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The King Is Dead, Long Live The AtKINGson Reporter 2

Our pals in Atkinson have a web site that rubs some of the town officials the wrong way – BRAVO!

But as with many attempts at reigning in bad government, there is a small, aggravating price to pay. The old Atkinson Reporter site was hacked and is reborn.

I am posting their comments about this and suggest you visit now and then. I have some interesting and apparently meant to be threatening correspondence on Atkinson Police Dept. letterhead to an Atkinson resident the goofy Police Chief sent a while back. We will post it on the www.cnht.org site for your reference.

Welcome back Atkinson Reporter!  


Welcome to the NEW Atkinson Reporter! Under new management, with new resolve.
The purpose of this Blog is to pick up where the Atkinson Reporter has left off. "The King is dead, Long live the King!" This Blog is a forum for the discussion of predominantly Atkinson; Officials, People, Ideas, and Events. You may give opinion, fact, or evaluation, but ad homonym personal attacks will not be tolerated, or published. The conversation begun on the Atkinson Reporter MUST be continued!
This Blog will not fall to outside hacks from anyone, especially insecure public officials afraid of their constituent’s criticism.

(Congrats Guys, and remember when I was chasing your dopey police chief down I93 while he was going 81 miles an hour with that little old lady in the "Senior Services" car with Atkinson on my cell phone giving a play by play? You can't make that stuff up. Atkinson definitely has the dumbest police chief in NH.)


OOPS! I Stepped In Pure Democracy

Let us return to the Town of Windsor dear readers. No police Department, no highway crew, no school, no library, no bloated retirement program for former employees – almost a low tax nirvana you might say - except of the “Immoral Windsor Majority”.

As pure democracy goes, you have all the failings of it highlighted in this tiny NH hamlet. That would be the usual gang of self-serving locals and wanna-bees who use the 50% plus one advantage to do things such as pick the pockets of their neighbors, pass zoning regulation but ignore it themselves, create income producing projects for themselves, and hold highly regarded elected office.

But as we sit and wait for the Melanson and Heath auditing firm to valiantly try and figure out whathappened to the taxes the Selectmen and Tax Collector did randomly and wantonly collect for the single year 2007, one wonders what happened to the uncollected taxes of friends and relatives of the Immoral Majority pre 2000 to 2006?

Recently, the Selectmen ABATED the taxes of some of the insiders which were not collected from 2000 until the Windsor Taxpayers exposed the long running scam in Superior Court with their Right to Know case.

As luck would have it, the Windsor Immoral Majority LOST all the financial records from before 2000. That’s the “Windsor Way”. My suspicion is that there would have been a “dog ate my homework” excuse in 2008 when once again the town finances collapsed from fraud and mismanagement.

The score in this game so far:

Random Tax Collector and Taker Carer of Friends Beverly Hines – resigned, stuck on incompetent, may have to claim she is bi-polar if this goes south.

Selectman and Coverer Upper of Beverly Hines – resigned, stuck on stupid, may have to claim a medical condition if the audit goes to 2000.

Windsor Selectmen – stuck holding the racketeers together until something breaks, may have to plead collective prove bi-polaritis.

Windsor Taxpayer Association – One pro se court win, court costs reimbursed, clean hands, possesses the most complete collection of town records in existence, got a front page story about Windsor corruption on the FRONT PAGE of the Boston Globe on March 28, 2008, can walk away from this any time they want.

The Windsor Immoral Majority – Can still elect or appoint any like-minded candidate they choose (wow), can mutually comfort themselves with fantasy stories about how wonderful they are, stuck being themselves, seem to be fighting amongst themselves on weekends? Is that a new Windsor hobby?

CNHT – we have an inside look at and proof of the way the NH Department of Revenue and the AG’s Office have covered up, so far, for the incompetent and possibly criminal actions of the Windsor Immoral Majority for eight years we know of, more info for the Professional Conduct Committee on the behavior of one attorney, Paul Apple, of the Upton and Hatfield law firm - who has been a thorn in the side of good government in several towns and schools we operate in, the right to bring our own Right to Know case, and don’t forget that court win we had when the Windsor Immoral majority tried to keep a video camera out of Town Meeting 2006 (front page Union Leader story there).


Price Of Gas My #ss

When it comes to gas prices I hear tons of whining about how unfair it is we have to pay so much, demands for investigations, accusations of obscene profits, it goes on and on. It’s almost as bad as when banks charge to use an ATM.

But when I buy a gallon of gas I pretty much know how far it will get me in my Geo Metro or my pickup truck.

I accept the fact that for now liberals and environmentalistas have won the debate over energy and we will not drill for oil or build new power plants, dams, wind farms, or any other energy generating facility that might work. We will debate until we sit in the dark. Thank you Congress!

Good for the left and the greenie moonbats. And good for the capitalists who recognize a weakness and take advantage of it – they deserve each other.

As a taxpayer activist who works at the municipal level though it always baffles me how we cry about the price of oil and claim some people will have to choose between food and heating oil, a large safe car, or a Geo Metro three cylinder like mine.

How about we take a look at an immensely expensive cost to citizens that has no proof it serves any purpose which couldn’t be achieved by other less expensive, more effective means.

I call it the public education industry.

It is a self-serving, self promoting, ruthless monopoly. If you think about it, not much different than Enron – a government loophole for one specific group of fat cats.

So my solution to our energy dilemma is as simple as any environmentalistas simple-minded solution to our energy needs as a nation. Here it is.

Greenie-moonbats say that we can “conserve” our way out of high gas prices, it works like this: The price goes up – use less gas or heating fuel! If it goes up again - use less. If it goes up again, simply use less. Now that is a spanking great idea, just not for me

Here is my idea: As the price of energy goes up – spend less on public education! It would be an endless source of money. You can use that money for all the energy you could ever need. According to the education industry taxpayers are a never ending source of fresh education revenue.

Since the price of public education has always gone up faster than energy and there are workable alternatives to public education but none for a gallon of gas, here is your solution – trade something we need for something we don’t.

If some industry is going to rip us off why not let it be the one that gets you somewhere.


He Really Isn't Smart Enough To Sit On A Zoning Board

A Justice Kennedy quote regarding rights for enemy combatants who choose not to put on a uniform when they kill people in their personal or religious “war” against America:

“The laws and Constitution are designed to survive, and remain in force in extraordinary times,”

Lofty words indeed. (Gee, I wonder if they pertain to the Second Amendment as well according to Anthony?)

But where was Justice Kennedy’s adherence to the US Constitution during the Kelo Decision? Remember when he was all for taking private property to supposedly advance the economic condition of New London, Ct.?

How did that moonbat liberal interpretation of the US Constitution pan out?

Here is what was planned according to, Corcoran-Jennison, the developer who with Justice Kennedy’s help took private homes from US citizens on behalf of the New London Development Corp. Check this out:

“The Inn at Trumbull Cove in New London, CT, will feature 109 guest rooms and a 12,000 square foot executive conference facility. The Inn at Trumbull Cove will be part of a larger master plan that includes 300,000 square feet of office and commercial space, and a waterfront park. Trumbull Cove is the new headquarters of Pfizer's Global Research and Development Center.”

Well, this month Corcoran-Jennison has failed to get financing for its venture and the project sits in mud.

Tomorrow, June 23, is the anniversary of the 2005 Supreme Court Decision.

I have no doubt that just as has happened with Kelo, some 40 states stiffened eminent domain laws to protect private property from developers and the US Supreme Court, the backlash to the US Supreme Court giving terrorist enemies of the United States US Constitutional rights will splash back in the five stupid faces we have on the court. And hopefully not too many people will lose their lives in the process.


Where's Jerry When You Need'm

One of New Hampshire’s most incompetent selectmen, Jerry Needham of Windsor, has left the building.

By building I mean the 40’ x40’ Windsor Town Hall where even the Boston Globe reporter who did a front page news story back on March 28 of this year had to stand because there was not room enough for citizens to sit down at a selectmen’s meeting.

Funny the small town hall doesn’t have room for townspeople to watch the selectmen in action – they don’t keep any records of what they do or who pays taxes. That should free up enough room for at least two folding chairs.

News flash to Jerry: You will not be missed.

Here is why: That bantam weight rooster lawyer Needham hired from the Hatfield firm has been running the town since the taxpayers group beat him and you in Superior Court under The Right to Know Law.

So now its time to fill the empty selectman’s seat from among the short list of citizens the remaining Windsor Selectmen trust to keep up their agenda of municipal nincompoopery.

Send in the clowns.