Several US Senators Past And Present Make The Best Ted Cruz Commercial

Oh, happy damn day!

US Senators warn of open revolt if US Senator Ted Cruz wins the Republican Primary nomination.

It’s a Republican Revolt!

And there is very little more revolting than some of the 100 biggest hypocrites on the face of the Earth, US Senators past and present, showing what they are really made of.

If some US Senators are going to excoriate another US Senator who takes their capitulation to the left wing, unconstitutional agenda of a socialist president as an insult to voters who put them in the Senate - then by all means step right up. Now is the time to show your colors.

Some Washington insiders are going to put their careers on the line in a last ditch effort to keep any candidate except one sanctioned by the correct lobbyists and donors off the ballot.

This battle has been brewing for decades. I congratulate the Republican surrender monkeys for publicly entering the fray, and not to mention having the courage to take on Ted Cruz but not Obama.