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One Party Party

If you want to see an example of managed news, check out Massachusetts State Senator Diane Wilkerson and her recent arrest for bribery.


Here goes:


1. She is arrested last week by the feds in a sting operation for taking bribes amounting to $23,000.00 or so. The investigation goes back to 2007. The feds have released photos of her stuffing money in her bra.


2. Wilkerson LOST her Democrat primary but just before the arrest was running a “sticker” re-election campaign, what we call a write-in campaign in NH.


3. Wilkerson lost by less than 300 votes and has plenty of support still, even though she has decided to stop her sticker campaign after heavy lobbying from local clergy.


4. Many Democrat heavy hitters, the Boston Mayor and Mass. Governor, were supporting Senator Wilkerson with ads and cash before she lost the primary.


5. Now we hear the same politicians talking about ethics reform.


6. Some other big time Dems are mentioned in Wilkerson’s indictment.


Now when I first read about Massachusetts State Senator Diane Wilkerson caught taking bribes I thought it would be interesting to see WHO was paying off politicians in Mass.


But I wasn’t to find that out because it was a sting operation. So I kept reading all the articles I could find and even bought an Oct. 30, Boston Herald for photos.


This is really interesting. So far, I have seen no “perp walk” photo. WHAT! A sting arrest, pre-arrainged and planned out, but no one bothered to take a picture of Diane in cuffs? Come on. The feds released a photo from the sting itself! Since when don’t the feds snap a few hand-cuffed official photos for their trophy room.


And not in one story can I find any mention of the Republican opponent of the Democrat who beat Wilkerson in the primary. Wouldn’t it be worth mentioning that this might give that Republican an edge - nope, nothing.


The Herald and some other news outlets are leading readers to believe that Wilkerson might “sing” to the feds. I doubt that very much. In fact, I predict that the federal investigation will clear everyone else in any elected office in Massachusetts.


I put my money on this well timed “sting” being nothing more than an effort to stop Wilkerson’s sticker campaign from draining enough votes from the Democrat in the race to ensure a Republican win because that would really be ethics reform in the Massachusetts Senate.


Hold a sting arrest from a 2007 set-up where a well known politician takes cash and make the arrest a week before the election?


Come on we’re not that gullible, are we?


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Zeituni, Manicotti, Rigatoni – Which One Of These Doesn’t Belong

If you guessed Zeituni you would be correct because Zeituni is Barack Hussien Obama’s illegal alien aunt living in a Boston slum without receiving much of the shared wealth we hear Obama talk so much about. I mean not the Obama “family” wealth that is.


Aunt Zeituni certainly shares some taxpayer wealth. With the Obama “95% of Americans get a tax break plan” Aunt Zeituni will probably be a little better off. Come to think of it, she may be able to make a donation to the Obama for President Campaign larger than the $260 bucks she donated this time.


My God you can’t make this stuff up!!!!


I hereby renounce my opposition to the election of communist Barack Obama to the Presidency of the United States in order to continue this slow bloodletting of how the Left in America really behaves in their personal lives, and of course who protects and supports it.


America needs to take a good four-year look at what the Liberal Left has offered up for President, and most of all, what the main stream media has unflinchingly protected and nourished since the decision to sell this communist standard-bearer of the Democrat Party as material qualified to be President of the United States.




I'm Sorry....

So Sorry.



Shaheen Vetoed Voter ID - THREE Times

This is the “meat” of NH’s election law regarding voter fraud. The statute is quite a bit longer and detailed but the details are only about how the AG’s office will do this or that which means it is to be ignored depending on who you are. So I will not waste everyone’s time with that empty wordage.

659:34 Wrongful Voting; Penalties for Voter Fraud.
I. A person is subject to a civil penalty not to exceed $5,000 if such person:
(a) When registering to vote; when obtaining an official ballot; or when casting a vote by official ballot, makes a false material statement regarding his or her qualifications as a voter to an election officer or submits a voter registration form, an election day registration affidavit, a citizenship affidavit, a domicile affidavit, or an absentee registration affidavit containing false material information regarding his or her qualifications as a voter;… bla, bla, bla.


Since the NH AG is not going to prosecute out-of-state-voters such as the notorious Geoff Wetrosky, a vote and sign stealer who was camped out at former Democrat Party Chair Cathy Sullivan’s 192 Mammoth Rd. home in Manchester, let’s look at what happened since this scum bag sneaked a vote and slipped out of NH thanks to the NH AG’s Office failure to do its job.


Did you know that Geoff Wetrosky wound up with a plum position in the Hillary South Dakota campaign back during the 2008 primary? I did.


I got a call from a local South Dakota sports/talk radio station asking me about Geoff Wetrosky and his vote and sign stealing here in NH when he was a step-and-fetch-it for John Kerry and former Mayor Baines. (Notice the pattern of Wetrosky working for liberal losers?)


The reporter asked me to prove some of my allegations about this thief so I faxed her a batch of documents such as the police report where Wetrosky begged Manchester Police to let him go. I sent a copy of Wetrosky’s same-day vote in Ward 8 in Manchester three days after he was bagged by the cops. I sent a copy of Sullivan’s single family assessment card for the residence the scum was camped out in and to where he did in fact feel safe enough to take his stolen Republican signs.


So instead of Geoff Wetosky strutting around in front of the Hillary for President Campaign office he opened in SD, on day one he was forced to answer questions posed to him by the radio station and me and over the phone. The radio station LOVED it. They told me they never get any controversy in the South Dakota Primary because it is so late.


Well, I will be available next election cycle with a list of names of people who registered in NH same day and have shown through the public records available, such as arrest records like the ones I picked up in Durham Wednesday, that they never have, nor intended to, live in NH when they voted same-day in NH and stole a citizens vote.


Let me suggest a new statute for voter fraud:


RSA Google

A non-resident of NH registering to steal a vote in this state from a resident citizen/taxpayer shall be subject to having his name posted on the internet along with the public documents showing his or her method of deceiving election officials. This posting will be “out there” waiting for the vote thief to apply for any political position, attempt to run for office, start a career, gain security clearance, or whatever other action may cause people to do a search of his or her background.


Wednesday I start looking again.