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Underpaid And Overworked?

Working off an email list I would like access to, the Bow school superintendent, Dr. Dean, took  a smidgen of time out of his very busy schedule for a little politicking and a get out the vote effort.

Some how he seems to have an idea what the taxpayer activists may have up their sleeves  for the annual meeting but doesn't seem to have a heads-up on what his teachers may have in the way of strategy.

Maybe he can put a new position of "assistant in charge of political efforts" in next year's budget.

That would free up time for him to do his job. Of course if Deano wants to really get out the vote he has only to support Senate Bill 2.

From: Dean Cascadden
Sent: Friday, March 14, 2008 2:12 PM
To: Everyone
Subject: A Reason to Come Out Tonight

I know that you have gotten a number of reminders about the annual meeting and coming to express your political will tonight, especially if you live in Bow.

Here's one more.....

I believe that there may be several amendments offered tonight....

1) One may attempt to zero out the lines for the IB program to eliminate it

2) One may be to amend the budget to the school board's number

3) One may be to cut the budget over a half a million dollars (similar to what happened on the town side last year) because the district turns back a lot of money and we could live on what was appropriated last year.

There is also the possibility that there will be a motion to make all of the votes on the budget secret, paper ballots.

So, I think it will be an interesting night, and I hope we have a good turnout.

I am philosophical about the result.... we get the government we deserve because we live in a free country and have the opportunity to engage in the political process. Don't be apathetic, let your voice be heard and your vote counted. I will be very happy with any result that is representative of the residents of Bow.... I will be most unhappy if there is a feeling that only a small minority of voters made decisions for a larger silent majority.

Dr. Dean S. T. Cascadden


Bow School District , SAU 67


Too Bad New Jersey Didn't Have THE PLEDGE

American’s For Prosperity of New Jersey has been airing this spot on radio stations around their state. The Democrats in our New Hampshire legislature would surly love to be in New Jersey’s enviable position, a 7% sales tax and a 9% income tax. Think of all the good they could do with that kind of bling.


The progressive possibilities are endless – except of course cutting property taxes. They have not gotten around to that yet.


Begin commercial:


“The history of taxation in New Jersey it is not a pretty story. In 1966, we had the 3rd highest property taxes in the country, but NO sales or income taxes. Those days sure look good now.


Then Trenton told us a temporary 3% sales tax would cut property taxes. In 1971, that temporary sales tax became a permanent 5% sales tax! Now, at 7%, the sales tax is the highest in the nation and there has been no property tax relief.


In 1976, Trenton told us that a new 2.5% income tax would cut property taxes. (Notice a pattern here?). That income has steadily risen to the current 9% and property taxes are as high as ever.”

Thank you American’s For Prosperity for showing New Hampshire what a Democrat Legislature can do when it puts its mind to it.

By the way, the 1976 New Jersey income tax was to fund an education funding lawsuit. It was promised as the panacea which lower property taxes and bring “equity” to education spending – guaranteed!

Sound familiar?



We May All Survive On A Tad Less

I have not had the time to add it all up but after last week you have to admit NH taxpayers were on a spending stopping blitzkrieg. Even planning and zoning articles went down in liberal towns. THAT is saying something. This was an historic rebuke of spending.

There were a few interesting votes that are enlightening, besides voters not buying in to more property regulation.

In Gilford, voters did not automatically vote for all the non-profits who come to towns for funding on an ever increasing scale.

Milford voted down three different attempts to fund MANDATORY kindergarten. The pro-kindies even announced that portable classrooms might be acceptable - too late for that.

Litchfield still will not approve any huge school bond. This is the fourth time in a row. Make it $25 million and see what happens next year.

A Town Manager got dumped by voters in Winchester. Usually these guys get into a pissing contest with selectmen and get a settlement to leave. Don’t let the screen door hit ya TM.

Auburn, Belmont, Fremont, East Kingston as well as their school all adopted SB2. Not that you will find much of that in the news. Nor will you find any town opting OUT of SB2.

Hudson voters put the words "income tax" into the Fernald Income Tax Warrant Article and it was shot down SOUNDLY!

But behind the scenes this is going on:

A firm that audits towns has come forward that a Bennington library official might be diverting money, throw in the tax collector in Litchfield as well – allegedly. This is a new turn of events as far as I can see. It seems the auditing firms have caught on to the pandemic of public theft which has occurred in NH municipalities over the last few years. At least now they are exposing it. It took an out of state firm to open up Newmarket’s books to the public.

As voters all over the state slammed the door on the tax and spend mentality at the local level our legislature kept it up. Anyone who is interested in running as a fiscal conservative for any state office should start getting ready now. By November the moonbats will be sitting ducks.


This White Guy's Thoughts About Racism

I was traveling back to NH from Pa. Tuesday and had the pleasure of listening to the entire Obama speech about, racism?

To hear the guy tell it he was sitting in the front row of his church listening, for twenty years, to what amounts to a black version of a Klan rally, with an extra big scowl on his face. That scowl would telegraph to his minister his deep displeasure with his pastor’s references to America as a hate mongering, AIDs inventing, racist country, formed by racists for racists (white exclusively).

How out of place Obama must have looked, what with everyone else in his congregation smiling, laughing, singing, and running up to slap Reverend Wright on his Dashiki clad back. I applaud Obama for not applauding. He is my new hero for not getting up and walking out.

Seriously, what must Hillary be thinking about this.

How in the world could this one woman have run into both of the two biggest hucksters in US history?

We had the spectacle of her husband, a United States President, lying on primetime TV about having sex with an underling in the Oval Office. This is what, in the next few months, will cost her the object of her total desire in life – the presidency. She will be forced to return to the humble US Senate and not representing the NY suckers who voted for her.

And now, as Hillary is hunkered down and waddling into the home stretch, out comes Barak B.S. Obama with his “How dare you call my racist minister a racist - my white grandmother was the racist” speech.

Hillary stands up for her disgusting husband through scandal after scandal, and here he is in 2008 stumbling along the campaign trail, race baiting Obama, a master at the game. As I predicted would happen in an earlier article, Bill Clinton is purposefully sinking her candidacy in a steady, logical, fashion.

Fast forward to the racist Obama Reverend and the, what would have been in a normal election, PERFECT timing of this revelation:

Obama gets caught, red handed, after at first trying to mealy-mouth his way out of it, attending some of the most hate filled, anti-America, anti-white rants imaginable and he glides through the goop with supporters and the main stream media likening him to Dr. King.

You have to admire his audacity to believe America will fall for it.

But Obama and Bill Clinton are cut from the same cloth and they both have the same goal. It almost makes you feel sorry for Hillary.


All Tax Hat and No Cowboy

And what do frustrated moonbats who have no clue how town meeting works but do have a ton of money do with themselves in the middle of the third year of a NH taxpayer revolt?

Why they make up a phony name, most of which was stolen from legitimate NH taxpayer groups, and then flex their moonbat muscles in front of an adoring press like a bunch of greased up dumbbell lifters at a Vegas bodybuilders convention.

Take for instance this gaggle of lefties who took part of Granite State Taxpayers and The Coalition of Taxpayers names and crafted some non-binding warrant article for town meetings where they suggest they can lower property taxes with an assault against “The Pledge” of Governor Mel Thomson fame, currently collected by CNHT. Pledging to oppose income or sales taxes is a popular as ever thanks to the new Spendocrat majorities in the Legislature and our limp little Governor who could not stop them.

What was it Ben Franklin said about a man who thinks he can tax himself into prosperity must also believe he can stand in a bucket and lift himself with the handle.

Income taxers took a hiding in Grafton when locals, thinking like old Ben, out-smarted them with this amended version:

"RESOLVED: We the citizens of Grafton, NH believe in a New Hampshire
that is just and fair. The property tax has become unjust and unfair. State leaders who have increased State spending 17% in the last budget perpetrate higher and higher property taxes. We call on our State Representatives and our Governor to reduce the
irresponsible spending in Concord, which will lower the property tax burden for the residents of New Hampshire."

Guess what, income taxers. Voters just took care of business all over the state last Tuesday when they voted down millions of spending proposals from Coos to the sea. They did not need your help at all. And this Saturday many more towns will do the same.

The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers will be collecting THE PLEDGE at our July 5, Taxpayer Family Reunion, Independence Day Cookout at the Hopkinton State Fairgrounds as usual, and we expect a banner year for it.

In fact, we may just dedicate our 2008 Cookout to THE PLEDGE.