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Too Bad Mr. Gore

Just think.

Al Gore missed the oportunity to win himself a Nobel Prize in 1972 by warning us then about the coming Ice Age.


If only he had not been so wrapped up in inventing the internet. 


Think of the possibilities. He would be the only former US V.P. with an Oscar, an Emmy, and TWO Nobel Prizes.


Run, Al,  Run. If you get in I'll drop Kucinich and vote for you in the primary.


Dennis Kucinich For President

As registered Democrat I personally endorse Dennis Kucinich for President. He has a progressive plan to put America on a solid liberal track.

Dennis Kucinich’s plans for a renewed progressive America include Universal Health Care as almost all of the socialist countries in the world currently operate under. He will bring us more in line with Europe and Asia like liberals have only dreamed of in the past. Now with a Democrat House and Senate it will be a reality.

The other top Democrat candidates Edwards, Obama, and Clinton all pander to Republicans with vague promises to have our troops out of Iraq no sooner than 20013. Dennis Kucinich will remove the troops from Iraq the day after he is elected building credibility again with the rest of the world.

Dennis Kucinich will have the instant respect of the rest of the world when he brings all of our troops home the day after he is elected. Only this will give him the clear advantage in international affairs. Dennis Kucinich will stand alone among all previous Presidents and current candidates in this respect.

When Dennis Kucinich is elected President all Americans will finally understand the direction a true progressive liberal administration will deliver.
Dennis Kucinich can hit the ground running. He has no baggage, no strings attached. He is ready to lead unlike any other candidate.

I have known for a long time that Dennis Kucinich is the Democrat candidate I want on the ballot in 2008. I’ve talked personally with many of the candidates and find that Dennis Kucinich is the single most believable progressive Democrat out there. His word is his bond and I believe he means what he says. That is refreshing among this current crop of candidates.

If had to vote today for a Democrat in the Primary it would be Dennis Kucinich.


What's Happend To The In Your Face Crowd?

Just a small observation from a hick who has stumbled through NH politics for a while.

I drive into Concord, NH (La-La-Land of NH lefties), and in very few places or on very few vehicles do I see Hillary bumper stickers or signs?

She has this primary thing sewn up. Admit it. This Democrat primary is nothing more than a formality. I understand she wants to spend money where it counts so I expect not to see any 4×8’s.

So why no car bumper chest beating from her many loyal fans? How’s about a lousy bumper sticker on your Prius for goodness sakes? Is that too much to ask, people?

We have liberals with Kerry/Edwards stickers still on their Volvos but Hilary can’t muster more than one or two bumper stickers in downtown Concord? And to top it off, the most recent one of only two I have seen was on Park and North Main St. – ground zero for moonbats.

And while I am at it - all the “Stop This War” type bumper stickers, will the libs keep them on their cars until 2013 if “Her Highness” wins the presidency?

Supreme Allied Commander Clinton is hedging her bets on pulling troops out of “the war” before 2013.

At least that is what she says.

This is one aspect of liberal behavior in this race that eludes me – overwhelming Clinton support no one wants to show in public.

Do I have to print the Clinton/Lynch stickers myself?


Windsor - NH's Transylvania

Tuesday evening 6 pm I met with the Windsor coalition of taxpayers band of warriors. They are on a roll, nothing flashy, just a steady drumbeat of small wins.

On the other hand that evening the Windsor Selectmen and assorted powers that be in this small hamlet were up late at the town hall pretending to be in charge.

Really, not much worse could be happening to them unless say after the meeting they walked out in the dark and stepped in a great big heap of fresh, steaming, werewolf doo-doo.

These “public servants” have in the last two years:

Lost TWO Right to Know cases.
Had to pay court costs for the last pro se case.
Finally been forced to file Municipal Service forms required by state statute.
Failed to put a Treasurers Report in the 2007 Town Report.
Have been exposed for not putting liens on ANY individuals with overdue property taxes.
Have been found to have some properties get FIVE years behind in property taxes.
Lost the ability to deal with the taxpayer group without going through the town attorney.
Created, through their own incompetence, a situation that will expose how much of a paper tiger phony the NH Dept of Revenue is when it comes to setting tax rates.
(This is for starters)

But they are still in charge! Ain’t Democracy beautiful.

The Windsor Selectmen show why in years past towns put a list of delinquent taxpayers IN THE TOWN REPORT. They did so for good reason. This way, taxpayers can see if they are shouldering the load in town for others.

You will find that people who pay taxes vote differently than the ones who do not. It is called “sensibly.”

These incompetents may get re-elected next March. But what will they really win?


George Soros: Great Thinker, Big Spender

Like the lap dogs they are, many of the intelligencia in the Democrat/moonbat wing of the US Senate have decided to take on Rush Limbaugh through fabricated accusations of US soldier bashing being leveled at him by convicted criminal George Soros’s Media Matters watchdog-stink tank.

Suits me. Bring on any discussion of who supports troops more. Better yet, how about a trip to see the troops and see who they support the most.

Media Matters, an arm of the Democrat party funded with crooked money from Soros has already scored one temporary hit by claiming the grizzled head of liberal shock jock Don Imus. They must be feeling frisky.

Imus will be back on the air soon and I predict he will have a slightly different attitude towards all of his liberal friends who abandoned him when he went into his rapper persona and called some female black athletes what black rappers call black female athletes. Either that or he will lose any credibility left in his cranky old skeleton.

Taking on Rush and the egomaniacal O’Reilly are another thing entirely. There is a huge difference.

These guys will defend themselves.

Betting on Media Matters taking out Rush Limbaugh is about as smart as investing in Air America.