The Lament Of Parliament

As the British Parliament debated letting an American enter their fine country because he is supposedly anti-Muslim there is an interesting un-debated issue I find interesting.

Tomorrow I can book a flight from London to Kuwait on Kuwait Airlines.

Kuwait Airlines motto is “Earning Your Trust.” Here is their web site for scheduling:

Funny how the anti-American members of Parliament don’t have any problem with an airline that will not allow Israelis on board their aircraft.

From the article:

“(CNN)Did Kuwait Airways just scrap an entire flight service to avoid carrying Israeli passengers?

The airline has this week pulled its connection between New York's JFK airport and London Heathrow after U.S. authorities threatened legal action over alleged discrimination.

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) in September warned the Kuwaiti carrier that it had "unlawfully discriminated" against a passenger using an Israeli passport by refusing to sell him a ticket.”

If I am reading this correctly, the anti-Israel and Israeli citizen flights from London to Kuwait are still ongoing – as is the anti-Semitism  of the loud mouths in the British Parliament.

Do members of Parliament meet in a glass house? Maybe its time they moved.

From the “debate” in Parliament:

“About 50 of the UK's 650 members of parliament were present for the debate. But while all but one used the forum to criticize Trump -- especially his comments on Muslims -- most felt a ban was unwise, and only risked making a martyr of the politician, and boosting his electoral prospects.

"I've heard of a number of cases where people have been excluded for incitement, for hatred," said Conservative MP Paul Scully.

"I've never heard of one for stupidity, and I'm not sure that we should be starting now."

Progressives, socialists, Muslims, and communists are the same all over the World – tolerant of speech they approve of, and not much else.

The 600 members of Parliament who stayed away from the anti-American debate still have Kuwait Airlines to account for, in my book.