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I'm Starting To Like This Guy - Has Anyone Seen Biden?

Barack Hussein Obama declared today, in another emission from the “Office of the President-Elect” that our government has been “asleep at the switch” when it comes to financial oversight.




The dealmaker/community organizer from the south side of Chicago is lecturing American about government oversight?


But he doesn’t stop there – a sign of arrogance and lack of common sense, no he goes on to top off that whopper with telling Wall Street they need “a shift in ethics.”


Or was that “shifty ethics” like the hometown ethics Obama made his mark in?


Well Chicago and the “Illinois Combine” as they call the patronage machine there are getting a little financial oversight right now from the Feds.


Let’s see how that works out.


1/20/09 Change Comes To DC

A large oil drilling company whose chief executive pledged $1 million to the newly constructed C.C.N.Y.’s Rangel Center of Public Service, paid up on his promise, twice. Good for him. It’s nice to know some people still keep promises.


Ah, but there is a slight bump in the road to the Rangel Center, which just this week had its grand opening postponed for some reason.


The chief executive of Nabors Indsutries Ltd. (Read Big Oil drilling company $$) made two $100,000 donations to C.C.N.Y.’s Rangel Center of Public Service. But suddenly those payments look like, to the House Ethics Committee investigating Democrat Charles Rangel, installments on a standard pay to play deal. Or else it’s all one big misunderstanding.


From the NYT December 9, 2008:

“The chief executive, Eugene M. Isenberg, had acknowledged that he and a company lobbyist met with Mr. Rangel at the Carlyle Hotel in New York on Feb. 12, 2007, the same day that the Ways and Means Committee, of which Mr. Rangel is chairman, was considering a bill that left the loophole intact, but said they did not discuss his pledge to donate $1 million to the school.

Did I mention Democrat Charles Rangel opposed closing a specific loophole for five companies involved with big oil? Just what the lobbyist, Ken Kies of the Federal Policy Group, and big the time donor, Isenberg, wanted. What a coincidence.


And the loophole: The company’s ability to declare Bermuda its home office to avoid paying US taxes. I should have seen that one coming.


Oh it gets better. Four years ago, the New York Times reported, Rangel led the opposition to the tax loophole when Republicans were fighting to establish it.


But God forbid we look at Democrat Charles Rangel’s career through the single lens of this smelly incidence. There is much else to admire about the character. Recently, Rangel plodded into the limelight again regarding free commercial air travel during his relaxing Caribbean trips. First class I hope.

American Airlines donated free tickets (and got a write-off?) to the New York Carib News Foundation, a non-profit, who in turn gave the tickets to five members of the House Black Caucus on this years trip on Nov. 6 to 9 to the Sonesta Maho Beach Resort in St. Martin. The Black Caucus members put down the non-profit news group as the donor on their House travel disclosure forms making what is an illegal donation harder to find.


There is more to old Charlie Rangel’s ethics.


Luke Rosiack and Glenn Thrush of Politico report:


Between 2004 and 2007, Rep. Charles Rangel steered nearly $80,000 in campaign cash to an Internet company run by his son - paying lavishly for a pair of political Web sites so poorly designed an expert estimated one should have cost no more than $100 to create.

Democrat Congressman Charles Rangel has, in 2008, paid back income taxes on $75,000 in undeclared income generated over the years from rentals of a beach house he owns in the Dominican Republic.

The New York Post reported last month that Rangel took a homestead tax exemption on a Washington, D.C., home he owns. A homestead tax break is legal only for a person's primary residence. Under New York law, a rent-controlled apartment has to be your primary residence. The sleaze has FOUR of them.


Mr. Rangel leased four rent-stabilized apartments from a prominent New York developer, including one that he used as a fund-raising office, in violation of state regulations. Common New Yorkers are only allowed one rent controlled apartment.


As luck would have it, Barack Hussein Obama will be working closely with Democrat House Ways and Means Chairman Charlie Rangel and the rest of the “Most Ethical Congress in History” to CHANGE America.


We are off to a great start.






He Can Manage Prison Hedges

It’s a teaching moment grasshoppers.


The basic principal of a classic Ponzi scheme: you pay the first investors to the scheme who cash out, with money from new investors. This, hedge fund investor, Mr. Bernie Madoff knows quite well.


Bernie Madoff also knew which side of the bread to butter when it came to politics; Bernie was a big time donor to liberal Democrats such as Chuck Schumer, Charlie Rangel, Governor Corzine, Clinton, Obama, and my favorite, the ACLU.


Mr. Madoff, the super hedge fund manager to Jewish elites, used his connections to worm his way into all kinds of sweet deals with people so rich they didn’t bother to check his credentials or ask serious questions about his investments. So I think the losses suffered by most of them are not that big a deal. Some small investors will suffer as will most of the non-profits he supported to gain cocktail party stardom status - a must in his small world.


But Mr. Madoff was doomed from the start with his Ponzi scheme because it was an IMPERFECT Ponzi scheme.


Where is my proof of this?


Well, who will “invest” with Mr. Bernie Madoff’s imperfect Ponzi scheme now! And with no new “investors’ to pay the annual 10% dividends he was making his pals, the calliope stops making music and the pretty horses stop going around, next thing you know your trapped in your $5 million dollar penthouse.


Once again, Mr. Bernie Madoff’s problem with his imperfect Ponzi scheme was the lack of new “investors” as people in this bad economy wanted some cash back and stock market losses caught up with him.


If only Mr. Madoff could have found a way to make his Ponzi scheme perfect, you know, by having an endless supply of investors who would be forced to invest, investors who always paid up and who had faith in him. Now that would be a more perfect system.


But the US Social Security System already has that market covered. It’s the perfect Ponzi scheme - except for the part in their scheme where all the investors cashing out eventually consume more than all the forced investors entering the scheme for the first time. This will occur sometime around 2016. Mr. Madoff will still be in jail and politicians in Washington will be in a panic trying to fix our almost perfect government Ponzi scheme.


I heard Democrat Chuck Schumer is going to donate all the Madoff money he got for his campaigns to charity. See, now all is better.






Now Comes Bill Richardson To The Obama Cabinet

Did you catch this tid-bit in the news today? Two paragraphs from a Bloomberg article about Democrat Governor Bill Richardson:

“Dec. 15, 2008 (Bloomberg) -- A federal grand jury is investigating how a company that advised Jefferson County, Alabama, on bond deals that threaten to cause the biggest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history, did similar work in New Mexico after making contributions to Governor Bill Richardson’s political action committees.

The grand jury in Albuquerque is looking into Beverly Hills, California-based CDR Financial Products Inc., which received almost $1.5 million in fees from the New Mexico Finance Authority in 2004 after donating $100,000 to Richardson’s efforts to register Hispanic and American Indian voters and pay for expenses at the Democratic National Convention in 2004, people familiar with the matter said. CDR specializes in offering insurance expertise as well as municipal reinvestment strategies to municipalities, underwriters, corporations, and government agencies in the U.S.”

So New Mexico Governor and Obama Cabinet Member Bill Richardson got a donation from a lobbyist of $100,000.00, we know, of and that company, CDR, shortly thereafter received $1.5 million in consulting fees. I am sure CDR is a reputable company. Let’s check with this Department of Justice release I found regarding CDR actions in Florida in 1999-2000:

SEC Settles Enforcement Actions Against Municipal Bond Offerings Participants for Violations That Put at Risk the Bonds' Tax-Exempt Status


Washington, D.C., September 28, 2007 – The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced settled enforcement actions against two California companies for their failure to disclose a fee agreement that created a risk to investors that interest on $650 million of municipal bonds might lose its tax-exempt status. The charges against CDR Financial Products, Inc. (formerly known as Chambers, Dunhill, Rubin & Co.) and Anchor National Life Insurance Company, (now doing business under the name of AIG SunAmerica Life Assurance Company) relate to three municipal bond offerings in Florida. (I don’t have time for AIG right now.)


The Mayor of Birmingham Alabama, Democrat Larry Langford, was arrested in late December 1, 2008 after an indictment accused him of taking more than $236,000 in gifts and cash in return for helping two of his friends scoop up some county business while Langford served on the Jefferson County Commission, a civic-minded commission sprinkled with former members like Commissioner and Langford pal Mary Buckelew who pleaded guilty regarding $4,000 worth of gifts from an investment banker whose firm received millions of dollars in sewer bond and swap transaction fees. Other recently convicted former Jefferson County Commissioners, Jeff Germany, Chris McNair and Gary White, who were also convicted by juries for committing crimes involving graft. It looks like this Federal investigation has legs.

What happens in Florida and Alabama doesn’t always stay in Florida and Alabama it seems, New Mexico needed some bond consulting and Governor Bill Richardson needed some new Hispanic voters registered along with some fresh campaign cash. So will this new investigation of Democrat Bill Richardson mirror the other CDR deals? Who knows.

But I know one thing, these scams are so old and worn it’s almost embarrassing to read them.

I wonder what CHANGE will bring?








Its Ham Sandwich Time or The Chicago Way: Part Two

If you remember former governors who served time, one governor, John Rowland of Ct., should come to mind. He spent ten months in jail and several under house arrest for graft. Rowland was a Republican. They are held to a different standard than Democrats when it comes to crime, or anything else.

Here is my offering. It is a sampling of a letter in the legal process by Ct. officials to reversed the contract awarded to the bid riggers after Rowland's idictment:

Attorney General, Richard Blumenthal

June 5, 2006

Honorable James T. Fleming
Commissioner Department of Public Works
165 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106

Dear Commissioner Fleming:

The Tunxis Management Co. (“Tunxis”) and William A. Tomasso, (Read Rezko) former president of Tunxis, recently pled guilty to federal charges related to the corrupt relationship between William A. Tomasso, and Peter N. Ellef and Lawrence E. Alibozek, chief of staff and deputy chief of staff to former Governor John G. Rowland, that resulted in the selection of Tunxis for state property management contracts…


1The Plea Agreement executed by Tunxis specifically states that the “Government’s evidence would establish that the corrupt relationship between Tomasso, Ellef, and, to a lesser extent, Alibozek, compromised … the honesty and impartiality of the selection processes relating to other State of Connecticut business transactions such as the selection of a property management company [Tunxis] to perform renovations at Long Lane School.”


2 From June 1, 2006 through January 31, 2008, the end date of the contracts, Tunxis would receive $426,000.00 under the Uncas-on-the-Thames (A state hospital!) contract and $666,000.00 under the 25 Sigourney Street contract, for a total of $1,092,000.00 in state payments. (End)


Former Republican Governor of Connecticut, John Rowland was found guilty of conspiring with top aids to send work to preferred contractors Uncas-on-Thames Hospital Fund – a state hospital!


Sound familiar? A highly placed, cherished Republican politician sends a state contract bone to dirty dog pals of his pals, in this case, the Governor’s staffers picked their favorite builders. All parties were thoroughly investigated and prosecuted.


There is credible evidence to have Federal Prosecutor, and media hound Patrick Fitzgerald, investigate former Illinois State Senator Barack Hussien Obama for steering a similar project to Rezko affiliates whom have plead guilty already. I mean you have Blagojevich by the short ones. Now is the time.


How tough is that Pat? How tough is that, Main Stream Media?


Here is Count #12 of Rezko’s total of 24 counts he was recently found guilty of:


Charge: Rezko caused builder Jacob Kieferbaum to send a letter to Mercy Hospital on Nov. 25, 2003, in furtherance of an illegal scheme.

Background: Rezko and Levine agreed to split a $1 million bribe from Kieferbaum in exchange for Levine, a member of the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board, (Awarder of Illinois state hospital bids.) and Rezko arranging for the board to approve Mercy Hospital's application to build a facility in Crystal Lake.

Verdict: Guilty Mail fraud

So what is so tough about calling in some people to talk about Senator Barack Hussein Obama and his spearheading, as Illinois State Senator, the lowering of the Illinois Health Facilities Board to 9 members from 15 and packing it with people who have already plead guilty to this scam? Blago signed off on it.


Could we please have Federal Prosecutor and Media Hound Patrick Fitzgerald go after Illinois players for two years like he did with, say for instance Scooter Libby, who he knew the whole time was not a leaker of non-top secret documents and at least come up with a process crime? It really is simple. Try this:

1. Get everyone in separate rooms - get statements.

2. Lean on anyone you pick out to prosecute who’s statement is not in line anyone else’s statement – don’t let them use their notes from any meetings as a reference.

3. Get a second statement and prosecute if there is a difference.


Start with Blagojevich then work your way through the crowd in an upward path through all the parties.


Come on you’ve done it before.