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School In Need Of Improvement

Reality check here!

As I reported before, CNHT is helping a set of parents who are trying to keep their son in a rehab center which specializes in taking care of people who have disabilities instead of “mainstreaming” him in a public school. With this young man the list of disabilities is long and difficult to even read. God bless his parents.

The school that wants to drag him into their new “life skills” experiment is one you can read about today in most NH newspapers, its Hillsboro/Deering, a $19 million dollar per year effort in total dumbdownization.

So we protest the move on these grounds:

School has shown itself to be incompetent when it comes to putting the transition of the student in place.

It will by no means be cost effective.

Moving a person with this many disabilities has huge liabilities.

I addressed this with the Hillsboro Deering School Board last Monday night in a public meeting with the parents in attendance. I told them we were going to use the student’s name in public during this process and that the parents had no problem with that. I dropped the hint that I will be on the next agenda with a public request for a recorded vote to reverse this idiotic transition.

The next day, after dropping off copies of medical records for each school board member listing all the problems with Joel, the school asked us to sign notarized waivers, releasing them from responsibility for using a student’s name in public.

This begs the question. If the Hillsboro/Deering School Board had as much concern for the student and taxpayers regarding this stupid experiment as they do for getting sued for using his name, wouldn’t we not even be doing this in the first place?

Now THIS would make a great movie.


Now THIS Would Make A Great Movie

And now we have the inevitable. Our friend Gary Dodds, a former DEMOCRAT candidate for congress – although it is hard to find party affiliation mentioned in stories about him, is back in the news.
Once gain he was caught outrunning the cops, who were once again headed for his home – the “Cutts and Runs” mansion.
Now he has been accused of assaulting his wife. What's next, buried toes in his yard?
Remember the tongue lashing Superior Court Judge Peter Fauver handed Gary after the fiasco of a trial we all went through? The trial that put police on trial, not Mr. Dodds who faked a car accident so he could have some alone time doing who knows what.
"You made a mockery of the members of law enforcement who risked their lives, in part, and used their time and their volunteer efforts, many of them, to try to find you," Fauver said.
Actually, Judge Fauver has it all wrong. Gary Dodds is making a mockery of Judge Peter Fauver who let him off the first time with a slap on the ankle bracelet.
And here he is back in the news, smile on his face, with the same legal team of clowns.
We become more like Massachusetts every day.
Thank you liberal Democrats, now we know what to look forward to.

They Plucked Defeat From The Jaws Of Stupidity

The Coalition of NH Taxpayers was asked by a mother of a Crotched Mountain Rehab Center student to help keep her 17 year old handicapped son, who is non-verbal, the mental age of between 24 – 36 months, has an electronic seizure device planted in his body to control the nine different seizures he has, needs help with all aspects of going to the bathroom, and has issues with swallowing solid food, to help keep him in the rehabilitation professional center rather than let him be “mainstreamed” into a special life skills program as the Hillsboro/Deering school district wants.

Our taxpayer group looked at this as an opportunity to see what costs are involved in what is known as “out of district placements” because these expenses are often huge portions of any school budget, so we said yes. It also looked fishy as well. Why would a public school want to be involved in the minute by minute care of such a student? And how often do you get a chance to review all the costs and documents involved in a transition like this? So far it seems like a financial loser for the district to attempt this on its own.

I went on April 9, to a transition meeting at the H/D school regarding the transition protocols for Joel thinking it was about putting together a plan for bringing Joel to the school. No it wasn’t. It was more or less a done deal. Any chance at the mother having input as to the transition were pretty much ignored and a final draft of our meeting was sent to the mother a short time after.

The transition team wanted to bring Joel in to H/D two days week and leave him where he was for three. This is about as disruptive as you can get with a person like Joel who needs structure and familiar faces. I thought, as the mother pointed out it was not a good plan.

But what we did do at this meeting was set up a meeting with the Hillsboro/Deering transition team to go to Crotched Mountain and check it out – all day was the plan. I was there when we set up the meeting with CM by speaker phone. The H/D crowd was excited about going.

But the "Life Skills Team" showed up 2 hours and 45 minutes late and because of that were not able to mix in with Joel and the other students he was with as it would be disruptive to all the students. The H/D team tried to convince the CM staff to just let them sneak in for a look but were told it was not advisable. They did get to see him for about 15 minutes. CNHT Director Johnna Gryzwcz drove to CM to attend this 10 am meeting but could only wait so long and had to leave before the H/D crew showed up.

And then came Friday May 2, the first transition test day where Joel, in his wheelchair-like stroller, was supposed to see for the first time the new school he would be attending.

Some of Joel’s current CM staff was there, as was the H/D “Life Skills Team” and two CNHT Directors, Johnna Gryzwacz and Jane Aitken. Jane and Johnna have some background with these situations from family experiences and employment.

The Hillsboro/Deering Life Skills Team finally got their wish to have Joel come to their school. But it did not pan out as well as they hoped.

Joel went into a seizure that caused the Hillsboro Rescue Squad, after a 30 minute delay because they were on another call, to pick him up, IV in arm, and take him to the Concord Hospital where he was treated until 2 pm.

Nice going Hillsboro/Deering SAU #34. You got your way.


The Nashua Tellsometrash

I just can’t help noticing a glaring lack of knowledge of a most basic constitutional right – a real one, one not a made for political gain – made by a daily newspaper.

Here goes:

“The board violated the state Right-to-Know Law by conducting public business behind closed doors and engaged in more than a dozen telephone polls without ever formally ratifying those decisions at a later date.”

This is a complaint against the NH Medical Board made by the editorial team of the Nashua Telegraph. The Nashua telegraph editorialistas are “outraged” at the behavior of this mostly volunteer board, as it seems are the editorial boards of the other NH daily papers. The board engaged in nepotism, sloppy record keeping, and stored cash beyond what they should in a drawer and did not deposit it in their account nightly. I did not notice any crime committed by the Board or any members mentioned in any article to date. How about something to be outraged about?

But the Nashua Telegraph does point out the so-called violation of RSA 91-A by the med board as a problem.

Really, why not break it down.

The NT says: “The board violated the state Right to Know Law by conducting public business behind closed doors…”

This used to be a violation BEFORE we added new language to RSA 91-A to ALLOW “outside communications” as long as they do not violate the spirit of the law. Have you any PROOF the board did that Nashua Telegraph? Try winning that argument in court in NH. The NH Right to Know Commission is deathly afraid of putting this phrase: “outside communications shall be prohibited” in the 91-A revision but instead added a loophole.

Next the NT finishes by saying: “and engaged in more than a dozen telephone polls without ever formally ratifying those decisions at a later date.”

But please tell me, if it is still illegal to hold secret “outside communications” and votes by phone, how is the illegal activity made legal by “ratifying those decisions at a later date”? That was by the way, language the Right to Know Commission tried to pass several years ago but failed.

You can’t RATIFY a violation by holding it at a meeting later, at which lowly taxpayers are permitted to attend. You can only RECTIFY a violation by re-holding the outside meeting and secret phone vote by publishing, under RSA 91-A, a new date when a new meeting, discussion, and vote will be held – lawfully.

Of all the entities in this state to not comprehend what The Right to Know Law does, why does it not surprise me it’s a newspaper.


The Tow Truck Cried

“Police Cruise Totaled While Chasing Car” is the lead, above the fold headline in the Ledger-Transcript for May 1, 2008.

Apparently, from reading the headline, no people were involved – just a police cruiser chasing a car. Typical of stories involving police department mishaps is the giving of life to inanimate objects such as cruisers and most often, guns.

It must be natural for a “reporter” to come up with titles that will help soften the bad news that sooner or later comes with local police departments. In small towns everything gets noticed and it is hard to hide a roll-over during a high speed chase.

The same local news papers that write endless stories about this or that person in town getting some award always rely on local police for hard news such as an arrest or criminal investigation.

I scan the news for information our taxpayer organization, The Coalition of NH Taxpayers, can use while keeping in mind almost every news story I have ever been involved with had a bit more to it than what was presented to the reader.

Funny how reporters can’t seem to get all the facts in the news but many have time to gin up a sympathetic headline when it serves their purpose.