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He's Back, Great, Lucky Us

What is old is new again! Not good for New Hampshire this time.

Enter newly appointed Dept of Transportation Commissioner Charles O’Leary onto the lead paint “scandal” scene. (Charles O’Leary, former NHDOT Commissioner 1990-1996.)

A brief summary of what we the public are allowed to know at this time:

Our brave and resourceful DOT state employees of the bridge department start dumping tons of lead paint chips into various foundations and floors of their own buildings/turf beginning in 1980 – or so the news reports say.

In 19 and 96 we have an “anonymous complaint” made to the state regarding these goings on and state investigators started digging where there wasn’t any paint, kind of an anonymous investigation into an anonymous complaint. This was apparently carried out in front of a DOT supervisor who knowingly let the investigators dig in the wrong place. (We have all heard of “Protect and Serve” but “Protect the Hive” is the DOT motto.)

So acting as though DOT property in Franklin is a giant kitty litter pan for lead paint DOT employees kept up their good work hiding lead paint chips UNTIL:

Commissioner Carol Murray (remember – the one Lynch bullied out of the job) started an investigation into a different issue when the ongoing, disappearing lead paint problem, popped up unexpectedly. Once it was discovered/uncovered it was promptly handed to the AG, as it should have been in any real world situation.

Flash forward to June 2007 and the publicity surrounding the secret burial of lead paint under DOT buildings. We have a new old sheriff in town in the person of new again NHDOT Commissioner Charles O’Leary. He is quoted in various news reports as being ready to handle the whole issue and make the DOT a good neighbor.

That would be a break with tradition for the DOT bridge division and Charles O’Leary from what I know.

Back in 1996 when investigators where looking for illegally buried lead paint while a DOT supervisor hid the location, Charles O’Leary WAS the Commissioner of the DOT. So it looks like some of this cover-up occurred on his former watch! Surprise.

And now our hero, Commissioner O’Leary, is going to clean up the mess.

Don’t make me laugh. I dealt with Commissioner O’Leary in 1991, back when he was the NHDOT commissioner the first time around.

I caught one of his bridge division engineers using the NHDOT auto-cad system to design a bridge for an independent contractor who ripped off my town by using cheap materials and faulty construction.

Was NHDOT Commissioner O’Leary a big help then when I went there for help? No, quite the opposite.

How about O’Leary’s assistant at DOT Leon Kenison? When I came into DOT headquarters and showed him the auto-cad plans and the bridge design calculations on DOT letterhead graph paper all I got was a bunch of lies and foot dragging.

Did they care that their bridge guy moonlighted with DOT equipment and designed a bridge that was sagging in the middle or was backfilled with sand or that the specified oil pressure treatment on the wood was simply a water-based treatment? How about the stress specs on the bolts that held the bridge together not being up to specs? No help there. Same with the lack of anchor bolts to hold the sagging bridge down.

Did the NHDOT step up for public safety?

No way! I had to expose the deal in the local papers by myself with no hint of help from the NHDOT. My complaint wasn't anonymous by the way. I had tons of evidence in the form of pressure treatment certificates, lumber grade documents, photos, plans, etc.

O’Leary cleaning up the paint chips buried and hidden during his last term as commissioner is the biggest joke I can think of. Next to maybe Franklin State Rep. Jim Ryan holding “hearings” on the scandal.

Go ahead and go through the motions Rep. Ryan, make it look good for the willing press.

That would be the same NH pulp media that failed to mention in any story I have seen yet that O’Leary was in charge when some of this lead paint chip scandal happened.

Hey, maybe they can blame it on former Governor Benson.

We are all waiting to see where the photo-op governor stands on paint chips.


Mixed Grill

I just pulled into a Hampton Inn in Debuque Iowa after two days on Interstate 90 in a Freightliner truck . I am working on the Stihl Timbersports Lumberjack Competition series that shows on ESPN II in December of most years. This is the preliminary where we whittle down the field. I have been doing this for about 11 years or so.

This is our second year at this Riverfest venue right on the Mississippi. Along with us and a gang of other events are The Doobie Brothers (whomever is left I guess) and if I heard right, Randy Travis. If this year is anything like last year I will be a bit ragged after our event so I don't go out at night much past the amount no time it takes to eat dinner. Last year I slept though the band, Styx.

Speaking of dinner - some observations:

The outfit I work for pays for everything while we are here, and on the way, including food, so don't hold back on the steaks and prime rib. What's the old saying: "You got the horses, you gotta feed'em". I think that's it.

Ah, but I am not the only beneficiary of all this travel.

When we pull into a Pilot Station or other truck stop to diesel up, something bizarre happens. At least I think so.

English Sparrows fly right up and under your truck grill and pick the June bugs, dragon flies, and moths, right off the hot radiator.

I remember years back birds coming up and looking on the ground around truck grills and sometimes picking up bugs on the outside of the trucks, actually going inside the grill is new to me. What resourceful little devils they are. Crows just walk along the sides of highways picking up bugs cars hit, and people consider crows pretty smart.

I suppose English Sparrows are not what you would call "top of the line" bird watching material among true birders. They are around any place people live or eat and are about as common as black top. But for those little birds to figure out how to get a hot meal for free without having to drive the truck - well they have me beat!




Amendments Are Fleeting Things

People ask me which Education Funding Constitutional Amendment I am supporting.

Which one do I like?

There is a "Republican" amendment.

There is the one Rep Marge Smith pulled out of a hat twenty minutes after her first one went south.

Former State Rep. Paul Mirski has a new one. (I like whatever Paul writes.)

But in this case you might as well write it in Klingon or translate it into dolphin squeals.

We are talking about an education funding lawsuit, an education funding lawsuit. Which is like helping bank robbers plan an escape route.

Words mean nothing in a education funding lawsuit. It is theft by another means.

The fact that you are IN an education funding lawsuit and the court has not thrown it out establishes the fact that you are under the thumb of an unelected court that has chosen to step beyond its authority.

A simple check of what is in store, unless we fight back for real, is a mouse click away.

Courts in other states involved in this fraud usually appoint an expert to set costs. That means billions.

When the billions have no real effect on education, but are finally built into the system. The courts stop ordering more spending.

Elect a legislature that does not WANT this to happen and it will end.

By doing so you will keep the quality education local NH taxpayers have built with their own hands and dollars over the years.


Trial? Who Needs That

Two-faced hypocrites abound in the Democrats new “Most Ethical Congress in History”.

Out of all the liberal Democrats in the US House of Representatives, only ONE has asked bribmaster “Dollar Bill” Jefferson, just re-elected by his liberal constituents, (with 57% of the vote) step down for the good of the congress and country.

The one, single, only, Democrat with the nads to do this unheard of thing against another Democrat is Congressman Nick Lampson of – Texas. Figures.

Notice the two “change agents” from New Hampshire have not uttered a peep. They must want to hear all the evidence.

It wasn’t that long ago that Shea-Porker was the beneficiary of political ads showing a black and white Congressman Bass with a red hand. Now ethics are a bit trickier and it doesn’t FEEL so good to shout from the rooftops about how you are going to bring “change” to Washington. (Here is your big chance.)

Our pal, Democrat Dollar Bill Jefferson is up to a 16 count Federal indictment with his former bribe of $100,000.00 boosted by another $400,000.00 the feds say they can pin on him. Even the tip of this iceberg is expensive.

So why are his liberal sidekicks in Congress so slow to demand he step down?

Could it be because of the staunch support Jefferson has in the Black Caucus?

One Congresswoman, Rep. Stephanie Tubbs, has her own spin on the indictment. She wants no politicization of it by Republicans.

Not to worry. The press isn’t covering this at all. They are talking up the political hit Prosecutor Fitzgerald put on Scooter Libby. He was sentenced to two and a half years in a perjury trap about a phony secret agent and her con artist husband.

Now that is news!

A liberal Democrat Congressman takes millions in bribes for most of his 19 year career and we all hold our breath hoping he gets a fair trial.

I have to give credit to another Democrat congressman who almost has the juice to do the right thing.

Congressman Steve Kagen, out of Appleton Wisconsin. He had the guts to PUBLICLY ask Dollar Bill Jefferson to CONSIDER resigning. A stainless steel spine in that there guy. (Wanna bet they both get primaried?)

For five months the libs have dragged their feet regarding their crooked comrade from New Orleans, hoping it would all go away. Now they grudgingly opened their own “investigation”.

So out of some 233 Democrats in the House only ONE has asked their most notorious crook to step down and only ONE other democrat asked him to CONSIDER it.

The Most Ethical Congress in History takes off in a blaze of glory.


Follow The Liberal Lead

Our new liberal Democrat controlled everything here in New Hampshire only has but look south for inspiration. Why it’s a progressive nirvana down there in the land of cheap property taxes and broad-based inspiration for more spending.

Massachusetts, 85% Democrat and proud of it.

But every once in a while a blip appears on the radar screen. Last week I saw an article in the Globe about some Ma. towns that settled a discrimination lawsuit out of court. What could the discrimination problem have been? (Remember, this is Massachusetts.)

Was it about transsexuals needing health care? Could illegal aliens have sued for free college tuition? How about minors for the right to date ex-cons?

The towns are:
Ashland, Bedford, Belmont, Beverly, Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Everett, Fall River, Leominster, Lynn, New Bedford, North Adams, North Andover, Quincy, Revere, Sharon, Southbridge, Taunton and Waltham.

Can’t guess what type of discrimination would happen in good old liberal/progressive Massachusetts?

Nothing fancy, it was a simple case of the police and firefighters exams bring rigged against Blacks and Hispanics, that’s all. The tried and true, old-fashioned, Jim Crow tactics that have been around since we freed the slaves to become political pawns.

Those whacky Democrats. They thought they could get away with some good-old-boy networking with the “came over on the Mayflower” crowd for some high pay, early retirement gigs on the public dime, but better luck next time.

At least no one had to plead guilty to anything like even close to a Federal crime.

Take our old pal Tom Finneran and his stint with Maptitude.

The former Speaker of the Massachusetts House, Maptitude Dude, convicted felon, and now talk show host, got bagged trying to gerrymander some districts to weaken the voting power of, you guessed it - Blacks and Hispanics.

The Maptitude soft ware is hard on minorities if used in Finneran fashion.

Check out this portion of their web site regarding what Maptitude can do for you, or in this case, to you:

“Consolidated Precincts

Create a consolidated precincts layer that combines precincts that have a common polling place for a particular election. Each consolidated precinct lists the number of voters, voters by party, and any other summary fields you choose such as language and ethnicity. The consolidated precincts report lists the address and phone number of the polling place as well as the precincts that vote there.”

Ah, Democrat “change” has come to New Hampshire. We look to the south for inspiration.