Write More About Yourself Boys!

When self described revolutionary Carl Robert Gibson not is out creating fake and criminal press release here in NH he is posing as a listener from Texas to the Rush Limbaugh program. And he thinks he won his argument. So I assume this is a comedy in the world of talk show entertainment?


Ah, the DailyKos. It’s the site where all our clever left wing activist go to brag about their accomplishments. I remember Jared Steven Cram the double voter from Philadelphia, Pa. and Wilton, NH using this same site to lecture the fools in NH who dared run against his Democrat friends in Hillsborough County. It is so nice, easy, and tidy to have these Marxist Mensa types expose themselves as the fools and criminals they are.

I need to follow this DailyKos site on my favorites!

Here is Jared Steven Cram stealing a NH vote in his own words:


As we all know, Jared has been a registered voter in Pennsylvania since 1998 and continually in NH as well since 2002 when he declared is candidacy for the NH House or Representatives.

Jared and Carl are just two of the left wing activists who defile NH every two years. They seem to love publicity if writing about themselves on crazy web sites is any indication.

I hope they like what I write.