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Next Bailout Please!

Here, in short, is what we have “purchased” with the $700 billion dollar bailout.

US taxpayers have the opportunity to do it all over again because the program is still in place to abuse.

It really is that simple.

In eight years Socialism Security begins paying out more than it takes in. That will be interesting.


An American Carol In Concord

It has been since the first Spiderman movie that I have heard an audience applaud – or maybe it was V For Vendetta, doesn’t matter, it has to be a pretty well made movie with a message to get that type of audience response.

An American Carol gets that type of response. It did tonight anyway - in of all places, Concord, NH, home of many Obama bumper stickers and government employees.

The movie is just like the old Airplane series, slapstick and one-liners, with a tendency to repeat a successful bit to the point of excess. But then you know what they say about comedy, its all about………………………………………………………………timing.

Liberals and goofy liberal ideas get skewered rather hard, but it is in good fun.

The lines and bits come fast and furious so you may have to catch the movie a few times to absorb all of the subtle as a pie in the face action. Or maybe get to laugh once more at material you don’t find in Hollywood “films”.

It is almost as though this formula comedy has provided an opportunity to take a break from all the nastiness of the final weeks of a modern presidential campaign. Only this one is unusual in that it is geared for conservatives and regular people.

Go see it.


Will The Clowns Drive To Manchester In One Of Those Tiny Cars?

I have to admit I almost feel a tiny bit of empathy for the hapless Windsor Selectmen who have asked the Hillsboro Superior Court to give them an opportunity for a Special Meeting to immediately raise enough money to pay the NH State Police for patrolling the special community they created and love so much.

Looks like October 15th will be the big day down in Manchester. Once again the Windsor Selectmen will be splain’n to de judge their sorry state of affairs – no money left for riot quelling, undisturbing the peace disturbers, and most of all, conducting the reckless in a less reckless manner. At $60.00 per hour for troopers it can add up on a small town.

Will some local hero or heroin in Windsor file an “OBJECTION TO REQUEST FOR A SPECIAL MEETING” with the Court? Maybe, who knows what will happen.

This is once again Boston Globe material from what I can see.

Here is the sub-plot to the never ending story:

Town officials have to keep town finances according to state statutes - never happened.

Town Officials must report to State so State can set tax rate – didn’t happen.

State DRA set tax rates – now how did THAT happen?

Taxpayers call CNHT – S… happens.

Town gets audited from May to… – still happening.

Town Officials have chance to do the right thing – nothing happens.

Now you have the short story.

Stay tuned to NHInsider.com for a post-hearing update and more banjo music.


Ifill My Purse With Journalism

Another glitch has erupted regarding the VP debate between Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, and that hair-plug model who has been in the US Senate way too long.

The moderator of this non-partisan debate, Gwen Ifill, has apparently written a book about her hero Barak Hussein Obama. The book is to go to stores on Obama’s inauguration day this January. Timing is everything in book sales.

Naturally, Gwen Ifill is proud of her chosen candidate, Barak Obama, and is sure that this time he, unlike Gore and Kerry, will win the US Presidency for the far left once and for all.

Book sales will certainly be enormous after the first black Jimmy Carter becomes deified as President of a country Obama’s wife Michelle can finally be proud of and help run.

Some folks are complaining Gwen fill has a conflict of interest in penning and selling a book about her hero while also being a moderator of the first vice presidential debate.

Sour grapes, I say.

If Governor Palin is going to agree to debate under the main stream media liberal fist of balance and fair play this what you have to expect. She is a big girl and should know the way the game is played.

Here is a list of Gwen Ifill’s street beat journalism cred:

PBS, NBC News, Meet The Press, The New York Times, Washington Post, Baltimore Evening Sun and Boston Herald American.

Here also is an Ifill quote from a PBS source: "I always knew I wanted to be a journalist, and my first love was newspapers," Ifill said. "But public broadcasting provides the best of both worlds-combining the depth of newspapering with the immediate impact of broadcast television." (How could she have known then her second love would be a smooth-talking community organizer from Chicago.)

Gwen Ifill, even without mentioning the moderator advantage, has the “best of both worlds” alright. Not to mention Ifill can pocket some serious “change” of her own using her current taxpayer funded gig at PBS as a base of operations. Add in the ability to help manage news to fit the profile of a god-like leader she believes her Obama is and you have a campaign-winning combination.

But can she handle Governor Palin?

ABC’s Charlie Gibson had to leave a lot on the cutting room floor to hold his own against Palin in his interview.

Katie Couric’s ratings are still dropping even with Governor Palin as her foil.

So during the VP debates Thursday, Gwen Ifill had better pony up some good shots at Sarah Palin and shut the other guy up when his mind and mouth begin to wander.

If Gwen Ifill doesn’t use the advantage and opportunity she has been given, this whole deal is a waste of time for the drive-by media.

Governor Palin just has to be herself.


The Governor Of Vermont She's NOT

When it comes to hating Sarah Palin, the Left and the media seem to have passed the slow ratchet-up phase in exchange for the total, all out, pure, fanatical hate reserved for Bush and Cheney.

And they have good reason.

It clears the fear from their minds.

The one thing liberals can not destroy nor degrade about Governor Palin is so clear and pure they have no weapon strong enough to scratch it.

It is the love she and her family have for their Down Syndrome baby.

At the Republican Convention when a camera caught seven year old Piper licking her hand and straightening out baby brother’s hair while she was cradling him in her arms, the left and the media must have called for medication. How on Earth can the Democrats equate that with a Willie Horton ad or some how score a class warfare point out of it. No way.

That simple act by seven year old Piper, and the fact that the Palins knew in advance Trig had Down Syndrome yet let him live on to be born shows EXACTLY who they are.

Should the Plain family end up as the Vice Family, taking the heat of the media flash and false reporting, there will be no spin to dilute America watching Trig grow up in front of all of our eyes.

This, the true, hard core Left can not stand.