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Thank You Senator Estabrook For Looking Out For The Little Guy

I love to compare other school finance disasters with what the school lobby is trying to ram through New Hampshire’s Legislature. Never do you find a pro-Claremont Funding Scam schemer holding any other state up as an example of how education EQUITY – ooops, we call it ADEQUACY now, works so well.

California was the first state to fall victim to a Claremont type extortion suit in the late 70’s. The schools there went from #1 in the country to a paltry 47th now. (All this with a property, sales, and income tax!)

But there is more! Like they didn’t get spanked enough through suits, bait and switch legislation is also “hurting the children’s” taxpaying parents. Here is how it was set up.

I n November of 2000 , California voters passed a ballot initiative known as Proposition 39, which for the first time, permitted school bonds to be approved with a 55% “super- majority” as an alternative to the historic 66%. They took the bait.

Since the pass age of Proposition 39, Californian’s school construction proponents have had the choice of whether to seek the old 66% supermajority thought special elections, or the new lower hurdle of 55% if they put the bond measure on a regularly scheduled ballot, limit the size of the bond, and agree to abide by several administrative requirements.

Local elections that rely on 55% approval have been very successful, with more than 80% passing!

Prior to 2001, more than 40% of local school bonds failed. From 1998 through November 2006, local bond elections generated $36.1 billion for school facilities.

Of the 931 elections under the two-thirds requirement from 1986 through 2006, 55% succeeded. Of the 393 elections relying on 55% approval between 2001 and 2006, 83% succeeded.

If you want to pass a school bond in California, a good old-fashioned political campaign is all you need – not necessarily a good plan for a new school to sell to voters. Turnout is the key to passing a 20 or 30 year bond, so along with the bricks piling up - so did the bond debt.

Now its 2008 and the State of California is in a financial squeeze of $16 billion dollars. Where do you suppose, frugil NH voter, that much red ink bling is going to come from – seeing as the Govenator borrowed billions to balance the budget last time around?

It looks like the public schools – which now depend on STATE money more than ever, may have to take a slight hit of about $4.8 billion.

And then we have The Granite State.

We have a pending Claremont scam suit promising MORE free state money to offset the dreaded, stable, locally controlled, property tax. (Its all “up there ^” in an alien transport vessel tucked behind the dark side of the moon.)

But this isn’t over!

We have an opportunity to stack up local bond debt in NH just like our friends in California are now going to pay for with a property tax instead of all the free state dollars. It is called:


AN ACT relative to the vote required for passage of school bonds.

SPONSORS: Sen. Estabrook, Dist 21; Sen. Kelly, Dist 10; Rep. M. Smith, Straf 7

COMMITTEE: Public and Municipal Affairs


This bill changes the required majority vote for passage of notes or bonds issued by a school district from 2/3 to 3/5.

Get the picture?


Honey, Does This Fuse Go With My Outfit?

While we wait for the Attorney General’s Office to help the Town of Windsor reverse engineer tax records, or should I say what passes for tax records, it may pay to finally look in on who is running Windsor – or who is supposed to be doing that job.

Enter one - Tom Carlson.

Tom is the head selectman honcho and purveyor of glossy, heartwarming sound bites. Example:

"The Attorney General's office wants to look at this, and we want them to look at it," Carlson said. "This does not mean that anyone has done anything wrong."

Interesting quote Tom, and just for sake of argument and entertainment, say it is true. Then why did the Windsor Coalition of Taxpayers have to go to court to pry what shabby documentation they finally did get from your high-powered attorney - the attorney who has lost cases to Windsor’s pro se litigants twice in two years. You could have simply handed the trash bag full of records to TAXPAYERS without a fight but you chose not to, Selectman Carlson.

Going to court cost taxpayers – that would be about 80% of the people in town, several thousand dollars and even more in terms of your credibility, which is now in doubt.

Another notable quotable from Tom Carlson, the man in charge of Windsor:

"I think this is all about sloppy bookkeeping that's been blown way out of proportion," he said. "But now the errors of the past are being remedied, and we now have a computer system that automatically puts the money where it needs to go."

(Shouldn’t “I think” mean, I HOPE?)

And this from the Union Leader story on March 24: “Though the controversy over the tax books has shaken up this sleepy town of 230 people, Carlson said there is a very clear silver lining to the investigation.”

At this point I think Tom needs some sort of knick name to remember him by. Let’s make it as descriptive as possible. I kinda favor something along the lines of the former Information Minister for Saddam Hussein. Remember that guy? He would report on how the Iraqi’s were winning the war as his information building was being dismembered by American missiles.

I think “Selectman” Tom Carlson is NH’s version of Saddam’s Information Minister.

From this moment on he shall be known as Tom “The Bomb” Carlson. Yes! It’s a fit.

You see, there is a silver lining to this mess.

It should be a few weeks until “Tom The Bomb Carlson” can find some new soothing words to deliver to the taxpayers in Windsor. Only $175,000.00 seems to be “uncollected” going back to 2000 as of now.

Tom The Bomb will be in high-speed spin mode then I’ll bet.


Caution: Written By Typical White Guy

“I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.”

So this incident Hillary relates to adoring Democrats isn’t true.

Big deal – it’s the unabashed ability to LIE that counts.

The fact that Hillary will lie about anything at the drop of a hat is what endears her to supporters. I keep trying to tell my friends this and many just don’t get it.

Look at this logically. Hillary has a lock on a certain set of supporters, single women, union members, socialists, and other hardcore Democrat Party members. They love her because she is willing to do what ever it takes to get them what they believe they deserve as a birthright – other people’s money through taxation and regulation.

So what if she is a pathological liar. THAT is a leg up in this game.

Her husband stated to an audience once that he would climb out a ditch with a rifle to defend Israel. Now EVERYONE with two brain cells to rub together knows that brag is a bold faced lie and his cheering fans knew it. They were simply, in a knee-jerk fashion, cheering his unabashed audacity to lie on their behalf – for their pleasure.

Part of the pleasure Clinton supporters feel when watching these two lie in public, over and over, with no percievable repercussions, is how it always infuriates conservatives.

Current Clinton Democrat opponents are none too happy about Clinton lies, as we are seeing in this primary.

Once you have dealt with people like this and learn to accept it as how they are put together, one becomes free of the helpless sounding complaint, “If one of us tried to do this you know what would happen.” When any discussion I’m in turns to a list of Clinton lies its time to find something else to do.

I have better things on my agenda than detailing Clinton lies all day other than to say it is better to observe and understand how they and their supporters operate than complain about it.

Try this:

Hillary lied about being under sniper fire for a reason. She needs to show military and foreign policy experience – she has none - so she lies. This exposes Hillary’s own understanding of a weakness she has. Forget the lie other than it is a red flag flying over the fact that if she had a teaspoon of military or foreign policy experience she would attempt to leverage that teaspoon into a truckload.

So instead of trying to prove in several different ways and to anyone who will listen that Hillary told another lie, seasoned Clinton observers would see this as an opportunity. She has simply used a technique acquired through years of practice to move her image forward towards her goal of becoming President – again.


Thursday We Got A Call From A Reporter And...

I spent five and a half hours Friday with the Windsor Coalition of Taxpayers and a visiting Boston Globe reporter who is interested in what a pure democracy looks like when it goes awry. That is definitely Windsor.

We showed the Globe reporter, with document after document, how, depending on who you are in that town, property taxes don’t have to be paid. This problem goes back to 2000, according to the Windsor town father’s own admissions, as well as NH Department of Revenue records. CNHT knows it goes back farther than that. We have been working on this and other bizarre municipal nightmares there since 2006. We made two successful trips to Superior Court – so far.

Speaking of dates.

It appears the Windsor Tax Collector was working in longhand, on scrap paper, without a calculator or receipts, and with a schedule derived from the ancient Mayan Calendar which ends in 2012. The town finances in Windsor have collapsed three years early.

After all the history, data, statutes, folklore and chocolate chip cookies were evenly distributed and digested among our group, the Globe reporter casually mentioned to us that she stopped by the Windsor Town hall (30’ x40’ capacity 50 odd souls) and saw a note on the door. She copied it down. It said, roughly:

“There will be a meeting of the Windsor Selectmen March 21, at 7 pm to have the Town Attorney contact the NH Attorney General’s Office with the town audit.”


It looked like the Windsor Selectmen were about to hold an emergency meeting on a Friday evening to pack up the supposed audit, more like a Polaroid snapshot, of the town tax records to take to the Dept. of Rev. Admin. and the AG – ASAP! About time.

But was this true? The only way to find out was to GO to the emergency meeting. So off went the key members of the WCNHT and THE GLOBE REPORTER (you can’t make this stuff up).

The Selectmen shuffled into the two car garage sized town hall, along with a few local pals who must have been tipped with a phone call. You might call it “immoral moral support.”

Our guys were there – with a video camera and reporter for this unpublished, except for a note on the door emergency meeting. You would think they expected no one would find out. Imagine their surprise when they asked the young lady whom they have never met what she was doing at their emergency! She tells them she works for the Globe!

Now for the rest of this story I should really sell tickets.

Apparently the Windsor Village Idiot was at this emergency meeting Friday. Remember him? He was the one quoted in the Union Leader, Tuesday last week, front page, above the fold, saying this is how we do business in Windsor, meaning, we use the tax system and our majority vote to take advantage our neighbors. And there was the usual blather about how long his relatives have lived in the area. Fine, I get that all the time. But we surmise the AG has waited long enough for Windsor to get off the tax crapper and this comment may have been a catalyst for some long awaited state action.

Here is the exciting part of our adventure.

Our story trails off with Mr. Idiot telling the reporter he wants an interview.

Now all we do is wait for that to happen. (with big smiles of course)

We also wait to see if the State of New Hampshire Department of Revenue will actually do something about a town that refuses to keep tax records for at least ten, probably twenty years. They could order an audit.

We wait for the AG to sit some of these Bozo’s down and get a statement as to what is going on, where all the money collected went, and how much is not collected.

And we wait for the Globe photographer to come get the pictures they want for the Windsor story.



Underpaid And Overworked?

Working off an email list I would like access to, the Bow school superintendent, Dr. Dean, took  a smidgen of time out of his very busy schedule for a little politicking and a get out the vote effort.

Some how he seems to have an idea what the taxpayer activists may have up their sleeves  for the annual meeting but doesn't seem to have a heads-up on what his teachers may have in the way of strategy.

Maybe he can put a new position of "assistant in charge of political efforts" in next year's budget.

That would free up time for him to do his job. Of course if Deano wants to really get out the vote he has only to support Senate Bill 2.

From: Dean Cascadden
Sent: Friday, March 14, 2008 2:12 PM
To: Everyone
Subject: A Reason to Come Out Tonight

I know that you have gotten a number of reminders about the annual meeting and coming to express your political will tonight, especially if you live in Bow.

Here's one more.....

I believe that there may be several amendments offered tonight....

1) One may attempt to zero out the lines for the IB program to eliminate it

2) One may be to amend the budget to the school board's number

3) One may be to cut the budget over a half a million dollars (similar to what happened on the town side last year) because the district turns back a lot of money and we could live on what was appropriated last year.

There is also the possibility that there will be a motion to make all of the votes on the budget secret, paper ballots.

So, I think it will be an interesting night, and I hope we have a good turnout.

I am philosophical about the result.... we get the government we deserve because we live in a free country and have the opportunity to engage in the political process. Don't be apathetic, let your voice be heard and your vote counted. I will be very happy with any result that is representative of the residents of Bow.... I will be most unhappy if there is a feeling that only a small minority of voters made decisions for a larger silent majority.

Dr. Dean S. T. Cascadden


Bow School District , SAU 67