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Wrongway Janeway

Liberal tax and spend NH State Senator Harold Janeway is trying to have it both ways.

He wants to show you don’t have to take the anti-tax pledge to get elected”. Ah, but here is a quote from a recent Concord Monitor article:

“We have a revenue-raising problem that, by its nature, doesn’t keep up with expenses,” Janeway said. “I think that, at a minimum, it would be time to convene a high-level meeting to at least visit the issue” of new revenue sources.

“Doesn’t keep up with expenses”?

How many times have we heard this from a legislator over the last 30 years or so? And it always seems to be the well to do legislators that want to put a hand in your pocket or snip off a bit of your paycheck trough a sales or income tax.

Let’s take a look at Janeway’s other statement from the article.

He wants to prove, quote:

“I’m going to try to show that not taking the pledge is not political suicide,” he said.

Big deal, some of our best small government legislators don’t take The Pledge. It’s the brave ones that say what they intend to do.

Well how about showing your hand Senator, now that you and your Democrat friends raised spending 17.5% and borrowed for the first time in NH history to cover school and highway construction.

Why not have the guts to forgo this not taking The Pledge nonsense and tell us you are FOR a broad-based tax. That is what this “high level meeting” talk is really about. It is about taking some rich, well-to-do experts who can hide their income, as cover to say once again it’s finally time for broad based taxes.

There isn’t really any other way for a tax and spender to address the issue – and be honest.

Show some integrity and just come out, come out and say it:

I, Senator Harold Janeway, am finally, after adding $450 million to NH’s budget and borrowing millions more, am in favor of an income tax.


Shaheen And Hodes: Looking Out For Taxpayers?

As luck would have it, being involved with local taxpayer issues gives one a unique perspective of people who run for office in this small state.

Case in point: Ashland, the year 2000, where the Town Manager, Rosie McNamara, misappropriated at least, according to auditors and her own testimony, one million taxpayer dollars. The auditors could show $1.4 million missing before it became too expensive to keep looking. Rosie claimed, AFTER she made a deal with the NH AG at the time, Phil McLaughlin, she took at least one million dollars from Ashland taxpayers for her own use. McLaughlin claimed he couild not find that much spent on her lifestyle.

Let’s break it down.

Rosie McNamara stole whatever money she could get her chubby hands on during her term as Town Manager in Ashland, except fire department funds, she must have liked the firemen. When taxpayers asked questions or challenged her they were labeled as malcontents, outsiders, or people filled with negativity. This is the usual tactic of a municipal thief. She even took shots at citizens who asked questions in the Town Managers report. Nice touch.

But see how the power wagons circle after she is caught. These are interesting power wagons to say the least.

Rosie was “prosecuted” by then Attorney General Phil McLaughlin – for only $111,000.00 of what was missing. This was all he felt comfortable prosecuting her for – less than 10% of what was stolen. She served four years in the women’s prison from what I can tell. The NH Municipal Assoc., the insurer of the town, paid the town over $600,000.00 for the loss. (This is another sordid story I will do later.)

Rosie was ordered to pay back the Town of Ashland 10% of her salary at some call center, $23.00 per week. This year, 2008, Rosie has paid Ashland $900.00 in restitution.

At the time, Rosie's excuse for stealing was she had mental and emotional problems. After getting caught she claimed she was left indigent, as in, has no money. This would allow the average person involved in a crime to have a court appointed lawyer. Remember this part.

I went to Rosie McNamara's January 2003 parole hearing and tried to testify that she had really stolen $1.4 million NOT just $111,000.00 and she should be required to sit down and write up a detailed statement showing exactly how she accomplished a crime of this scale so other towns could protect themselves from unscrupulous town managers (school superintendents as well). I was told by the three members of the parole board that I was “beyond the scope of the hearing”. (This being “outside the scope of the hearing” happens to me a lot, especially with voter fraud in NH.)

Rosie’s lawyer looked miffed when I spoke up.

Did I mention Rosie McNamara’s lawyer was Paul Hodes of the Shaheen Law Firm? This would be the same Paul Hodes who is one of our current Democrat congressmen and the same firm owned by the husband of the then sitting Democrat Governor, Jeanne Shaheen, a perennial candidate for the US Senate.

Some other details: The Attorney General who “prosecuted” Rosie for less than 10% of what she took was appointed by Jeanne Shaheen as was the entire Parole Board who let her out.

Not a bad deal if you are Rosie McNamara, the Grand Master of municipal theft in New Hampshire – that would be the municipal theft we know about. Try stealing a million from a private source and see what happens to you.

I understand indigent criminals are supposed to have court appointed lawyers, but are they entitled to a Democrat Dream Team to get them off the hook? O.J should have grabbed back his sports paraphernalia in NH. He would be out doing a bow-legged victory dance right now with this crowd on his side.

A question for then Attorney Paul Hodes:

Didn’t you kinda, sorta, maybe for a minute, think it might be a conflict of interest to defend the biggest taxpayer rip-off of NH history when the firm you worked for was a family concern of the sitting Governor who appointed the prosecutor as well as the parole board overseeing the future of your client - stupid question.

No wonder Paul Hodes and Jeanne Shaheen are so eager to have Washington, DC careers, they fit right in.


The Most Ethical Congress In History

Like clockwork we have another dustup involving a congressman and his wayward private parts not always being where they are supposed to, then getting caught. It’s difficult to balance an important job such as being a US Congressman and still have some hands on relationships with all the office personnel. This time its opposite genders for a change, no pages, or prostitutes. Why it’s almost like a breath of fresh air.

West Palm Beach Democrat Congressman Tim Mahoney apparently has agreed to a $121,000 payment to a congressional staffer/mistress he fired and who was threatening to sue him.

Unlike Democrat Mahoney’s predecessor, Republican Mark Foley, who this Mahoney creep replaced, there is the possibility that sex actually occurred between Mahoney and his staffer. This would be evidenced by the somewhat substantial amount of money being tossed at the woman in an effort to keep her quiet. The $121,000.00 deal is said to include a $50,000.00 a year job at a company that handles Democrat Mahoney’s campaigns, so this is sort of a campaign funded roll in the hay once removed from the actual campaign checkbook.

This Mahoney-mistress-payoff seems like a good deal to me if you compare it to what Bill Clinton paid Paula Jones for simply pulling down his pants in front of her, groping her some, and biting her lip. I think that settlement was $850,000.00. We have all moved on with our lives since then as we set new standards for presidents and congressmen.

The big loser in the new set of standards for elected officials would be Congressman Foley who just two years ago RESIGNED his seat for sending sexually explicit emails to male staffers, none of whom were minors. The blinding media outrage went on for six weeks or so even after the resignation.

Republican Mark Foley had no place in this Pelosi Congress after all it is – The Most Ethical Congress in History.


Palin's Legal Woes

I am always skeptical of investigations carried on by partisan politicians, but in this instance I was quite relieved when I read the results of the Governor Palin “Troopergate” scandal where it was alleged that Governor Palin abused her power as Governor when she fired a department head who was in charge of an out-of-control Alaskan State Trooper who had threatened her family and who had a long history of drunk driving, poaching, threatening, child abuse – as in tasering a son, and other actions that are sometimes frowned upon in people who can not be used in an effort to sabotage a conservative candidate.

The results are in and I am afraid are mixed.

The investigators found Governor Palin did not abuse her power as Governor.

Nor did she buy a home from Tony Rezko.

As far as we can tell, her minister does not condemn America to Hell from the pulpit.

Governor Palin was in fact born an American citizen.

She has no close personal friends who bombed the Pentagon or murdered police in Boston.

From their best guess she has accepted no illegal campaign funds.

And although rumors are still flying, there is no truth the story she represented ACORN as their lawyer or ever donated $800,000.00 to them.

She may have considered but in fact did not author any phony memoirs we know of.

Since Governor Palin has never resided in Chicago nor had pals there none of them were ever caught looting the teacher’s union pension.

It is possible she has a secret Arab middle name but even that can not be proven at this time.

Oh well, I guess I will still vote for her even though I am a Democrat.


Fat Of Head And Flat Of Foot

Let’s do some quick math – municipal style.

The Atkinson Town Budget has a line item appropriation of $19,000 for Elderly Affairs.

This money pays for the jazzed up cruiser Police Chief Consentino uses to shuttle little old ladies to doctors appointments. This project helps this incompetent, thick-headed, bully in uniform buy grateful votes for Atkinson Town Meetings. Call it a taxpayer funded get-out-the-vote scam.

Up until this year Consentino was getting donations from some of the little old ladies and putting them in the Elderly Affairs account where he had control of the money. Then, along comes the NH AG’s Office and points out to Atkinson the fact that under state law the Trustees of the Trust Fund control these types of donations.

What does Consentino do? He creates his own non-profit 501c-3 to collect gifts. Now nobody is going to tell the bully what to do! He has his own personal slush fund.

But does he?

Last year, Chief Consentino claimed to have made 1,644 trips with his Town Elderly Affairs money. This is the $19,000 voters raise each year as part of the police budget.

Now is when we ask, how is that financially possible?

It isn’t.

The Chief is obviously using much more Atkinson Police Department money to accomplish his goal of dominating Atkinson politics with his legion of Elderly Affairs beneficiaries. This means fewer patrols by police on duty because the appropriation for that town function is being tapped for sleazy politics.

What about maintenance of vehicles? How can anyone make 1,644 trips anywhere with a cruiser for $19,000? Remember, earlier this year I caught Consentino and a little old lady leaving Manchester in the Elderly Affairs cruiser on Rt. 93 going over 80 miles per hour. Someone has to buy, maintain, insure, fuel, and fix this rig when something goes wrong.

Before Chief Consentino created his PERSONAL 501c3 non-profit Elderly Affairs donations went to the Town of Atkinson to offset expenses, now they go to the bully’s private account.

Consentino has even had the gall to ask people who made past donations to the Town account to request those funds back and re-donate them to his stash - $6,500 has been re-donated so far.

I know two of the Atkinson Selectmen want to comply with the AG’s office and get the Town portion of this scam straightened out but there is the nagging problem of the town resources being used for private gain.

It is not good for any community to have a bully or a weasel in the position of Police Chief. In the end it costs much more than the short term pain of dealing with him.

CNHT is going to ask, through RSA 91-A, for all the records of the Atkinson Elderly Affairs appropriation and publish them on line if the Atkinson Selectmen do not take action themselves soon. Being an Atkinson Selectman and having answers about this shady account would probably make the phone calls from reporters much easier to deal with.

(For a look at some of the many lawsuits Consentino has caused over the years in Atkinson see  http://www.cnht.org/news/category/police-departments/ )