Is Bernie Sanders Smarter Than Col. Sanders or a Fifth Grader?

Let’s face it, Bernie Sanders isn’t that bright. He just stepped into the Clinton Cow Pie strategically placed by Donald Trump. Bernie just had to comment in defense of the indefensible.

Here are some hilarious statements made by Mr. Sanders:

“I think, you know, we have enormous problems facing this country, and I think we got more things to worry about than Bill Clinton’s sexual life,” Sanders said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.”

“Sanders said Trump would be better off focusing on serious issues facing the nation, like climate change.”

First of all, what was Bernie thinking when he tied himself to Hillary Clinton’s impeached, disgraced husband? Did he have to do that?

It’s like trump set out the Clinton War on Women net and caught every sucker in the pond.

Bernie had his own problems with eventual general election voters with his idea that women fantasize about being raped. Then along comes an irresistible chance to have it brought up again by defending the Clintons.

This plays well in Vermont Bernie, not in the rest of America.

Trump will probably ignore Bernie’s open flank out of pity. Hillary and the husband who can’t wait to get back in the limelight, not necessarily the White House, are the real targets.