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Free Money

Chicago political hustler David Axelrod, now mouthpiece for the Messiah, said on a Sunday Democrat news program that Obama will be giving a $140 billion dollar tax cut to working families (the ones that pay taxes, as well as the ones who don’t).


That is $140 billion dollars over two years.


There is among the magic numbers being bantered about by the Obama team, something like a trillion dollars in Obamanomics socialist government spending and giveaways on the way to help the economy recover.


But how will we PAY for it?


Didn’t any suggestion of tax cuts by Republicans or conservatives used to be followed by the cry of, “How will we PAY for it?”


Suddenly tax cuts are like kool!


But are these “tax cuts’ tax cuts or “spend, borrow and print more money” schemes we saw under President Jimmy Carter?


My guess - a scheme to buy enough votes to get re-elected and let the chips fall where they may.


Sadly, it isn't more forward thinking than that.


Robbing Peter To Pay Ponzi - You Can't SEC The Forest For The Trees

Deep down in my cold little heart I find less than a smidgen of sympathy for the Miami elites who Bernie Ponzi Madoff ripped off for billions of “hard earned,” or, even harder, inherited cash. These were for the most part moonbat liberals from Planet Pampered. Welcome to reality – ever eat EasyMac?


But there is a hero in this story, one guy who makes it all worth while. His name is Harry Markopolos, an American hero. The Wall Street Journal covered his story on Dec. 18, front page. The paper is worth $2.00 a pop.


Harry Markopolos spent nine years trying to persuade the Securities and Exchange Commission that Bernie Ponzi Madoff was running a Ponzi scheme.




Harry Markopolos has proven beyond a shadow of doubt that the SEC is commission of omission, a useless, expensive, money wasting machine.


In the year 2000, Harry Markopolos, after spending endless hours trying to achieve on paper the annual 10% returns Madoff was getting, even enlisting the help of expert mathematicians, finally went to the authorities. The mighty SEC.


First up is one Edward Manion of the Boston SEC Office. Markopolos showed the SEC how it was impossible to achieve the steady results Madoff was getting with the existing stock market data. You would think this might sound an alarm with regulators if you didn’t know how government works.


A year went by and SEC investigator Edward Manion dropped the ball, picked it up and slipped a lateral to the New York office of the SEC where Bernie Ponzi Madoff ran his scheme. I would guess he had friends in high places there as well.


Markopolos had to re-submit all his info to NY but this time backed it up with charts, graphs, and even more specific research. He also pointed out to the New York office that $12 BILLION dollars might be involved. It did not matter because there seems to be a wall of indifference between Boston and New York SEC investigators. So the scheme grabbed more investors and grew.


Markopolos started his own investigative business and kept up the pressure on Madoff.


In 2005, a Boston SEC investigator called Markopolos and gave him a name in the New York SEC office one, Meaghan Cheung. Markopolos contacted her. That went nowhere for several more years even with more data and the addition of an interesting fact that Madoff would not let some Arab investors use a respected accounting firm to examine his books before they bought into his hedge fund. (So the Arabs were smart enough not to trust Madoff?)


Early in 2008 Markopolos tried once again through SEC investigator Jonathan Sokobin to persuade the SEC that Madoff was running a Ponzi scheme but his efforts were ignored as far as he knew. Markopolos emails the SEC through Sokobin that he had evidence of a Wall Street investor who cashed out of the Madoff scheme only to find the supposed investments made on his behalf never occurred.


Then all of a sudden, on December 11, 2008 Madoff was arrested. Markopolos found out from a friend who saw it on the news. (Did I mention there is a reward for information like Markopolos’s?)


This astronomical, historical, swindle of private (SSI will be bigger) investors occurred right under the nose of the Securities and Exchange Commission, an organization set up to prevent just such a thing.


And in the world of government you will find this sad fact; that from the lowest government body to the highest, they all have one thing in common, once you establish a government program or commission it first and foremost circles the wagons to protect itself from outside interests.


Unfortunately, whistleblowers, taxpayers, voters, and citizens, are almost always perceived to be outsiders by government employees.


One might as well be talking in an African tribal click language as to bother talking to a bureaucrat. They sometimes look at you when you are addressing them, often not. But inside that head of theirs is one single thought, and this is it: How can I make this guy go away so I can get on with my job.


The SEC does a disservice to investors in that people THINK it is looking out for them. To believe that a bureaucrat will look out for you is akin to believing he will look both ways for you the next time you cross a busy street, or maybe he will let you get your picture taken with his unicorn.


Another lesson learned.


How I Spent My Scandal Vacation

They say that Rahm Emanuel, The One’s Chief of Staff, is a cross between a toothache and a hemorrhoid because he is so driven.


But now it looks like he needs to be surgically removed from Obama’s face and ass. What better place than Africa to vacation in during the dump of the investigation of who tried to pick Obama’s US Senate seat replacement?


You have to admire the place Rahm Emanuel, tough guy, pit bull, toothache, hemorrhoid, went on vacation – a continent. They picked a continent, couldn’t even narrow it down to a singe country. Some twenty five days from assuming total control of America and Rahmy goes vacationing? It doesn’t sound Kosher.


But I have an idea what Rahm Emanuel is really up to – being the power hungry, driven pay-to-play, Chicago political machine cog he is.


First, Rahm will trek to Zimbabwe and drop off a list of names on behalf of Obama, the “World’s President”, acceptable as Mugabee’s successor as dictator of that fine country. The Movement for Democratic Change is the Mugabbe opposition there and we all know how much CHANGE means to Obama. Let us poke a stick in that nest.


Then it’s down to South Africa to congratulate that country on the wonderful achievements made by parallel world leader Nelson Mandela - racial fighting, poverty, highest crime rate in the world. A quick closed fist salute and it’s off to:


You guessed it, Kenya!


Rahm will drop off some Christmas presents for Obama’s extended family. This mud hut gets an official White House tooth brush. That cardboard shack gets TWO rolls of toilet paper!


And while Rahm is there, a short visit with Aunty Obama about that unfortunate “I was there when he was born” nonsense. You didn’t REALLY mean that did you Aunty?


Then, after the Africa vacation Rahm will pack up the family and jet back to Washington DC just in time, hopefully, to find this, uncomfortable as a toothache with hemorrhoids, situation to recede from the news. Happy New Year!


With the help of Obama’s friends in the major news outlets that will be a done deal.


On the blogs though, not so much.




Invisible "Men"

The one saving grace regarding Rahm Emanuel’s and Barack Obama’s efforts to seat a like-minded crony in his old US Senate seat is that the exposing of the scheme comes before Obama has any chance of bombing a foreign country to divert attention away from the scandal, ala Clinton and his “Monica, let’s hide my cigar.” escapade.


So Obama and his “Office of the Not Quite Messiah-President Yet” used some good old fashioned, time tested, political tricks to escape scrutiny - for a while.


1. Hey Rahm, how’s that trip to Africa you planned, wink, wink?

2. If you need me, I’ll be in Hawaii with Mrs. Obama half undressed.

3. What say we let our sleazy attorney handle an in-house investigation into our cooking a Senate seat.


I have a copy of Obama’s house attorney Greg Craig’s investigation as to whether Obama or his transition team tampered with Bagojevich or his chief of graft Harris, both charged with trying to sell the US Senate seat. Read it for yourself.


TO: The President-Elect

FROM: Greg Craig

DATE: December 23, 2008


SUBJECT: Transition Staff Contacts with the Governor’s Office


At your direction, I arranged for transition staff to provide accounts of any contacts that you or they may have had with Governor Blagojevich or his office in which the subject of your successor came up.


The End (of what you should believe).


Why waste everyone’s time with a folder of legal flatulence when you only need to know what is going on.


Greg Craig is Obama’s attorney, which means he is under no obligation to report any truth he does not want in the internal investigation. He can fabricate at will. It is his job. He is an attorney and Obama is his client, and Messiah.


Tough guy Emanuel ran for the hills of Africa, quite frankly, because we do not have an operational ship to another solar system.


Obama is flexing for his rump-swab press who are lapping it up.


Enough with Greg Craig’s fairy tales. Let’s hear the tapes publicity hound Patrick Fitzgerald has. He didn’t mind publishing the stuff with Blago on them.


Now how about some facts, tapes, depositions, arrests, pressure to squeal, offers of immunity, and all the good stuff you used on Scooter Libby.


(You do have to laugh at Rahm Emanuel “taking a trip to Africa” in the middle of being chief of staff to the Chosen One President, an event that will go down in liberal history. Suddenly the Senate seat isn’t so important?)


Here A Hedge Fund, There A Hedge Fund, Everywhere A Hedge Fund

The Clinton team of impeached former President Bill Clinton and his wife, who is currently posing as a US Senator from New York, recently released the list of donors to their non-profit Impeached William J. Clinton Foundation. The list contains the usual donors one would suspect.


Marc Rich’s wife donated about a half a million, making what could be argued is the final installment on that famous pardon for her hubby or a future pardon from President Chelsea, who knows what these people are up to at any moment.


Some foreign donors are listed – always nice to have foreign cash on hand when you’re cutting international deals and building a US Presidential library.


All very bland stuff.


But I found one donor very interesting. He is the largest donor to the Impeached William J. Clinton Foundation. His name is a Brit named Chris Cooper-Hohn and he is a young, genius, aggressive, HEDGE FUND manager.


This hedge fund is named The Children’s Investment Fund (TCI) and 1% of its assets go to TCI’s charitable fund, The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF). Sounds fair – 1%.


So what have we learned so far?


A boy genius who makes money in a hedge fund with a name showing it’s “for the children” is the biggest donor to the Impeached President William J. Clinton Foundation.


Hohn gave Clinton $25 million in 2007- 08, records show.

Now lets turn our attention to an Ian Griffiths guardian.co.uk, article Tuesday 3 July 2007 00.10 BST. Ian Griffiths is a rather good financial writer for the guardian.co.uk.

Mr. Griffiths article is about how Mr. Cooper-Hohn uses the money hedge fund investors send his way. Check this out:

“The vast majority of the £230m donations made by hedge fund activist Chris Cooper-Hohn to his children's charity have been reinvested in his hedge fund, the Children's Investment Fund (TCI).

Accounts for the Children's Investment Fund Foundation, Mr. Cooper-Hohn's charity focused on helping children in developing countries, reveal that it made grants of £5.1m in the year to August 2006.

Mr Cooper-Hohn has a reputation as an aggressive investor using TCI's investments to put pressure on boards. He is credited with blocking Deutsche Börse's bid for the London Stock Exchange and sparking the bid battle for ABN Amro.

Each year he donates a third of the management fees earned by TCI to his charity. This is augmented by a discretionary profit share which meant the foundation received almost £200m from TCI in the year to August 2006. A further £30m was received from other TCI funds.

But the accounts show that while it made £5m of grants, the foundation spent more than £220m on investments. More than £200m was invested in TCI.”

I am not a hedge fund genius but it looks like we have a very interesting set-up for a young, aggressive, no-holds-barred, hedge fund genius to get uber-rich. People invest “for the children” and the invested money goes into a fund, which now is estimated at 800 million English pounds, and then it is sent back to the original for-profit fund.


Both funds, TCI and CIFF are run by Hohn and his wife along with two other people – a nice multi-million dollar, one of a kind, hedge fund hybrid involved in what looks like self-dealing on a grand scale.


And then you get mixed up with Bill Clinton?


That makes sense.