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I Don't Want To Change My Bulbs Or Senator

How about truth in advertizing for a CHANGE! Democrats say they want CHANGE but they are offering up NH has-been Governor Jeanne Shaheen for a US Senate spot of all things. ( Not my Supreme Court you don’t.)

No thanks! Go back to Harvard where you have been squirreled away since your last race.

Shaheen was endorsed recently by the NH League of Conservation Liberals, or as I like to refer to them – The Dim Bulb Society.

I used to live in a “mercury free zone” but ever since my wife popped a few of those Dairy Queen looking eco-bulbs into various sockets at the ranch, two things have happened – I can’t see after dark and I now have mercury lurking in each dim bulb. So the solution is to put TWO in I guess? Twice the mercury – half the light! Now there is a typical moonbat eco-solution.

There is no way I want mercury lurking in my light bulbs any more than I want Jeanne Shaheen taking voting orders from Dirty Harry Reid. We currently have a US Supreme Court that seems able to read English and oil companies that can barely compete with nationalized companies in dictatorships all over the planet, there is no need to destroy either by electing a lockstep liberal, tax and spender from HAAAVHAAD.

Please, Jeanne Shaheen, follow your mentor Hillary and slowly fade away without doing too much damage.


Outside The Box

I’ve had enough of the slow death presidential primary. I can not stand to even look at McCain any longer. He pops up on cable TV and I hit the clicker as fast as I can.

Hillary hasn’t found out yet that she CAN NOT TOUCH Barak Camelot Obama with a ten foot pole. She chews at the bit, fades in and out of different personalities, cries, cackles, jokes, and lectures but nothing works. She has blown over $100 million dollars in the process.

This quandary she finds herself in is because she can not acquire the allegiance of liberal votes who simply want an alternative to her. It’s not that people are voting for Obama because he stands for anything other than NOT being “Hillary the “Invincible”. Even moonbats get tired of defending Clintons. That time is now. Obama’s empty rhetoric is perfect cover to escape the she-devil. This is as defining of liberal "thought" as you can get - swoon over Obama's nonsense - ditch Hillary - feel good doing it.

Some pundits say the Clinton Team is floundering but there was never a Clinton Team in this primary, it has been she alone all the way, just like her Health Care Initiative. Bill has dragged himself through this campaign making strategic mistakes only he could get away with such as race baiting in South Carolina then apologizing for his race baiting by claiming people did not understand what he said – a typical Clinton apology.

So how about some entertainment Hillary.

Hillary should debate Governor Mike Huckabee. I am not kidding. The press would love it.

Huckabee was the Governor of Arkansas for the ten and a half years AFTER the Clinton Team ran the place like a dating service for Bill.

This would set Hillary apart from Obama, big time. She could banter back and forth with Mike Huckabee over Arkansas education, roads, immigration, budgets, appointing State Supreme Court Justices, the death penalty, all the things Obama knows nothing about. What's an hour out of her time?

Even though she is wrong on all the issues she would at least be able to prove she knows something about government in an executive office. Huckabee would be game I’ll bet.

Besides, Obama is already looking past her and starting to run against McCain.

How about it, let’s have some entertainment before this thing is over. What does Hillary have to lose in any case.


All In Favor Say Aye






A RESOLUTION petitioning Congress to commence impeachment procedures.

SPONSORS: Every thoughtful taxpayer in New Hampshire

COMMITTEE: Taxpayers Covering the Cost of Elected Officials Emotional Problems


This resolution petitions Congress to commence impeachment procedures against NH State Representative Moonbat Betty Hall.




In the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Eight

A RESOLUTION petitioning Congress to commence impeachment procedures.

Whereas the voters of Brookline NH have made fun of our representative form of government by electing a nit wit, Moonbat Betty Hall to the office of State Representative.

Whereas Rep. Moonbat Betty Hall could be doing something useful with her elected position, such as ending starvation in Darfur, freeing Tibet, ending the weaponization of space, renaming Brookline NH “La, La Land”, curbing poverty in Appliachia, helping Congresswoman Carol She-Pot work with Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson to funnel more money to New Orleans, protecting our meat and water from contamination from space aliens, or recognizing Che’s birthday as a NH holiday.

Whereas Rep. Moonbat Betty Hall is already on the most useless, corrupt, and stacked committee - Election Law.

Whereas Rep. Moonbat Betty Hall is going on a hunger strike that will certainly upset the market for tofu and granola.

That in all of this, Representative Moonbat Betty Hall has acted in a manner contrary to their trust as a joke in Brookline passed on to Concord by voters with a cruel sense of humor, subversive of constitutional government, to the great prejudice of the cause of law and justice, and to the manifest injury of the people of the State of New Hampshire and of the United States; and

That Representative Moonbat Betty Hall, by such conduct, warrant impeachment and trial, removal from office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any offices of honor, trust, or profit under the United States; and

That New Hampshire’s Senators and Representatives in the United States Congress are hereby requested to cause to be instituted in the Congress of the United States proper proceedings for the investigation of the activities of Representative Moonbat Betty Hall, to the end that they may be impeached and removed from such office; and

That copies of this resolution be forwarded by the house clerk to the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives and to each member of the New Hampshire congressional delegation.


Another Big Toothy Grin?

As we come down the final leg of this merciless primary season it may be time to take a quick look at some of the smaller parts of the big picture.

Yea, the NY Times has taken a second look at their former favorite son, John McCain, and decided to stab him in the neck, like we didn’t see that coming, even though McCain did not and never will. Pandering to the liberal press is not paying off for Big John like it has in the past. You see, you can’t, as a Republican presidential candidate, slam Republican Party principals – that is a Republican SENATOR’S job.

And on the even farther left side of things, liberal Democrats – socialists at heart, have been showing Clintons fatigue and are supporting the young messiah of the spoken word, Barak Camelot Obama.

But who is this Barak fella? Other than media adulation and an endless array of promises of CHANGE sermons, what will an Obama reign of change look like?

I know from reading the news that Bill Clinton was the first black president (and he appears from the way he is campaigning for his better half that he doesn’t mind at all a real black man or woman becoming president as long as “Her Highness” never will.).

But will Barak Camelot Obama really, truly be, if elected, the first black president since slippery Bill Clinton? I doubt that very much. Check his centralized planning, and Middle East rhetoric.

I think what we have on our hands is the first “Black Jimmy Carter.”

Double digit inflation and interest rates from meddling in open markets.

A crazy foreign policy crafted by Carter leftovers like Zbignew Gesundheit.

A focus on human rights world wide with a carrot and no stick theme.

Spending, spending, spending.

Oh boy.


Diving Me Nuts

It looks like you CAN have a bad good idea. Take for instance the new “roundabout” in Keen, NH where the accident and injury level is beyond anything the sales pitch for the "roundabout" project ever mentioned.

This roundabout is not to be placed into the bad old category of “rotaries” built in New England in the fifties. Our peachy Keene roundabout is far superior – except for the carnage and collisions.

The roundabout has a much improved entrance with slower speeds, unlike its old rotary counterpart free for all. Thank you professional planners!

But in a few months something like 46 accidents, some with serious injuries, have occurred in Keene involving the new roundabout. It seems the professional roundabout engineers may not have factored in the middle-finger entitlement attitude of the local drivers darting about this liberal college town. Roundabout does sound like a cool, Earthy name though.

I have a solution! Let’s not feel bad about the roundabout, just change the name.

From now on we can call something more descriptive. How about instead of roundabout we call it a “trail mix”. Now there is a politically correct name for what this new fangled rotary really is – that or a vehicular disaster.