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L.A. Archdiocese Agrees To Pay $660 Million In Sex Abuse Settlement

Just a thought.

Shouldn’t it have been $666 million?


I Think I Saw These Guys, They Were Wearing Socks And Sandals

I have been known to go to a gun show or two here in New Hampshire and I am on the Board of Directors of PRO-GUN NH. So this story peaked my interest.

Anti-Second Amendment agitator John Rosenthal of Stop Handgun Violence was on convicted felon Tom Finneran's WRKO radio program recently bragging about how his pals at the Boston Globe paid for him and Globe reporter Steve Bailey to try to purchase a gun at a New Hampshire gun show using the fictional “gun show loophole”.

The two approached a gun dealer at a NH show and asked if they could buy a gun as non-residents. They were turned down, according to their own statements on the Finneran program. (You can get a transcript from the show on WorldNetDaily.)

After being turned down they had a “friend,” supposedly a NH prison guard, with them who passed the background test and purchased the handgun for them. That “straw” purchase is a Federal crime. Ten years max.

So where is the prosecution? Will NH or Federal authorities pick up the ball?

And if like the story goes, The Globe paid for the illegal gun, where is it?

Massachusetts likes to blame NH for some of its “gun” crime. So how ironic is it that these goobers were bragging about their illegal purchase on a convicted felon’s very popular radio program. Maybe it would bump the WRKO ratings a bit if NH or the Feds tagged these idiots with a few years in jail or a nice fat fine.

Tom Finneran can steer the pair to a semi-successful criminal lawyer, I would imagine.



Well, A Half A Brag Is Better Than None

Governor Lynch touts his recent achievement record in a press release I find a tad light on hefty.
Here is some of the bla,bla, bla, that is repeated over and over again in his July 14, uttering:

“From making it possible for more children to graduate from high school, to raising the minimum wage for the first time in 10 years, to implementing a research and development tax credit, to setting New Hampshire on a course to get 25 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2025, we came together to make this legislative session one of the most positive and productive in New Hampshire history.

As governor, I was proud to work with Democrats and Republicans to keep the promises we made and to make real progress on building a better future for New Hampshire and its families…” (notice he still sticks with that “non-partisan” theme)

Maybe I missed the part about the homosexual marriage bill he signed. That was historic.

No mention of repealing Parental Notification. Some of us noted that as well.

And a big “where is it” for the 17.4% jump in Democrat spending. Oh the joy that brought about, but no chest beating from his corner lair (the one he is holed up in so that no legislator can figure out what is coming next).

There WAS a mention about LEAD PAINT! For Heaven’s sake!

“We acted to protect the health of our citizens. We passed a new law that will better protect children from the dangers of lead paint, one of the most dangerous - and preventable - public health hazards to kids.”

This quote is remarkable for its hypocrisy seeing his DOT Bridge Department has been burying LEAD PAINT in the floors of state buildings for almost 20 years. And Governor Lynch brings back a hack that was in charge of the department for six years of this illegal dumping to clean up the mess and the DOT image.

Cleaning up the image is basically having NH’s lapdog press ignore the lead paint scandal. All is going well on that front, and Lynch’s 135% approval rating, per numerous UNH polls of local liberals, is humming along smoothly.


I Am Leaving "Comments On" For The Moon Howlers

The ongoing scheming by John Edwards and Hillary Clinton to limit the number of Democrat presidential candidates at future debates, caught live by FOX microphones left on after an NAACP forum, is commendable.

What is the fuss anyway? They are both Democrats – liberal, socialist, progressive, Democrats, who want power.

Most of all, they are both lawyers and both have US Senate experience, which means they are con artists by trade. Why not get rid of the other candidates – the “not serious” ones as they refer to them on the tape.

And if you are a liberal Democrat and can not wield the power you have, what good is it?

I say go for it! Take out the trash.

I am weary of Richardson, he looks like the bumbler everyone knows he is.

Kucinich is in ego-trip-land from Venus and everyone knows that as well.

Joe Biden is the laughing stock of the Senate and the press. His IQ has always been in question. Hair plugs do not enhance thinking skills. Poor Joe is proof of that.

Dodd? Come on.

Gravel - or was it Gravel?

Get on with it and let’s have a real dogfight between the upper class of liberal candidates.

(But be careful not to make fun of the minority candidate Ted Kennedy calls Usama)


RSA91-A for Vendetta

Rick Watrous was in Merrimack Superior Court yesterday trying to pry public documents from the City of Concord regarding their Concord Cable TV program under the Right to Know Law RSA 91-A.

And that was the argument before Judge Conboy yesterday - was Concord cable TV a city controlled entity.

Let’s see. It was formed when the cable company came to the City of Concord to sell cable access inside the city limits.

A committee was formed by Concord to investigate the plan, and a non-profit, Concord Cable TV, was formed by the city to run the operation. It has City Councilors on the Board of Directors.

Concord Cable TV is run out of Concord High School and the school picks a member of the CCTV Board.

The money to run CCTV comes from a franchise fee that the city collects from cable users. What does not get spent on CCTV goes into the City of Concord general fund.

The whole purpose of CCTV is to provide a public access TV station and studio to Concord residents.

Oh, and another purpose CCTV is for the City Council to skim hundreds of thousands of dollars from the CCTV budget to use for other purposes in Concord and to provide a good job now and then for sitting or former City Councilors.

And one other thing. The “right” people can use the CCTV studio on weekends when it is closed to the public to make their own programs. Because CCTV’s operational contract is not put out to bid it has become the personal plaything of the elite in town.

Back to pro se Rick Watrous before Judge Conboy.

Rick made his case methodically and logically, using about ten different exhibits, until it was the turn of the City of Concord attorney who sat through the whole morning and Rick’s case with a big cardboard box in his lap. It contained an overflowing three inch binder full of what looked like minutes of a non-profit cable TV organization - to the untrained eye.

It was Concord’s turn to show under RSA 91– A why they did not have to show records of meetings they have been having. Their attorney sprang from his seat. Here is what he used as an argument:

He told the court that Rick Watrous has a vendetta against the City and is constantly asking for documents.

That pretty much sums up what the City of Concord paid a lawyer to tell the judge in a Superior Court case. How’s that for the burden of proof required under RSA91-A for a public body to withold documents. Rick has a vendetta.

Judge Conboy is not what you call a consistent judge. But she should take into consideration a recent State Supreme Court decision regarding this same issue—Manchester Firefighters Assoc. v. The NH Municipal Association.

NHMA claimed it did not have to surrender documents to the MFA because it was a non-profit. But the State Supreme’s found that it had a board of directors made up of public employees and elected officials, its sole purpose was a public one, and its only customers were municipalities.

They lost. It was found they were quasi-public and had to comply with RSA 91-A.

We await Conboy’s ruling.

You won’t see this in the Concord paper I would guess.