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Pet Peeves

Some science news stories just have to be challenged.

And when it comes to any story about chimpanzees or raccoons, I am the guy to do it.

Did you see the story about the chimp who could “remember” then touch on a computer screen five numbers in sequence after the numbers had turned to white squares?

The five numbers show up scattered on a screen in the blink of an eye (to humans) then in this same instant turn into white squares!

College students were asked to point to each square in the numerical order in which they disappeared. The college kids could only do it 40% of the time, but the chimp could do it 80% of the time.

No kidding!

Ever see a chimp swing through the trees, or a gibbon if you want some fast action? Their hand eye coordination is off the charts compared to a human, let alone the memory part of the test.

Chimps may have co-dominant eyes, phenomenal peripheral vision, a photographic memory, to survive swinging around in tree tops, who knows. This wasn’t a fair test for the college kids.

You might as well had a “let’s see who can grow the most hair on their back” contest for goodness sake.

But the glaring difference I saw in this rigged deal was that the chimp got a treat every time he finished tapping the screen.

What did they give the college students, a Heineken?


Number One For Now

Dr. Hugh Cort, candidate for President.

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Cort on NH Taxpayer Radio for the full two hours as a guest/co-host.

Never heard of Dr. Cort? He is by luck of the draw the first name you will see on the Republican ballot.

Hugh Cort had his own radio talk show in Alabama where he is from. When he told me this I thought let’s try something different and have him on for two hours. I was almost speechless. Dr. Cort let loose with his conservative/pro-life/national defense positions in those two hours enough to cover a political campaign in NH and several neighboring states. I would say he had some pent up campaigning to do.

And that is why CNHT provides time for almost any presidential candidate who wants it. Anyone who is serious about running for president and getting their own message out should have some opportunity to do so.

NH is supposed to be the proving ground for presidential candidates. Friends of mine from out of state and the US often ask about the candidates they never see on TV or read about in the press. WE are lucky enough to meet them.

Too bad one party tried to extort money from candidates for a public document anyone has the Constitutional right to review and purchase. Dr. Cort was outraged when we talked about this subject. And well any candidate from any party should be.

Dr. Cort is on the ballot in NH, Iowa, and South Carolina where ballot access cost him $35,000.00. I would say he is a serious candidate.

Much of his campaign involves national security and our lack of a national program to aggressively track leads to terrorism. He would like to see a Constitutional Amendment to protect the lives of the unborn and have a real fence on the southern border with Mexico, along with a more secure border overall.

NH voters should take the time to check out Dr. Cort.

I get to see almost any candidate I want and have done that pretty often over the years. One of the first things you notice is that some will look right past you, others have a pat speech and never venture from that safe harbor. Most top tier candidates are surrounded by staff or handlers.

The candidates who are ignored by the MSM always want your attention and will look you in the eye when they have it.

This is a good measurement against the top tier. I am glad Dr. Cort is campaigning in our state.

You can find out about Dr. Cort at: www.cortforpresident.com


Look For That Union Label

Now Manchester’s Peter Sullivan, Joe Kelly Levasseur, and I all have something in common.

We have all had our political mail meddled with in some fashion through the good old Manchester Post Office.

With me back in 1996 it was actually the Hillsboro Post Office that tampered with my political mail. But Manchester got a chance to play a part when I called there to make a complaint. Boy had I just tumbled from the turnip truck.

I was supposed to make my “complaint” about the Hillsboro Post Office taking my undeliverable political mailings and giving them to my opponent to a Mrs. Koch at the Manchester office. She was on “vacation”. I then received a call from a Mr. Staples who said he would handle this investigation personally by taking a team to Hillsboro to straighten things out.

Months later I found out from a retired PO employee that this Staples person worked in personnel and had no business handling my complaint. So it seems I was diverted to a dead end.

No big deal, I got my small measure of revenge here in town by another method, but that is a different story.

Having mail held up in the Manchester Post Office until AFTER the election seems to be the same old story.

The last election in Manchester saw Joe Kelly Levasseur file a complaint with the Post Office after receiving his political mail back AFTER the election was over as well as a USPS check for services NOT rendered. That would be of course depending on who you are. I imagine Joe’s opponent is none too unhappy about this situation.

And now we have Peter Sullivan, a Democrat, finding that his mail, according to press reports I have seen, bundled with a rubber band and put on a supervisor’s desk. Funny, Peter is said not to have used a rubber band to SEND his political mail.

My mail back in 1996 was marked with our town road agent’s PO Box number and placed in his box instead of returned to me or disposed of lawfully.

Pretty clever guys down at the Post Office wouldn’t you say?

Want to have some fun Peter? Here is one thing we all used to laugh about here in Hillsboro.

I would have friends from out of state mail me packages and large letters with this message on the outside. “Dear Postal Employee: Please do not open Mr. Naile’s mail this time. Thank you very much!”

Joe Kelly Levasseur has a lawsuit filed in Federal Court for remedy of this situation but I would say the chances of him winning are damn slim if the US Postal Employees are still diverting political mail, wouldn't you?. They must feel pretty secure about this time honored process.


Babies Need Changing Too

As a registered Democratic I get tons of slippery, glossy, tri-folds hawking the attributes of the various candidates on the socialist side of the spectrum. (by spectrum I mean the bad spectrum not the good Spectrum in Manchester)

I noticed a similarity in several of the liberal Democrat candidate positions.

They are for CHANGE!

They will FIGHT for CHANGE!

We need CHANGE!

OK, I got it.

So I have a suggestion for my Republican friends. They need a snappy campaign slogan just like the lefties have.

Since you can’t beat something with nothing, here is my suggestion.


How can you beat something with nothing? - With EVERYTHING of course.

Democrats are for CHANGE and Republicans are for EVERYTHING. See how simple(minded) that is?

No longer will Republicans have to repeat the same old worn out themes of smaller government, low taxes, personal responsibility, pro-family, anti crime, national security.

Take a page from the Democrat Playbook – or should I say THE single page in the Democrat Playbook.

If Liberals can sum up their whole silly campaign in one word you Republicans should be for EVERYTHING.

Now I figure this professional campaign advice is worth about $450 bucks so if you would simply send me $65,000.00 I would be very grateful.


Fergus Out Ethics the Ethics Party

Ouch! This must hurt.

Looks like the NH Democrats came up with a scam scheme to skim a little of the Soros/Red Army/Hsu cash their own presidential candidates are known to keep on hand.

Good on’em! Great idea! Why didn’t they think of this it sooner?

Of course anyone with a hint of ethics would see that using NH statutes to extort money from the national parties has an ethics problem, but cash is cash and campaigns cost money, even campaigns for “change”.

What I like most about this buried story is the fact the Republicans took not one dime from their candidates with left wing Democrat Peter Burling’s SB 98 amendment to RSA 654.

Smart move Fergus Cullen!

This scam was a pure money maker for either party but amazingly the one really cash strapped Party did not bite.

Now its pay back time!

  1. The head Democrat should put down the Amsterdam Travel Guide, get out a pen and crank out a big fat check to each candidate who was scammed out of $65,000.00 for a $450.00 centralized NH voter list. (a public document)
  2. The Democrat party should pay back the whole $325,000.00, with interest, and not any amount less.
  3. Democrat Presidential candidates who come to NH, and their supporters, should take a second look at anyone, especially weirdoes, in their own party who try to cheat them then clean house after this election crashes and burns on them.
  4. Libertarians should remember which party excluded them from making any money selling the state voter list but went ahead and scammed $325,000.00 from candidates for themselves.
  5. Congress should start an investigation of this unconstitutional law that scammed money from out of state sources. “Carol the Ethical” could call for it. It should rag on for several years and go all the way to the top.
  6. Democrats should go back to having Contra dances and selling tofu burgers for fundraisers and stop scamming the candidates who come to NH for the Presidential Primary.

Knowing the liberals who run the Democrat Party in this state as I do I imagine they will hope the next court hearing will go in their favor.

Note to libs: It’s too late.

Pay the money back!