Donor Class About To Get A Closer Look

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump for President yesterday and the usual crowd again proclaimed, “big deal.”

I asked myself why she might needlessly jump into a primary where she knows and is friendly with several of the combatants.

Very little of what I heard Rush Limbaugh refer to is easily found on line by these two thumbs but I did find this series of quotes from:


“Palin's endorsement speech Tuesday evening combined the folksy charm and everywoman appeal that initially made her a GOP superstar with defiant taunting of a "busted" GOP establishment that she slammed for counting both Trump and herself out.”


“She also took aim at the Republican establishment for "attacking their own front-runner" and offered a challenge to those who have suggested that Trump, whose positions on issues like gun control and abortion rights have shifted over the years, isn't conservative enough.”


And in typical Grizzly Moma language:


"Oh my goodness gracious.” What the heck would the establishment know about conservativism?" she said. "Who are they to tell us that we're not conservative enough? ... Give me a break."


I think Sarah Palin sees Donald Trump as what might be described as the new Teflon Candidate the mainstream media can not destroy - no mater how they try.

She repeats over and over again how much distain she has for Establishment Republicans, a species that tried to set her up for the dust bin of political history. They weren’t very effective at that

Elite Establishment Republicans, the media, and the Donor Class laugh up their sleeves at Sarah Palin and yet she draws crowds and is an endorsement machine compared to their hapless Karl Rove.

Today I heard Dana Perino say that Trump having Sarah Palin as a VP possibility would be like stepping into the past. I wonder what she thinks of Jeb Bush? Talk about a worn out brand.

There is a lot $150 million in campaign cash can buy but it isn’t buying Dana Perino’s boss’s brother any love from voters – even in Florida. So who’s the fool?

Maybe Sarah Palin wants Ted Cruz in the US Senate, or as VP material. I don’t know. But I know one thing. Sarah Palin knows who the enemy is in DC and this is a perfect time to start a grass roots campaign to expose them.

Paybacks are a Grizzly!