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Investigative Journalism - How?

Big News! Big News!

The Nashua Paper has been reporting in a news release what the NH Democrat “pro-non-resident voter” Party gave the paper to print!

Then, out of nowhere, the democrat party has a press release about their story in the Nashua paper!


Going back to using the Nashua Paper as a source of their own material, the pro-non-resident voter Democrat Party covers its own coverage. Great coverage if you can get it.

From the Democrat press release:

“That same report found that in addition to registering a car in Maryland, Havenstein briefly held a driver’s license in that state. New Hampshire doesn’t allow someone to hold a valid driver’s license in this state while having an active license in another state. [Nashua Telegraph, 3/31/14, State of New Hampshire, accessed 4/2/14]”

How does a reporter from a small paper in Nashua get the details on whether a person has a driver’s license in another state?

Does Maryland GIVE that information out?

Don’t think so!

Here is the Maryland statute adopting the federal law regarding driver’s license privacy: 01 Purpose and Scope… The purpose of this chapter is to comply with the Maryland Public Information Act, State Government Article, §10-611 et seq. and with the federal Driver's Privacy Protection Act of 1994 (18 U.S.C. §2721 et seq. effective September 13, 1997, in order to: A. Maintain the confidentiality of motor vehicle drivers' records including personal information; and B. Establish procedures for applicants to obtain records eligible to be disclosed.

Am I supposed to believe that the Nashua Paper has some special way of obtaining private information about any person’s driver’s license?

Or did some source within a certain party that planted the “investigative” stories in the Nashua Paper get that information through some special source?

Out of state, non-resident voters ply their trade all over Nashua and they get no special investigation from the Nashua Paper.

The Nashua Paper reserves their “investigations” for planted stories about Republican candidates.

Nothing new here from that paper.

I have a suggestion for the Nashua Paper though.

How about using your special source (wink, wink) to see if some of the non-resident voters in Nashua ever had a HN driver’s license?

Try this guy: Paolo Cozzi votes in Nashua but lives out of state. Did he ever have a NH driver’s license?

How about Nashua voter Alysha Tierney of Ludlow Ma.?

Maybe Nashua voter Janice Rottenberg of South Bend Indiana?

The Nashua Paper could try investigating some of the out of town relatives of elected officials in Nashua who vote from Nashua homes for NH driver’s licenses.

My guess is that the Nashua Paper’s “source” will not be too eager to dig up that information.




Blogger Post Worth Reading For School Politics

Timberlane Regional was spanked by the NHACLU for forcing members in the minority to accept their fate and shut up.

Good post:



Pro-Voter Fraud Democrats In NH Linked to North Carolina?

The big news in voter fraud this week was the stunning, to some of us, numbers of cross state voters caught in North Carolina, 35,000, caught by this interesting idea that it may be possible to take all the computer data states keep about voters and cross match it with other states who do not support voter fraud.

Only a genius - or someone with basic computer skills would have thought such a thing possible. But here goes.

The interstate program that can track double voters is called the “Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program”.

Here is the web site:


Currently, 28 states belong to this anti-voter fraud program. The big pro-voter fraud states do not.

New Hampshire does not belong to the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program for obvious reasons – we would be laughed out.

Hopefully, since The Coalition of NH Taxpayers has some friends in North Carolina who have helped us out before, we might be able to acquire the NH connections – or should I say the NH connections to voter fraud CNHT has not found already.

2014 is going to be brand new year in North Carolina elections.

Too bad NH can’t be part of that story yet. We keep electing Democrat governors who veto clean election laws.




He Needs Attention Again

Bill Clinton speaks!


Mr. Clinton has some interesting musings on aliens, not South American illegal aliens but the kind from outer space. That would be the one place that is still mostly safe from people like the Clintons – but probably not for long.

Anyway, I know of a place Bill Clinton’s aliens could land spacecraft without anyone knowing about it al all.

Mena, Arkansas seems like the perfect place to establish an alien colony.

It is quiet in Mena again.

No one would look for anything out of the ordinary in Mena, Arkansas.

They could get away with anything.






Reaching, Reaching

The High Media Priests of the Washington Post, in conjunction with Democrats in the US Senate have a new plan for the 2014 elections.

They are going to run on water boarding again!

Here ya go:


What, no Halliburton?

Hey, maybe Democrat election gurus and the Washington Post can dredge up that Republican Congressman from Florida who sent suggestive emails to adult male pages. That might work again.

Three Mile Island must still be around. How about that boogey man?

So far, we have the 2014 Democrat line-up for attacking the Republicans.

It goes like this:


1. Not ONE Republican voted for ObamaDemocratCare. (That sounds great?)


2. Water boarding. (Fresh as a daisy.)


3. Sarah Palin is stupid. (Can’t let that mental illness go.)


4. That bridge in New Jersey that was bad. (Hard to remember the details but just say “bridge” over and over.)


5. The rest of the World respects us now. (Then switch to a new subject.)

How about the unemployment rate! (See suggestion above.)


6. Vote for us because Republicans are racists. (Doesn’t motivate like it used to.)


And the grand old Democrat fall back position in case of a suspected rout:


7. Vote Democrat so you don’t lose your free abortions! (Use as last resort because the polls show it is backfiring in the wrong locations – everything between Harvard and Berkley.)