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All I Need To Start Is About Ten Million

The news is that we are just anywhere from “months” to three to ten years away from creating “life” in a laboratory.

Nice story. A bit unbelievable but a real headline grabber nonetheless.

A group out of Italy called ProtoLife claims to be closing in on creating what the company’s CEO Mark Bedau is referring to as “synthetic life”.

Here is what he needs to complete his mission:

1. A container, or membrane, for the cell to keep bad molecules out, allow good ones and the ability to multiply.
2. A genetic system that controls the functions of the cell, enabling it to reproduce and mutate in response to environmental changes.
3. A metabolism that extracts raw materials from the environment as food and then changes it into energy.

I, on the other hand, am more interested in the perpetual motion machine I have been working on.

All I need are just two things:

1. A material that never wears out.
2. A limitless power source.

Of course we both could use one other handy item… a federal grant.

Why shouldn’t I have a nice big grant for my project, its just as far along as ProtoLife’s is.


All This Plus Bagels And Coffee

I’m worn out and its is still only August.

My ears are ringing from assorted chainsaws, diesel engines, string trimmers and mowers. The knees are holding up but barely—so I took a short vacation yesterday.

I hopped on the 6:50 am shuttle out of Boston with all the laptop draggers and went to DC the Americans For Tax Reform “Wednesday Meeting.” It was like a shot in the arm.

Grover Norquist, the head of ATR , was in his usual spot at the twenty foot table surrounded but issue advocates from all over the spectrum of the center right side of politics.

Part of the invitation only package is that you promise not divulge what people say at the meeting but you can pass on what is printed. There is an armload of material on each seat. I will be using it on our NH Taxpayer Radio program on WLMW 90.7 FM for some time.

You get polling data and analysis to die for. There is first hand information from people working on political and economic issues in other countries. Topics cover anything from FISA to talk radio. The White House sends people as well. Candidates and their representatives stop by.

I would guess that about a dozen or so people speak and take questions all in the span of an hour and a half. It is not boring. In short it is a “say what you have to say and sit down” forum complete with well placed zingers if you have a momentary brain lock and stumble for a name or word—all in good fun of course.

Since I have been going to these meetings every so often for a number of years (how’s that for vague) I can’t help but notice how many young people who used to work for ATR have moved on to other organizations and are still involved in the fight to limit oppressive, expensive, unaccountable government. It gets a bit frustrating at times to lose one of our CNHT Directors to the legislature, a budget committee, political campaign, or selectman’s seat. From watching ATR I have come to understand I will have to accept that as part of the natural cycle of things - no good old boys club here.

Can’t forget the best part of this trip.

My neighbor’s daughter, Deana Dennis, who I have known since she was about four years old, went along to the Wednesday Meeting with me. She works at a law firm just a few blocks away. (She’s been a political junkie since she was a teenager so I think she had a good time at the center of the vast right wing conspiracy.)

Not a bad deal. I had an expert guide who knows where to eat lunch and who could point me to the Metro. (Thanks Deana.)


Hey Honey, Pass The Slander

Do we have a pattern here or a pattern of patterns?

The anonymous “Baghdad Diarist” who was writing anti-American articles for The New Republic magazine is one Scott Thomas Beauchamp. He has been “outed” as the author and fabricator of poorly written, supposed first hand accounts, of minor US troop atrocities against animals, dead bodies of Iraqis, and a disfigured US women soldier.

Beauchamp must be one lucky guy to get published in such a prestigious left wing magazine as The New Republic.

Hold on, it wasn’t that tough. His WIFE, Elspeth Reeve works at The New Republic. She is a reporter/researcher. What irony in that matrimony.

You know what else? Her goofy liberal stories (Google her name you can find them in old TNR articles) are eerily similar in style to her husband’s stories of psychopath soldiers enjoying other people’s suffering. Isn’t that quirky as well?

Doesn’t this husband wife attack team sound familiar?

Valerie Plame the phony secret CIA agent and her phony lying husband Joey Wilson pulled off the same ploy until they were caught.

Plame maneuvered her useless better half into a free “denounce the administration” trip to Niger. How else would this low level nobody, Wilson, get a free gig in Africa calling President Bush a liar.

It took a while and the blogosphere to uncover the Plame game and it may take a while to ferret out all the connections in this New Republic scandal as well.

The old saying “it takes two to tango” applies in both cases.

The news media was desperate for bad news about Bush and the yellowcake story. Wilson handed that story, epoch actually, to them on his family silver.

The New Republic is just as hungry for bad new about our troops actions in Iraq and could not resist the anonymous angle from within their own ranks.

Ah liberals, so predictable.

What’s the name of that “reporter” married to Alan Greenspan?


Nature Boy Update

A week ago I was having lunch with my logger buddies Shane and Dan in a Hillsboro pizza joint when they told me I had a caterpillar on my shoulder. It was a Saddled Prominent!

I have not seen one of these rascals since 1981 when there was a defoliation of sugar maples and beech trees in the Sunapee - New London area. It was pretty devastating if you ever heard about it or saw it. I was working with a company spraying Gypsy Moths in the spring during that time and we turned to spraying these pests later in the summer.

Then a day or so later I spotted a Saddled Prominent in my driveway in Deering and saw another in its spiny stage in the Town of Washington last Thursday.

Here is how the State of Maine describes these caterpillars on their web site:

Description and Habits
Adults of the saddled prominent are brownish-gray moths, with a wing spread of 1 1/2 to 2 inches. They emerge from early June to mid-July from pupae that passed the winter within the upper 2 inches of the soil and leaf litter.
Eggs are laid individually and mostly on the underside of hardwood leaves from mid-June to mid-July. Hatching takes place after 9-10 days. The majority of the eggs usually have hatched by the middle of July in Maine.
Larvae, at first, appear as very tiny reddish-brown "antlered," spiny caterpillars. When the larvae molt for the second stage they lose the "antlers" and are smooth-skinned, except for 2 small horns behind the head. During later stages they lose these horns and are generally of a yellowish-green color. The last stages have a prominent saddle-shaped patch of contrasting red to brown colors on the mid-back. Larvae at this stage resemble those of the variable oakleaf caterpillar but the saddle is much more distinct and mature larvae occur much earlier (July). At maturity, some 5 weeks after hatching when the larvae are about 1 1/2 inches long, they drop or crawl to the ground to pupate.
Stripping of hardwood stands appears to take place suddenly during the latter part of July and in August. However, feeding by the first few stages of the caterpillars usually goes unnoticed. Upon hatching, the tiny larvae are found feeding on the underside of the leaves where they merely skeletonize small patches (windows). The second and third stages then start feeding along the leaf margins and start to consume entire leaves except for the larger veins and stems. As they grow larger, the larvae accelerate their consumption of food with much wasteful feeding, and when present in large numbers cause rapid defoliation.

Rapid is the key word! Plus we had a late spring in NH this year and these defoliation times may be off a bit.

So if you have some favorite sugar maples or beech trees in your yard. Take a look up at the leaves from the ground and see if you notice some rolled cigarette sized figures nibbling at the edges or find a bunch of brown granular “stuff” all over your car. If you are in the Sunapee Washington region it may be these guys back for another bite at the maple.

It may not pay to spray the top of your trees but you can certainly put a duct tape barrier with some sticky stuff like Vaseline or insecticide soaked cloth around the base.

These guys get big fast and walk from tree to tree unlike gypsy moths who can hang on silk for a while and go airborne when they are young.

If your tree does get stripped you can feed it before winter and cut the damage the Saddled Prominent do. Unlike Gypsy Moths who strip leaves in the spring when they can grow back to feed the tree this SP damage occurs in late summer and the new leaves get frozen before they can do much good.

Heads up. It could be next year we get hit as well. It is a native species as far as I know so I would assume they will be back in force some time.

Remember. Trees are not really "killed" by anything like bugs or diseases. They simply starve to death fighting off whatever it is attacking them. In this case the trees would have to be stripped several years in a row to not come back. But why put them through that stress.

Keep and eye on them.



The new Democrat Governor of New York, Elliot Spitzer, has an issue swirling around him for the moment. Apparently his top aids were trying to set up a Republican rival by having the NY State Police track state owned helicopter trips this opponent was taking so they could claim that his target, State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno, was abusing the privilege.

Governor Spitzer’s boys got caught and here comes the kicker – his staff tried to cover up the scandal by hiding emails they sent between each other. Both refused to testify about the incident to Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

God bless the New York Post. These journalists are digging into the story. Why not? NY Governor Spitzer has got to be presidential or at least vice presidential material in any future Democrat primary. He certainly has the ego and desire for it. Using the State Police to sting a Republican opponent would show Democrat voters he has what it takes to win so they would obviously support him.

Here is a kicker. Spitzer’s staff even made a claim they went after Joe Bruno because the leader of NY’s Conservative Party tipped them off to Bruno allegedly abusing the state helicopter – a two’fer! Wrap up the top Republican and the Conservative part leader in one fabricated scandal!

Not so, says the Conservative party leader Michael Long. In fact he states that the assertion by the Spitzer people was a bold faced lie. Records from Bruno’s travel and witnesses at the events he went to tend to support Joe Bruno.

So into the vat of sleaze goes the fresh new NY Democrat Governor.

On another high note. Spitzer’s top environment aid, Steven Mitnick, just resigned over allegations he tried to intimidate a member of the state public utilities commission into dropping a probe into ConEd.

I like majority Leader Joe Bruno’s quotes from the NY Post:

"This is like something you'd expect in a Third World country, where some dictator has his enemies followed to see how they could either do something to them or disgrace them. "This is dangerous in a free country."

About sums it up Mr. Bruno.

I would sum it up this way though.

The recent gains by the far left of the Democrat Party causes some to suspect they may “over-reach”. I would argue that they are “over strangling”.

(And the voters elected Spitzer to “clean up corruption” in Albany. Sound familiar?)