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The Politics Of Prosecutions

The Most Ethical Congress Meets The Most Ethical Of Federal Prosecutors

And all is well.

The newest array of criminal charges alleging that United States Congressman William Jefferson, DEMOCRAT of Louisiana, has been caught in two more bribery schemes looks interesting indeed.

The document filed in US District Court in Alexandria Va., alleges Democrat Jefferson used Congressional Black Caucus letterhead to try to persuade NASA to give “close consideration” to a company, which allegedly agreed to hire a Jefferson family member.

This is what is known as a kickback scheme when a Republican does it.

Jefferson is accused by Federal prosecutors of suggesting in a July 2007 letter to NASA that his support of their budget in tight times was linked to this deal.

This new revelation of more Jefferson corruption doesn’t stop there.

Jefferson had the confidence to suggest to a lobbyist for an oil concern that the lobbyist’s client should hire a Democrat Jefferson crony for $10,000.00 per month, which the company refused to do.

Not only is Congressman Jefferson on the hot seat for stealing $10,000.00 of a $100,000.00 bribe he took during an FBI sting, he has now had these two extra bribe/kickback deals added to his pile of woes.

This is the part I like.

The prosecutors are planning on using this info at trial and NOT INDICTING Jefferson on the extra crimes - nice of them to care so much. I mean, the guy has enough problems, right?

How about THIS scenario.

The Feds don’t want to do an investigation into the Congressional Black Caucus. That would be more like it. Who is to say Jefferson doesn’t split the cash with them? It is, after all, their letterhead. And I have not heard squeak one from the CBC?

Cases against conservatives are made on much flimsier stuff. How will we ever know unless some CBC members are put under oath and asked to testify without legal counsel or notes. Call it “Scooterizing” the truth out of them.

I guess this isn’t a job for Federal Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald now is it.

The most ethical Congress in history sure has had a bit of help from our Federal Prosecutor friends, let alone their media allies.

I wonder what the NH Congressional delegation thinks about this opportunity to expose Congressional corruption?

Oh that’s right, the most ethical one is trying to impeach Vice President Cheney.


Halt Or I'll - Bang - Shoot

By now you may have heard about the “elderly man” who shot and killed two alleged burglars in Pasadena, Texas.

This news story is like so many I read. All the important details are missing and you have to ferret out of several sources any details that might reveal what really happened. So then we can learn from everyone’s mistakes.

First of all, 61 is not elderly. I know because I will be 55 in January and plan on being able to survive a tad longer without drooling on myself while wearing two hearing aids hooked up to a 12 volt battery on the back of my scooter. I still don’t have any checkered yellow pants that belt up just below my armpits. So that part of the news story is misleading.

I read that the shooter, this Joe Horn guy, used a 12 gauge shotgun, fine, good caliber. What load was he using? Inquiring minds would like to know.

Just in case I come home and find some career criminals at my ranch it would be nice to know if I should use 00Buck, #6 small game, or some fancy rifled slugs. Sheesh, give a fella some idea of what works for goodness sake.

These “burglars” were coming out of a house Joe Horn was supposed to be watching for his neighbor. That means they - BROKE IN!

Tough luck boys, you should have been happy raiding the vegetable garden or stealing the lawn mower or bird bath. Once you break into people’s homes all bets are off. We don’t live in a society that has defined rolls for burglars, murderers, stalkers, terrorists, cannibals, Charlie Mansons or rapists. It can be assumed any scum bag sneaking in or out of a home uninvited is a cornucopia of bad things and anything could happen – even to the scum bag.

On the 911 tapes, the dispatcher was urging Mr. Horn to stay inside his home and not go out with his gun. Mr. Horn made a big mistake by not doing the logical thing. He should have held the phone up for the burglars to hear and had the dispatcher tell them to put the stuff in their hands down and surrender. That would have been the logical thing to do.

I always think to myself, if only the bad guys had some type of uniform to identify themselves. It would be a much safer world – for them.

Look at pimps. They often have a recognizable costume.

Why not turtle neck sweaters, knit hats and cargo pants for burglers?

Murderers could don some red flannel shirt with the sleeves ripped off – ripped, not simply cut with pinking shears either.

Rapists could put on a Bill Clinton mask. Then each person could decide for themselves whether its OK to shoot or not. Many of us seem to have conflicting opinions on this one.

And if the intruder has any form of tattoo on his or her neck larger than a golf ball it should be considered an optional target if the chest is not visible.

I regret suggesting this but maybe Congress should pass a law. We could call it the “Preventing Criminals From Getting Their Ass Shot Off Act” or PCFGTASO for short.

I like this idea a lot better than the “cower inside your house” technique we have been trying since the 60’s.

As we inevitably descend into the third world, utopian, socialist, country our elected officials, the press, and our giant non-profits hope to create it just might be time to bring some order to the chaos.


Would This make You More Or Less Likely...

Lucky me.

I got push polled last night in that 20 minute long disaster of a “poll” that is in the news.

The voice had an accent – Indian, Middle Eastern, something like that. I was asked if I was a voter and did I plan to vote in the next election. He asked if I was a registered Republican.

He started out asking about Huckabee, Romney, and McCain and I remember NO mention of Thomson, Hunter, Tancredo or Ron Paul.

The questions were simple. “Did I know about John McCain’s military record and Romney’s and his son’s lack thereof”. Then he would ask if this would make you more likely or less likely to vote for the candidate. Only two choices as the poll went on.

I was told that Mormons believe that the Book of Mormon was more important than the Bible. I told him I know some Mormons and don’t have a problem with them.

There was a reference to Romney saying his sons campaign work was equivalent to military service.

There was a mention of Romney getting several deferments from Viet Nam/military service.

The interesting thing was the consistent time lag by the caller. He would set up a pattern of asking leading questions and at the end pause for four or five seconds before asking if that made me more or less likely to vote for the candidate. I would say hello or answer just to see if he was still on the line.

He asked if I was aware of how much Governor Romney raised taxes in Massachusetts. I told him I thought the Democrat legislature might have had more of an impact on that issue.

No mention of abortion or immigration.

And so it went – very unprofessional.

It was a LONG poll. I was standing at the phone on the kitchen wall missing some TV show I did not care about so I took the whole thing in. Just to see how it would go.

It wasn’t a clever or pushy push poll but it was in poor taste.


You're Looking Sharp Tommy

While the big boys of the Democrat party gang up on poor little Hillary, our feisty salon owner, David Holden, is lining them up at his HairBiz Salon in Concord – just three doors down from the Edwards for President - Concord, campaign HQs.

A measly $400.00 bucks for a haircut is the challenge, with the money going to autism charities. That is the catch.

The “score” so far: Governor Mike Huckabee came to HairBiz TWICE, once for the challenge and once for a quick trim on the day he signed up at the NH Secretary of State’s Office. Huck has become a regular Granite Stater.

Senator McCain was an “almost”, as in his timing was off and the shop was closed, when the McCain people planned to stop in. We are waiting for a return visit.

Today, Congressman Tom Tancredo stopped in for the “HairBiz Autism Challenge”.

Tom Tancredo actually needed a haircut. He sat down in the chair and was about as mobbed with media as any candidate I have seen so far. He loved it! As I have written before, Congressman Tancredo is a “comfortable in his own skin” type of guy.

I have met Tom Tancredo several times and I interviewed him on NH Taxpayer Radio earlier this year. There is no denying he is the single, solid, consistent, voice regarding illegal immigration, which is like it or not, the one issue that will turn this presidential election. Democrats can bash Bush until the sap starts to run – he isn’t a candidate vying for a spot on the next ticket.

Congressman Tom Tancredo is.

The Democrats talk about illegal immigration at their own peril. If they look soft –as in drivers licenses for illegals, they are doomed. They do not hold enough of a majority to play games with amnesty or open borders. They have seen Gov. Elliot Spitzer start sputtering and even dragging the invincible Hillary down with his illegal illegal license scheme.

That is the wonderful thing about watching someone like Tom Tancredo in a crowd, be it a small NH hair salon or with a group of seasoned political junkies.

He doesn’t have to fake it.


The Charter They Come The Harder They Fall - One And All

This how a MUNICIPAL CHARTER works! (This one happens to be in Newmarket,NH)

Section 1.2. Form of Government._The administration of the fiscal, prudential, municipal, and other affairs of the Town, with the governance thereof, shall be vested in a Town Council, shall be directed by a Town Administrator, and shall consist of the various departments of the Town as established by this Charter and from time to time by the Town Council. Except as expressly authorized by this Charter, no Councilor shall participate in the conduct of the administrative affairs of the Town. (Effective 1990)

I like the part about how no (elected) Councilor shall participate in the conduct of the administrative affairs of the town. It says so much without being “wordy”, if you know what I mean.

What you have in Newmarket, NH is administration by experts, not the lowly taxpayers through a traditional Town Meeting form of government or even by the elected Councilors for that matter. Pro’s handle the real heavy lifting.

Even “affairs” have been covered in this simple language.

And it looks like someone has been doing some “lifting” in Newmarket since there are several thousand items the forensic audit, done by an out of state firm, has found.

As usual in NH the people responsible for the, what appears to be theft of town funds, have left for greener pastures. I warned Kingman, Arizona already.

The Coalition of NH Taxpayers opposes municipal charters most of the time because local government means just that. Charters on the other hand bring “elite, professional” government by hot-shot administrators and more often than not, sleepy, well connected, do as you are told, councilmen.

As usual the local papers are not knocking down doors looking for info on this most recent municipal scandal. No real facts are coming to light except the six week body makeover paid for with a town credit card. They are hoping this single subject will be found not to be true then the whole audit can be discredited then ignored and we can all move on.

I credit the anonymous 136 taxpayers in Newmarket who petitioned to have the audit in the first place.

They are the heroes of the story - and the Town.

Here is a suggestion to them:

Amend or get rid of the Charter!!!!