I Just Can’t Pass Up Rahm Emanuel’s Recent Crisis

Oh, it’s a hum dinger of a crisis for Rahm Emanuel, the left wing prodigy who never lost a fight with cowardly Republicans. His latest dilemma is his total lack of a way out of being Mayor of Chicago – it’s an executive position, and with all things progressive and liberal, the ability to get elected and stay elected is far different than being able to successfully manage something like a city. Just look at Obama for an example of that on a national scale.

The unexpected part of progressive Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s collapsing reign in Chicago is the Left’s long awaited time of racial turmoil and civil unrest across this nation. What the progressives have always wanted is another 60’s era opportunity for social change through protest and civil disobedience. Well here it is.

ACORN went Occupy and now they are Black Lives Matter - like an angry two year old turned nasty teenager. And this mob wants heads to roll – white heads primarily, and poor Rahm just happens to be white, like the Chicago cop who shot the black armed teenager last year (16 times, remember, 16 times).

Rahm is suffering the “never let a good crisis go to waste” phenomenon right up in his grill. It is like Saul Alinsky being treated to a Saul Alinsky style attack.

Out of state professional agitators will set up shop along with his long past friends turned enemies in his home town and pick the political meat off his delicate ballerina bones if he isn’t careful. This puts him in the same spot as any other politician.

Is there a progressive way to overcome, buy off, or repel an angry mob without fire hoses and police dogs? And can this be accomplished in a city as violent as Chicago has become?

One more police shooting, justified or not, of a black person and Rahm has some grown-up decisions to make. Your community leaders have all become community organizers. In 2016 that means communists.

This is the new normal Rahm. Get used to it.