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Fat Of Head And Flat Of Foot

Let’s do some quick math – municipal style.

The Atkinson Town Budget has a line item appropriation of $19,000 for Elderly Affairs.

This money pays for the jazzed up cruiser Police Chief Consentino uses to shuttle little old ladies to doctors appointments. This project helps this incompetent, thick-headed, bully in uniform buy grateful votes for Atkinson Town Meetings. Call it a taxpayer funded get-out-the-vote scam.

Up until this year Consentino was getting donations from some of the little old ladies and putting them in the Elderly Affairs account where he had control of the money. Then, along comes the NH AG’s Office and points out to Atkinson the fact that under state law the Trustees of the Trust Fund control these types of donations.

What does Consentino do? He creates his own non-profit 501c-3 to collect gifts. Now nobody is going to tell the bully what to do! He has his own personal slush fund.

But does he?

Last year, Chief Consentino claimed to have made 1,644 trips with his Town Elderly Affairs money. This is the $19,000 voters raise each year as part of the police budget.

Now is when we ask, how is that financially possible?

It isn’t.

The Chief is obviously using much more Atkinson Police Department money to accomplish his goal of dominating Atkinson politics with his legion of Elderly Affairs beneficiaries. This means fewer patrols by police on duty because the appropriation for that town function is being tapped for sleazy politics.

What about maintenance of vehicles? How can anyone make 1,644 trips anywhere with a cruiser for $19,000? Remember, earlier this year I caught Consentino and a little old lady leaving Manchester in the Elderly Affairs cruiser on Rt. 93 going over 80 miles per hour. Someone has to buy, maintain, insure, fuel, and fix this rig when something goes wrong.

Before Chief Consentino created his PERSONAL 501c3 non-profit Elderly Affairs donations went to the Town of Atkinson to offset expenses, now they go to the bully’s private account.

Consentino has even had the gall to ask people who made past donations to the Town account to request those funds back and re-donate them to his stash - $6,500 has been re-donated so far.

I know two of the Atkinson Selectmen want to comply with the AG’s office and get the Town portion of this scam straightened out but there is the nagging problem of the town resources being used for private gain.

It is not good for any community to have a bully or a weasel in the position of Police Chief. In the end it costs much more than the short term pain of dealing with him.

CNHT is going to ask, through RSA 91-A, for all the records of the Atkinson Elderly Affairs appropriation and publish them on line if the Atkinson Selectmen do not take action themselves soon. Being an Atkinson Selectman and having answers about this shady account would probably make the phone calls from reporters much easier to deal with.

(For a look at some of the many lawsuits Consentino has caused over the years in Atkinson see  http://www.cnht.org/news/category/police-departments/ )


Shaheen Likes To Tax But She Has Other Skills As Well

When she was the governor, Jeanne Shaheen VETOED voter identification legislation three times.

That is all you need to know.

Actions speak louder than words.


Harold Janeway Wants A Piece Of Your Payday

Liberal State Senator Harold Janeway has offered a challenge to voters in Boscawen, Bradford, Canterbury, Deering, Henniker, Hillsboro, Loudon, Northfield, Salisbury, Warner, Weare and Webster, he wants to show all of New Hampshire that taxpayers are ready for an income tax or any other broad based tax he can get passed with his Democrat friends votes. (Hint: It will be the result of an economic crisis!)

Even though New Hampshire has had at least 3% in revenue growth to because NH doesn't rely on broad based taxes, Janeway and his liberal Democrat pals spent 17.5% more than that during this last budget cycle.

Several groups, The Josiah Bartlett Center, and the NH Center for Public Policy Studies, have predicted a looming budget shortfall of anywhere between $250 - $450 million dollars! Surprise.

And Janeway’s overspending has only created a desire to spend more. He just needs a new source to pry the money out of you and your family.

Harold Janeway is a successful, retired, finance wiz and has plenty of money to spend on his re-election campaign. Good for him! There is nothing like a rich guy showing all of us Joe six-packs how he can spend your tax dollars.

Imagine how many millions Harlod Janeway could have increased spending had he been able to get his hands on your weekly paycheck – assuming you still have one coming in.

Good old “Liberal Tax-and-Spend Rich Guy” Harold Janeway, when the economy is good he spends like a drunken sailor, and when the economy is bad he borrows and taxes even more.

I have seen political signs on Rt. 202 in Antrim that say something like: “Lynch/Janeway, keeping taxes low.”


Does Governor Lynch agree with Janeway’s income tax plans?


Next Bailout Please!

Here, in short, is what we have “purchased” with the $700 billion dollar bailout.

US taxpayers have the opportunity to do it all over again because the program is still in place to abuse.

It really is that simple.

In eight years Socialism Security begins paying out more than it takes in. That will be interesting.


An American Carol In Concord

It has been since the first Spiderman movie that I have heard an audience applaud – or maybe it was V For Vendetta, doesn’t matter, it has to be a pretty well made movie with a message to get that type of audience response.

An American Carol gets that type of response. It did tonight anyway - in of all places, Concord, NH, home of many Obama bumper stickers and government employees.

The movie is just like the old Airplane series, slapstick and one-liners, with a tendency to repeat a successful bit to the point of excess. But then you know what they say about comedy, its all about………………………………………………………………timing.

Liberals and goofy liberal ideas get skewered rather hard, but it is in good fun.

The lines and bits come fast and furious so you may have to catch the movie a few times to absorb all of the subtle as a pie in the face action. Or maybe get to laugh once more at material you don’t find in Hollywood “films”.

It is almost as though this formula comedy has provided an opportunity to take a break from all the nastiness of the final weeks of a modern presidential campaign. Only this one is unusual in that it is geared for conservatives and regular people.

Go see it.