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Tax And Spend - Pack And Leave

A long time Democrat-voting “Republican” Concord State Rep., Liz Hager, has been delivered a voter fatwa. Gonzo! She did not make the top four out of the four Republicans who were running.

Long over due, and congratulations to the grass-roots campaigner team, John Kalb, Pam and Garret Ean, and Travis Ingram who took Hager out of play in the Republican Party. Now she can re-register as a Democrat if she wants.

In any case, former State Rep. Liz Hager will not have the income tax to kick around the State House any longer. She has sponsored an income tax from the Republican side of the isle for the last time.

Now that her friends in the Democrat Party have spent New Hampshire into a $300 million dollar projected deficit they will have to sponsor the income and sales tax themselves.

Time for a little truth in advertising all around.


Available Without A License - And It Fits In A Drawer

I have a friend who happens to be a lawyer.

I know, I know, he is a friend in any case. His name is Evan Nappen and he just did the State of New Hampshire’s collective citizenry a big favor. He wrote a book titled:

“New Hampshire Gun, Knife, and Weapon Law”

So why is a taxpayer activist touting a gun owner book, or should I say Second Amendment book.

Here is why. It has all the elements needed by any taxpayer, gun owner, property owner, small government activist, or other freedom-loving individual to protect their rights by understanding how laws work – and how they are interconnected.

Evan’s book starts with frequently asked questions. This allows a person who is not ready to delve into 400 pages of legal jargon to put a finger on something he is definitely interested in. Call it a buffet of very useful information you can find quickly. Take a taste where you like. Sample a bit more and next thing you know you have consumed enough about NH firearms law to be comfortable.

If that isn’t enough, Evan has what he calls “Nappen’s Notes” for when a bit more information is needed and spelled out in layman’s terms.

He even includes NH Fish and Game Laws – get it? This would be and activity where people are most likely to have guns, knives, or other weapons.

As a taxpayer activist I often have to read a statute and go research any number of court cases mentioned as important to that law. My next step is to go to the municipal law section of NH Practice and Procedure to find out more about any zoning, tax, or other municipal issue.

Evan Nappen’s book has it all in one place and it is easy to read.

And here is why I think that is critically important to many of us.

Once you understand your rights, NH statutes, administrative rules, the State and US Constitutions and how they relate to each other and work as a whole you are much more prepared to keep and defend the rights you are born with as an American.


A few years back I had a moderator of an election (in an un-named place that rhymes with “Goffstown”) tell me he was going to have the police officer standing beside him remove me from the polling place. My infraction was that I was walking around. I was a credentialed poll watcher of a US Senate candidate

I told the moderator I had the election laws in my van and would go out and get them then happily have the officer remove me – after we read them together. The officer drifted away and I was not pursued by the moderator again. Here we had a simple solution for a potentially embarrassing problem for the officer and moderator - know the law.

Let’s say you are a Second Amendment buff and take your Constitutional rights seriously, by reading Evan’s book you will develop the same understanding of how laws and government work in the area you will most often come in contact with them, your every day life. Its nice to sit around and debate the constitutionality of a traffic ticket with friends but get pulled over by a police officer illegally and actually knowing a few things helps for real.

I am on the Board of Directors of Pro-Gun NH with Evan (As far as I know they have not kicked me off for lack of helping them – sorry guys!). I work with the Second Amendment guys and gals as much as possible because gun owners have a healthy respect for what government will take from you if you do not stand up to it. Ditto the pro-life crowd.

Here is what I find.

Gun owners and elected officials who support them, are most often NOT the ones out to tax you out of your home or shut down your livelihood. Liberal anti-gun nuts are.

You can contact Evan at 1-888-4-GUN-LAW if you want to learn about what it takes to be an informed NH citizen.

Tell him Ed sent ya.



Well I guess we should not have to wait forever for the upcoming audit of the town of Windsor without a timely little update a NHInsider.com commenter or two from either side of the issue has asked/begged for.

First a brief/sorry history:

Taxpayers concerned that the 2007 State mandated Tax Collector’s Report handed out to the attending victims and beneficiaries of the Windsor Annual meeting had no numbers available but only a sad little note saying “Not available at this time” – page 17 if I remember correctly, contacted The Coalition of NH Taxpayers.

CNHT Directors went to meet the victims of the Windsor property tax scam at several of their homes and through those meetings became aware of how big a story this was. Think about it. The DRA was letting Windsor officials get away with not collecting property taxes from friends and relatives.

This is a huge deal to us at CNHT and a giant rip-off of the Windsor taxpayers who foot the bill for the whole town.

We asked for documents, we were delayed and denied.

We went to Superior Court, won the documents, costs, and had a laugh at the excuses the Town Counsel gave the judge for the officials not keeping records.

Our new Windsor taxpayer group began auditing what was won in court.

CNHT accompanied Windsor taxpayers to DRA meetings and provided support.

So in the mean time four Windsor officials have resigned. They are:

Tax Collector, Beverly Hines

Treasurer, Mrs. Carlson

Selectman, Gerry Needham

Selectman, Thomas J. Carlson

On May 20 of this year the then Board of Selectmen “ABATED” the property taxes of certain citizens in Windsor through a letter written as follows:

Town of Windsor

14 White Pond Rd.

Windsor, NH


Phone# 478-3292, Fax# 478-3293

To the Collector of Taxes (new)

Kenneth Matthews

14 White Pond Rd.

Windsor, NH 03244

Tax Collector:

By vote of the Board of Selectmen upon the review of the “audit” (sic) we have abated the total amount of on (sic) the 2004 Property taxes of ( original document states name ) name (sic) now of Valera (Map # Lot #) in the amount of (the taxes not paid).

This action takes place in Windsor, New Hampshire.

Date: May 20, 2008

Per Order of the Selectmen of the Town of Windsor.

Thomas J. Carlson

Gerald Needham

Darlene Cuddy

Here is a sample of what was “ABATED”.

Joan Cuddy, $722.00 in property tax and $469.90 in interest from 2002.

Patrick Hines, $1635.00 in Property taxes and $861.06 in interest from 2002.

John Kablik, $864.25 in property taxes and $48.59 in interest from 2003.

Now this is where it gets fishy. Check out NH tax law.

76:17-d Abatement Refund. – The selectmen or assessors may apply all or a portion of the amount of any taxes abated, along with interest computed according to this chapter, to any outstanding taxes owed by the taxpayer to the municipality. Taxes shall be considered outstanding if they are subject to interest pursuant to RSA 76:13 . The selectmen or assessors shall send notice to the taxpayer of the amount credited against outstanding taxes and the date the credit was recorded.

Source. 1997, 241:1, eff. Jan. 1, 1998.

76:13 Interest. – Interest at 12 percent per annum shall be charged upon all taxes except resident taxes, except as otherwise provided by statute, not paid on or before December 1 after their assessment , which shall be collected from that date with the taxes as incident thereto, except in the case where a tax bill sent to the taxpayer on or after November 2 and before April 1 of the following year interest shall not be charged until 30 days after the bills are mailed. Interest due in an amount up to $25 may be waived by the collector, with the approval and consent of the board of selectmen and the board of assessors, if in the collector's judgment the administrative and collection costs involved do not warrant collection of the amount due . The tax collector shall state on the tax bill the date from which interest will be charged and such date shall be determined by the day the collector sends out the last tax bill on the list. The collector shall notify the board of tax and land appeals in writing of the date on which the last tax bill was sent.

As per state statute the Windsor selectmen can not “ABATE” taxes owed/never paid, nor can they “WAIVE” any interest over $25.00.

They can only FORGIVE the taxes owed and should do this only for just cause such as a change or mistake in property assessment.

I would love to hear that reasoning for forgiving what totaled about $20,000.00 in past due taxes but the Windsor Selectmen aren’t talking very much now.


Hillary's Dillema 2012

If Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska, is not suited to be a Republican vice presidential nominee as per endless complaints by the main stream media and their allies in the Democrat/Progressive/Liberal Party, how then are they measuring the newly minted governor?

Let’s see, she has been governor for less than two years. I know some Democrat governors who served less distinguished short terms as governors than Governor Palin.

Elliott Spitzer comes to mind.

Remember Elliott? He was always considered Democrat VP material, graduated from Princeton and Harvard you know. Elliott was a real up and comer, smart, smart, smart.

But as we sit and debate the abilities of Governor Palin, Elliott has moved on from his 14 months as Governor of New York. How sad.

Just a few minutes south of New York you have the home of some of America’s smartest Democrats – we’re talking New Jersey, and how about the former governor for 22 months of this Democrat stronghold. What was his name? McGreevy, yea that’s the guy! Did you know that McGreevy was a Georgetown/Harvard man? You don’t hear much about Governor McGreevy any more, or Elliott Spitzer for that matter. Neither were speakers at the Democrat Convention.

As a matter of fact it would be hard for Obama to prop ANY Democrat Governor up as VP no matter how much experience they might have because most are up to their necks in red ink; John Lynch is a prime example.

I will take Governor Palin’s short term executive experience as Governor of Alaska over ANY US Senator for a vice presidential spot on a senator-saturated election cycle. The reason is simple:

You can take just about anyone you find sitting in a local diner reading the paper and make him a US Senator without any more damage to the country than the current crop of gas bags have done already. A Senator can be hospitalized with a brain tumor and the Senate carries on quite well.

If you are a Governor you are required to show up. Your decisions are YOUR decisions. Without the luxury of complicated, camouflaged, conflicting votes designed to let the next shower of campaign spin cover your ass.

A Governor taxes the people who vote for him, there is no Washington bacon to bring home.

If you screw up as governor there is often a price to pay – you get dumped in the street.

This is not always the case in the US Senate where you can go on to a glorious career after drowning a call girl, spilling military secrets and getting American pilots killed, a previous stint as a KKK leader, calling our troops murderers, or any other number of financial or sexual peccadilloes. Bring home out of state tax money and you get re-elected.

Governor Palin scares the daylights out of the left and the media because she has real life experience many voters share and look for in a candidate.

She is a breath of fresh air and should be at the top of the ticket.


John B. Stands For Something

Be still my heart. I have a scribbling by none other than the esteemed leader of the New Hampshire Municipal Association, His Highness - John B. (big government) Anderson!

And the thought provoking, extremely enlightening, information laden, pontificating piece of propaganda is entitled:

"The Conundrum That Is Created By A Tax Cap"

Boo Hoo. John Biggovernment has a problem with the spending and tax cap proposed by the Rochester Concerned Taxpayers and in his flimsy editorial he falls back on the old scare tactics of statistics.

And what, dear students, do we know about the statistics of municipal mismanagement? That’s right - NEVER TRUST THEM! Trust this: HUMAN NATURE.

When the head of an organization, The Local Government Center, which was originally chartered as The NH Municipal Association whose goal was to support municipalities, suddenly “evolves” to include the competing for tax dollars public school industry, its time to question authority.

Here is a sample of John Biggovernment logic.

John Biggovernment writes in part of his case against spending caps that:

“Counties are charged with providing two expensive social services: nursing home care and jails. The cost of these services has historically grown exponentially as our society has evolved and aged . The demographics of our aging population mean that nursing home populations — and costs— are projected to skyrocket in the next 20 years.”

But wait John Biggovernment, when demographics in 1999 showed that student populations were dropping like a stone were you and yours speaking out about $20, $40, and $60 million dollar new school construction bonds? No you were not. CNHT was and now we are proven right.

More John B. logic:

“A tax and/or spending cap that doesn't provide for discounting the impact of county and independent school district property tax demands will result in traditional municipal services being cut to pay for 100 percent of the service costs imposed by other units of government. A city shouldn't have to reduce library hours, raise fees for recreational programs, close a fire station or reduce snowplowing simply because there are more people in the county nursing home or jail or the federal government is reducing its share of Medicaid funding or there are new education mandates to be met.”

News flash John Biggovernment! Towns and cities have been doing this for years to cover endless, unmanageable, and ineffective increases in school industry spending. So it stands to reason it may be the school industry that may have to adjust to less revenue as we shift to a more seasoned population. The older and wiser among us may soon have the votes to but a clamp on education spending and mandates – not that the Local School and Government Center will be any help.

And what article about the NH Municipal Association and over taxation would be complete without a history lesson. Enter Paul Beecher your predecessor at NHMA.

Talk about “fixed costs” a spending cap would have to deal with. Didn’t Paul Beecher come to NH from Kansas City where he signed a $900,000.00 street light contract behind the backs of the city council? And didn’t he sign all kinds of sweetheart multi-million dollar employee benefits packages in Dover, NH behind the backs of the Dover City Council when he was City Manager there?

While we are at it, didn’t your NHMA predecessor Paul Beecher get fired by the Kingman Arizona City council on August 10 2007 for the same type of behavior? (Trick question, I know he did because CNHT was in touch with the people there.)

I think it stands to reason, John Biggovernment, with a SPENDING CAP local elected officials would have to actually LOOK at budgets before they sign them. And as a bonus, all the State Representatives who are SPENDING outrageously at the county level right now will have to take into consideration what will happen when the cap kicks in and they get publicity.

And for John Biggovernmet’s quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes about taxes being the price we pay for civilized society, here is another Holmes quote you should take to heart:

Between two groups of people who want to make inconsistent kinds of worlds, I see no remedy but force.”
Oliver Wendell Holmes

Sounds like a spending cap to me!