What a great day to be a RINO!

Democrat NH House Speaker Shawn Jasper (RINO) and US Senator Kelly Ayotte (RINO) are asking Congressman Frank Guinta to resign from the US House of Representatives over a false FEC filing of his own family’s money used in his own campaign in 2010.

Nice opportunity for them and the Democrats.

It may look a bit odd for NH Democrats to ask Congressman Guinta to resign from office for over spending his own money on his own campaign while the standard bearer for the NH Democrats in the NH Presidential Primary is Hillary Clinton who has amassed, so far, unexplained millions from “independent journalists” and foreign contractors in a fund that is used and abused for Clinton family perks.  

So as usual, the RINOs in NH will do the Democrats work for them and give the “journalists” in NH and the rest of the country fodder for their news stories.

As I suspect, Ayotte and Jasper have all the documentation from the Guinta scandal and have reviewed it carefully before making such serious demands. That probably took some time from their staff but it is well worth the effort.

Now if they can just find a RINO replacement for Guinta all will be in RINO balance in NH.