And Ray Buckley Doesn't Know This Guy? Come On

NH is loaded with out of state activists who come here and steal our votes while working on political campaigns. This is a fact.

The NH State Supreme Court plays word games with NH Statutes and the State Constitution enabling these out of state vote thieves to operate here with impunity – well except for the grass roots activists who live in NH. We object profusely.

Example: one Carl Robert “Homer” Gibson.

If you want to find this Democrat campaign worker and thank him for stealing your NH vote you might want to look in one of three places.

1. You can try 26 Summit St, Concord, NH where Carl is registered to vote and has voted in person in 2012 and 2014 by absentee.

2. If you are in Connecticut you can look Homer up at 49-1 Seaside Lane, Old Lyme, Connecticut where he registered to vote on April 24, 2012.

3. If a trip to Wisconsin is in your future you could stop by 244 W Lakelawn Pl. Madison Wisconsin where Homer voted in 2013 in an election for their State Supreme Court – something NH should do by the way.

When Kentucky and Mississippi get back to me I may have more places you can visit or contact Carl “Homer” Gibson.

Carl’s birth date is secret here in NH - where he is a voter. The Democrats had that type of information removed from the NH Right to Know Law that last time they had the votes so more Homers can slip into our state. It makes my job just a tad more difficult. But with help from anti-voter fraud activist in other states that information becomes much easier to obtain.

Homer’s date of birth is 05/11/1987.

Oh my, I have just released secret voter information. I guess I’ll get a visit from the NH Attorney General. They investigate voter fraud – at their discretion. See RSA 7:6-c