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Jared Steven Cram - Resident Evil

Jared Steven Cram, Pennsylvania lawyer, marriage equality activist, Democrat, big eater, and NH vote thief, is a shining example of DOMICILE vs. RESIDENCE.

No wait, they are the same thing!

Pennsylvania’s Consolidated Law 1302 (b), the Pa. statute that says if you are a resident and vote in any other state’s election you are no longer a resident of Pa., trips up our boy lawyer who is claiming he has a right to vote municipal in Philly and federal in New Hampshire when he feels like it – as he has done repeatedly. And, sadly, as thousands of other out-of-staters have done.

Pa. uses the word “resident” in election law and “domicile” in tax law among others.

The difference is no difference at all.

Check this out:

“(b) Rules for determination.--The following apply:

(1) That the place shall be considered the residence of an individual in which habitation is fixed and to which, whenever the individual is absent, the individual has the intention of returning.

(2) An individual shall not be considered to have lost residence if the individual leaves home and goes into another state or another election district for temporary purposes only, with the intention of returning.

(3) An individual shall not be considered to have gained a residence in an election district if the individual comes into that district for temporary purposes only, without the intention of making that election district a permanent place of abode.

(4) If an individual removes to another state with the intention of making that state the permanent residence, the individual shall be considered to have lost residence in this Commonwealth.

(5) If an individual removes to another state with the intention of remaining there an indefinite time and making that state the place of residence, the individual shall be considered to have lost residence in this Commonwealth, notwithstanding an intention to return at some indefinite future period.

(6) If an individual goes into another state and, while there, votes in an election held by that state, the individual shall be considered to have lost residence in this Commonwealth.

(7) An individual employed in the service of the Federal Government or of the Commonwealth and required thereby to be absent from the municipality where the individual resided when entering that employment and the spouse of the individual may remain registered in the district where the individual resided immediately prior to entering that employment, and the individual and the spouse shall be enrolled in the political party designated by the individual or spouse without declaring a residence by street and number.”

I like how Pennsylvania’s definition of “residence” is the same as the legal definition of “domicile”. Gee I wonder why? Could it be that legal definitions of domicile often note that many state constitutions use the words interchangeably?

So let Jared explain to officials that domicile and residence are two different words from two different planets and that lets him vote in any state he wants, whenever he wants, as long as it benefits him and his causes.

Maybe the Pennsylvania Bar he belongs to will understand, or even the bank he works for as a trusted financial planner. I wonder if he uses his own definitions there as well?

As luck would have it the New Hampshire Constitution demands a domicile for any inhabitant to vote in their ward or town.

Our Founding Fathers were correct down to the letter of the law when the chose domicile as the requirement to vote. I wish our NH officials and judges who are supposed to protect our votes would pay attention to that fact.

You may notice I call Jared Steven Cram a vote thief which if it was a falsehood would be called libel, or slander, or maybe a banana. I hope he responds so we can ask him.



Wait Until We Post Jared S. Cram's Pictures!!

Pretentious Gas Bag, Jared S. Cram, Thanks New Hampshire Voters - After Stealing Their Vote

He just couldn’t help himself now could he?

Jared S. Cram, a low-life lawyer from Philadelphia comes to New Hampshire to campaign, like hundreds of other leftist activists, with this big difference – he wrote about it, thanking us in the process:


The smarmy article by this self described science fiction writer should be titled “I Stole Several Votes In New Hampshire”. (This Philadelphian voted here in NH twice in 2012 and once in 2008.)

Here is the punch line to this joke:

“You know the rest of the story.  President Obama, Governor Maggie Hassan, Representatives Kuster and Shea-Porter, and even Kermit Williams and Steve Spratt.  The Democrats swept all the seats in Lyndeborough and Wilton (with Frank Edelblut coming in dead last).  I stood in New Hampshire.  I didn't just stand in the cold and the wind.  I stood for equality.  I stood for justice.  I stood because I am my brother's keeper and I expect he will be mine.  I stood because women are equal to men and deserve the right to control their health and their bodies.  I stood in New Hampshire and to everyone who stood all across the country and in all the different ways you could, I only have this to say.  Thank you.”

Oh how brave.

But we who are domiciled in NH and have been involved in several campaigns have met creatures like Jared S. Cram many times. They are always smarter than everyone else, trucked in from out of state, adorned with some college degree that hasn’t garnered them a job except in campaigns for leftist candidates. And they squander their time in internet chat rooms in between campaigns bragging about issues they have no real life experience about.

At this Jared S. Cram excelled. He has hundreds of pages of comments posted on the Internet for everyone to read in the new, bright light of his double voting for equality.

And for that I say THANKS Jared S. Cram.


Bagged!! Interstate Double Voter - Jared S. Cram

Does the S. stand for scumbag or stupid?

You decide.

Philadelphia resident, long time registered Pa. voter, Pa. attorney and marriage equality activist, Jared S. Cram, voted in NH in 2012 in the General and Primary out of Wilton as well as Ward 58 in Philadelphia where he lives at: Apt. G73, 450 W. Bayberry Rd. Phila. Pa. 19116.

Not bad enough?

The dumb ass then writes about it!


Now what should we do with Jared S. Cram?

Let me see….


Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings

Zoning attracts snobs like some stuff attracts flies – zoning boards especially. And if you want a short update on what is going on in the world of elitist snobs look no farther than Portsmouth, NH and the frightening issue of carports and their resemblance to mobile homes.

Story starts with the usual need of a taxpaying citizen to upgrade their property to accommodate something that is really of no business of anyone else except of course the local zoning board’s elitists.


The taxpaying citizen wants a carport to protect her car and 90 something mother’s health and safety. You would THINK that the issue of a carport would be a no-brainer except thinking has nothing to do with zoning. Here is the clue. Zoning, like planning, is all about FEELING because certain people with hyper intensive control issues have FEELINGS that need to be placated. This is why handbooks, laws, and common sense have no real place in zoning. Zoning is mostly about feelings.

I enter some comments made in a public forum by a 14 year member of the Portsmouth Zoning Board:

“This would be the only free-standing carport within the neighborhood,” Witham said. “ I feel in some way, part of the thing is that we can't change the essential character of the neighborhood. Would this do that? Maybe not. But all of a sudden if we had 20 of these free-standing metal carports scattered in that neighborhood, I think it's a very different feel to the neighborhood. I feel it's almost trailer parkish to me because that's the only place you really see these types of structures.”

Right away the feelings of the board member, David Witham, are the most important feature of the request for a variance – not facts, not precedent, not the ordinance - feelings.

And then you have the person who asked for the variance and now has to accommodate feelings instead of setbacks, noise, vibration, dust, etc:

Crossen-Langelier (applicant) said Witham's comments made her feel “minimized.” (I could point out the need for a “minimized feeling” instead of a “minimum setback” but that would be another bad zoning joke.)

Zoning is a scam that plays out on a rigged stage.

You have zoning proponents promising to enhance the property values of everyone in exchange for submission to various elitists feelings of how they think everyone else should live. And the whole municipality is dragged into the scheme.

My suggestion would be to adopt zoning neighborhood by neighborhood and see where the elitists and normal people settle. I would pay extra to be left alone by snobs and snobs could drive the lower class people out of their neighborhood with carefully crafted ordinances and rulings based on feelings.

That is really what zoning is all about – in the real world. When elitist zoning snobs say they are protecting property values, what they actually mean is they are keeping trailer trash out of their town.

David Witham of the Portsmouth ZBA points that out unwittingly and perfectly.




Don't Miss This Big Democrat Event - Ladies

Former President Clinton will appear with Democrat WOMEN at a Democrat fundraiser on Oct. 16, 2014.

From their ad:

We look forward to seeing you, President Clinton, Senator Shaheen and Governor Hassan on October 16!


--2014 Jefferson Jackson Celebration Team

Oh how soon we forget that the “Democrat War on Women” started in Arkansas motel rooms, private meetings, in limousines, at secret love nests, and in the Oval Office itself when voters elected the Bill “the Rapist, Flasher, Masher,” Clinton.

Imagine Democrats in New Hampshire celebrating a serial abuser who would have Arkansas State Troopers summon unsuspecting young women to his motel room so he could pull his pants down in front of them?

Here we are in 2014 watching NH Democrats honor a pervert who used a young, infatuated, intern as a sex toy in the Oval Office?

Yes that is where the NH Democrat party is right now in New Hampshire celebrating the ability of their man to dodge punishment for attacking women – then getting their votes!

Get over it Democrats. That is where your Democrat Party is when it comes to helping women (good looking women preferred by Bill but he will, as history shows, attack just about anything in a skirt).

And he couldn’t get away with it without Hillary’s help.

Nice candidates.

Have a great time at the dinner.