Denny, We Hardly Remember Ya.

It would be interesting to see the background of the charges against former Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert. Usually, there are all kinds of tidbits leaked to the press when a Republican is in trouble.

If I had a magic wand to plop on the head of the feds I would ask if the 1980 era offence he is paying someone to keep quiet was possibly dug out of the 900 FBI files Hillary Rodham Clinton had street thug Craig Livingstone steal for her back when she was co-president.

Wouldn’t that be a coincidence?

It is probably more likely than not that is where the details are to be found.

Those 900 FBI files weren’t just laying around her office for nothing. The reward for having them has to outweigh the risk of being caught.

Changing the subject this week from the Clinton payola schemes to a Republican being indicted for anything is good timing - Clinton style timing.