Lindsey Shares His Dream

Often mistaken for a liberal Democrat, Lindsey Graham made a statement the other day that brings hope to all of us. He says, out loud, that Republicans losing the Presidency without Donald Trump would be better than winning with him.

And there you have it. Lindsey Graham’s dream come true would be to stay in the US Senate with a Democrat/Socialist president to hide behind when conservative bills come up for a vote. Lindsey could stay a senate surrender monkey and still pose as a Republican.

Not a bad deal for Mr. Graham.

Here is what The Donald should do if he hasn’t already - up the ante.

How about if Trump wins the Presidential race Senator Graham would agree to resign from the US Senate, rather than be humiliated by Mr. Trump?

Let’s face it. Senator Graham had been more animated and active about being anti-Trump than Barack Hussein Obama or any of the damage he has done to this country.


Is Lindsey Graham running for president so see his Republicans lose dream come true or by some miracle to actually get elected?

It’s a hard choice to make.