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Meet The New Boss - Same As The Old Moonbat Boss

Moonbats on parade; all those who want to learn what communists, socialist, and progressives do when they get the chance need only watch our new administration in action, and what better than Democrat Nancy Pelosi, mother of five, for an example. She wants billions for birth control so it will be easier to share the wealth.


Progressive Democrat Pelosi believes what all moonbats believe, there is a fixed amount of wealth in the country that needs to be redistributed “fairly” by the more, excuse me – most, intelligent people in the country (meaning themselves).


And what do “intelligent” progressive, communist, socialist, moonbat politicians always fall back on to make the redistribution formula work?


Progressives believe less people being a burden on society is a worthy goal – as they go about getting as many people dependent on government as possible. Call it, “Every Progressive’s Personal Responsibility” – as opposed to a conservative interpretation of personal responsibility, you know, the kind of personal responsibility where you do the best you can to take care of yourself and government is limited.


In America, the easiest way to accomplish this very important central planning task is of course good old-fashioned birth control/abortion/euthanasia, pick one, they are all great tools in a progressive economy.


The days of real progressive heroes marching people into rice, sugar cane fields or gulags, starving millions of people to death, or re-educating them are over for the most part. Here in the US we are more civilzed in how we deal death to the burdens on our super-intelligent progressive society.


Stay tuned for the next exciting “new” progressive ideas to pop out of Nancy’s head!


Can anyone say: price controls, rationed national health care, limits on certain press, and crushing tax rates.




"The cost of our debt is one of the fastest growing expenses in the federal budget. This rising debt is a hidden domestic enemy, robbing our cities and states of critical investments in infrastructure like bridges, ports, and levees; robbing our families and our children of critical investments in education and health care reform; robbing our seniors of the retirement and health security they have counted on ... If Washington were serious about honest tax relief in this country, we'd see an effort to reduce our national debt by returning to responsible fiscal policies."


- Barack Obama, Speech in the U.S. Senate, March 13, 2006



Unsign On The Dotted Line - Or Else

Every citizen has the right to redress – except of course in Atkinson, NH. They have limited rights because of a thuggish, ego-powered, part time police chief, Phil Consentino.


In a normal town, a citizen has only to walk around and get signatures on a petition if he or she wants to have a warrant article placed on the Town Warrant for Town Meeting.


Ah, but in Atkinson you need a doctored up, used Atkinson Police cruiser to drive elderly residents to the drug store, and along the way, to collect signatures.


Without matching hardware, any taxpayer competing with the small time hood Consentino would soon be bankrupt. You see Consentino has a nifty little pay to play deal in town where his PRIVATE non-profit 501c3 gets to use Atkinson’s resources to politic and – anti-politic. A nice weekly pay check comes from the town – the Bulgers should have had it so good.


“Anti-politic” is a word I have coined to describe what the chief is up to as you are reading this blog. Anti-politic means: to engage in politics on your own behalf and to use a public position to undermine anyone else’s, preferably a citizen without government resources.


Chief Constantthuggo is driving around town in an arrogant panic, escorting people to the Selectman’s Office to withdraw their names from a petition, circulated by taxpayers, to make the Police Chief’s position FULL time.


This citizen’s petition makes the hair on the back of Consentino’s neck stand up (gee, must look like a hog hair paint brush). See, the standards for full time police are a bit higher than part time police standards. Could Consentino pass a full time police chief test? Is he qualified?


Consentino is certainly sneaky enough to run a vote buying deal such as using town equipment to “help” people who sometimes donate to his non-profit and vote for his candidates and issues.


But what to do, what to do, when things get out of control – like someone actually gets a legal petition submitted with which voters could challenge the scam Consentino has worked on so long?


Time will tell.



You Spend - We Cap

In a recent Fosters Daily Democrat story, Sen. Jackie Cilley, D-Barrington had this to say about taxes in NH:


Sen. Jackie Cilley says “the system raises moral questions since, of the 60 percent of state revenue derived from property taxes, low-income residents pay more than those on the high end of the pay spectrum.”

"The long-term consequences are coming home to roost," evidenced by local tax caps that "may well spell the death knell for the vitality" of communities, she said. The caps are a reaction to the "untenable burden" of rising property taxes brought on by cuts at the state level that downshift services to the county and municipalities, she added.

What this means is Senator Cilley knows a little bit of this and a little bit of that about taxes, but when you add it all up she knows a whole lot about nothing useful.

First, the system we have is quite the moral system. Our tax system allows for the most control of taxes by taxpayers - the people who pay the taxes, or should I say have them taken from them, in the United States.

New Hampshire, without a rollercoaster ride on the broad based tax scheme, plans its budgets based on votes for spending by citizens and collects taxes against a more stable method - the value of property in the municipality. The process is open to all and as transparent as a tax base can be.

Some would call it fair.

What Senator Cilley doesn’t seem to grasp about “tax caps’ is that they are not a simple move to irresponsibly cut or slash taxes. What she calls a tax cap is really a taxpayer generated effort to STOP OVER-SPENDING.

How is over-spending “moral” Senator Cilley?

It wasn’t that long ago your Democrat Legislature and Governor spent 17.5% more than the last NH budget, (along with wild revenue projections) and of course NOW you are shifting your excess onto the shoulders of the local taxpayers.

NH voters amended the NH Constitution to include Article 28-A to stop unfunded mandates from Concord. It was an act of survival and politicians like you foresaw doom and gloom then.

Now taxpayers are going to halt over-spending with spending caps until you get the message.

How do you like that deal.


Windsor, NH Returns To Biennial Sessions!

Always on the cutting edge of municipal finance, the tiny town of Windsor is still auditing its books from almost a decade of not doing so. Thank you DRA!


Lucky the budget for this town of 250 is only about $150,000.00, otherwise things could get sticky.


The town won the distinction of making regional news last March on the front page of the Boston Globe for having a Board of Selectmen who did not tax friends and relatives.


That problem has now reached its logical conclusion. No one has received a tax bill yet for 2008.


Why not lump two years together in a few weeks when Windsor holds its annual charity ball called Town Meeting and do away with that bad old year 2008 – 2000 altogether.


Here is an idea, why not use the Mayan Calendar which has the world ending in 2012 as the official Windsor time piece and hope for the best.


Most Windsor residents are concerned - but not about the audit or town finances.


I think the question most on the mind of the average Windsor voter is:


If Hell froze over could you drive out on it and ice fish?