I Have An Armory Room

Never resting in her hatred for the US Constitution this progressive US House member wants to find a way to limit the Second Amendment until and when she and her other progressive friends or Constitution hating judges can eliminate it by other means.

Did I mention she is from New York?


Recently I read an article about progressives in big cities who are building “panic rooms” in their exclusive living spaces.

I sincerely object to people living hundreds of miles away from me having “panic rooms” for self defense if everyone else in that city doesn’t have one. It makes me feel uncomfortable.

Maybe we non-city-dwelling citizen voters should force, by legislation, inner city progressives who have panic rooms to register them and have them submit a set of detailed plans as to where in their living space it is located. Make it public and publish the list of names and locations once a year.

It would be a matter of “fairness” and “change” of pace from the way Congress usually works.

Everyone wants change – everyone should have a panic room.

Unarmed teenagers would be safe from being shot by racist cops if they were in a panic room.

Cops wouldn’t even need guns if everyone had a panic room.

But right now only rich, white progressives in Democrat controlled cities have and are building panic rooms.

I think we need legislation right away. This needs to be fixed.