, Volvo, or Audi and track whether or not you are heading to the polls.

The party that believes in privacy has to be excited at the possibilities. If you cross reference the voters who are on some sort of public assistance with voters who are on ObamaCare, Social Security, had an abortion recently, or who might have a criminal record, it will be easy to direct a call with the matching message.

No wonder Hillary feels so invincible.