All The News That's Fit To Hit

Now it’s crystal clear.

I read this in the Manchester Paper so you know it must be true:

“She stated that she and her husband ‘decided $1 million of wealth would be available to each of their three children,’” the FEC reported. “Virginia Guinta did not characterize the funds as owned by Rep. Guinta or as having been obtained and maintained in her bank accounts because of any agreement with Rep. Guinta. Thus, when Rep. Guinta sought funds for his federal campaign, Virginia Guinta ‘deducted this amount from his $1 million allotment.’”

This critical statement is part of the FEC Guinta investigation so you know it must be official.

The illegal money Mama Guinta “forwarded” to Frank Guinta was, as testimony shows, was meant to be “available” to each of “their” three children but it does NOT explicitly say Frank Guinta was one of those children.


That revealing statement by Frank Guinta’s mother does not, I repeat, state that Frank Guinta is one of “their” three children, mentioned in the FEC testimony. So how could Frank Guinta, with a straight face, say that this money was family money available to him?

Now I see the criminality in his original testimony.

In NH words mean things and are a very important part of any political investigation or assassination. I know this from being caught up in the swirling debate over the word ‘domicile’ for 15 years. How was I to know it meant ‘non-resident’? I understand that now.

This is why I depend on the critical writing and investigative skills of the Manchester Paper for day-by-day, hour-by-hour reports on the unfolding scandal regarding the non-family money not-loaned but forwarded illegally to Congressman Frank Guinta by Mama Super Pac Guinta.

Did she file as a super pac by the way? That might be worth a six year investigation.


Still awaiting arraignment in NH for his second known false press release, Carl Robert Gibson, supposedly brought here to NH in 2012 with multi-million dollar CREDO Pac of California to run Frank Guinta out of office, is still a mystery. Who paid this guy if he isn’t in the CREDO Pac FEC filings?

How does he keep his 26? Summit Street, Concord mobile voting domicile where he registered his US Uncut LLC with no visible means of support?

These are the questions The Manchester and Concord Papers don’t want to know - so they will not ask.

Neither does Fergus Cullen, Kelley Ayotte, or Shawn Jasper care about out of state political hit men attacking fellow Republicans.

Democrats are silent as the NH press and RINO’s do the dirty work, beating Frank Guinta with the club he has handed them.

And the Associated Press, duped by Carl Robert Gibson in 2011 by his false General Electric press release – don’t hold a grudge here in NH when he does it again.