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As Goes Vt. So Goes SoHo

Vermont has a “group” that wants their state to secede from the United States.

OK, fine by me. I thought they already had since Vermont was taken over by people who seceded from New York and Connecticut’s upscale, gated communities and universities years ago.

Enter one, Thomas Naylor, 70, a retired Duke University economics professor and author. He is the “brains” behind the movement. Even wrote a manifesto to guide his lefties.

And we have, author Kirkpatrick Sale, 69, founder of the Middlebury Institute, a Cold Spring, N.Y., think tank. Sale is probably another great intellect.

Author Frank Bryan, 65, a professor at the University of Vermont is spearheading the secession movement as well.

We have, also working the cause, Rob Williams, 39, a history professor at Champlain College. Another very smart guy. (What no women? Not very smart.)

See the pattern. Male academics on a mission. (I see a federal grant and a book tour in the making.)

I can not for the life of me find out what kind of state the Republic of Vermont would be under the control of a bunch of university coddled liberals but a venture a guess that:

The Republic of Vermont flag will be red with a hammer and sickle, have a rainbow trim bordered by peace signs.

The Anthem of the Republic will have to be something with a Caribbean or African beat containing some serious social and anti-Bush/war folk lyrics.

These socialists all dress the same already so uniforms won’t be a problem.

Even zoning will have zoning.

It will be a no-smoking republic with total, unwavering, adherence to veganism under threat of prosecution.

It will be a land of peace.


Death Tourists?

If I am reading the news from Switzerland correctly, and there is no translation glitch, it seems there is some disturbing news in the “death with dignity” community.

Does the term “trigger happy” come to mind?

Here is how Swiss death with dignity is supposed to work:

You show up in Switzerland as a “death tourist” and announce you have an incurable disease that requires you to be put down. Then some shrink and a few doctors have a look and if all is NOT well you get a death cocktail of gunk to drink – on your own. (Actually serving a person the hemlock seems to be off limits for now – some small moral dilemma maybe?)

Well the slippery slope that goes along with all this type of progressive behavior, euthanasia, abortion, cloning, finally showed up - as it always does.

Some of the clinic employees have been administering the cup of soup pronto, on the spot, without a “professional” being involved. Surprise! Who would have guessed? (Probably those stodgy religious types.)

So now the Swiss prosecutors are stepping in because after each euthanizing comes a medical exam of the client, some of which have been revealing the fact that a few of the customers were only depressed, not in an incurable medical condition. Talk about having a bad vacation.

Maybe they only needed a sex change? Or like me, a prehensile tail. I get depressed about not having a prehensile tail once in a while.

Good old socialized/progressive “free” health care, costing one life at a time.

But there is more!

In the UK, the national healthcare system has announced that if you are a smoker who does not quit – surgery will be denied, or delayed. And when you stand in line for surgery to begin with, well what’s the old saying, “surgery delayed is surgery denied”.

So lets ball this all up in one neat package.

You are a British smoker – you need surgery – you don’t quit – no surgery – you are going to die – you go to Switzerland – you are healthy except you need surgery – they refuse to kill you…now you’re screwed.

But you have free health care.


Take Deep Breath, That's Ethics You Smell

The Democrat Party, or the “Ethics Party” as they are now known, has a small problem on their hands. How do we get past Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson’s alleged bribe-taking?

Somehow or other he must have had $100,000.00 in marked FBI bribe money drift into his refrigerator in his home in New Orleans where the FBI eventually found the loot.

The fact that liberal Democrat Jefferson’s Washington 0ffice was searched by the Feds. is a great excuse for diverting the argument into some sort of constitutional issue, but it still looks bad.

Democrat bribemaster William Jefferson is too good a Democrat to lose to a lousy bribe scandal.

Maybe we don’t pay congressmen enough to live on. That could be the problem. He just needs a few extra bucks now and then.

I’ll bet it was a set-up by racists FBI agents – why not investigate THEM.

His heart was in the right place but his hand was in the wrong bag of marked bills.

It’s not too late to have Sandy Berger slip into the evidence locker in FBI Headquarters and shuffle a few papers around, right?

Did you notice all the ethical Democrats publicly demanding liberal Democrat William Jefferson step down?

They certainly have brought a breath of fresh air to Washington – the kind you smell around a newly cleaned barn.



The Republican National Committee has had to lay off all of its phone bank fundraisers because of lax financial support by rank (or should I say, rankled) and file Republican donors.

Well shucks, that’s a good thing!

I mean if you are a free market believing organization like the Republican Party claims to be this would telegraph to you what the rankled and file are thinking, right?

Let’s see, could it be illegal immigration, or what I like to call the “colonization” of our country by a foreign invader? Do you think so?

When people hang up on you after complaining about NO enforcement of immigration laws do you think the RNC has a clue as to what that means?

But I hear the amount of money raised by Republicans has not dropped off even though the rankled and file are abandoning the process.

Could it be the large corporate donors are making up the difference?

Too bad large corporate donors don’t vote but once. Bye, bye base – again.

Don’t laugh Democrats.

Your criminal corporate sugar daddy George Soros only votes once as well and there are a whole lot of moonbats out there who thought you would "bring home the troops" and "impeach Bush" the day after the election.

You Democrat leaders have to keep these angry/crazies happy until after '08.

I think you have the tougher job.

The rankled and file Republicans may stay home next time - unless you know who in a pantsuit waddles to the finish line.


Apple Crisp

While the Right To Know Study Commission is out trying to gut RSA91-A, we at the Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers were with our Town of Windsor members in Hillsborough Superior Court in Manchester on Thursday arguing for full disclosure of financial records of the Town we have been asking for since March.

Page 17 of the Windsor Town Report had no figures for any column in the Tax Collectors report, just a scrawled statement that they were not ready at printing time. (going back several years)

We filed our RTK case on Tuesday last week and had a hearing date set for May 31 at 1:30 pm. We wound up with Judge Abramson for our judge. She is pretty good on the Right To Know Law.

The Town of Windsor is represented by the Hatfield/Upton firm, and some lawyer named Paul Apple did the talking for the Town Thursday.

This apple had a shine on him when we were done. The judge has not issued an Order yet she but informed everyone that she was sure Attorney Apple would work with us in the future to make sure we receive all the documents we ask to review.

And, we were issued our costs by Judge Abramson as well. I call that a win!

Now the inside stuff:

During the hearing attorney Apple admitted to the court that the selectmen could not give us a list of property tax liens because THERE WEREN’T ANY. He said it WAS THE POLICY OF THE SELECTMEN NOT TO LIEN PROPERTY WITH BACK TAXES!

So obviously our next 91-A request will be: When did the Windsor Selectmen vote to NOT lien past due property taxes.

We have also been asking how many people are past due and for how long. Our requests go back to 2000. The town attorney said they have a list written out in long hand but we haven’t seen that yet.

We filed our case last week with local taxpayer, Everett “Eb” Chamberlain, as the pro se litigant. The case was as short as possible, just over one page.

But we had been building a list of requests since March – specific requests. And we took notes of the Selectmen’s meetings as well.

Attorney Apple though he would pull a fast one on our guy and drop his Answer to our Petition on us minutes before the hearing so we would not have a chance to read it thoroughly.

So we don’t feel so bad dropping our 36 pages of unanswered, specific, 91-A requests on him AND JUDGE ABRAMSON during the hearing.

Surprise, Attorney Apple! You are about to learn some of the fine points of municipal taxation the hard way because I doubt the Windsor Selectmen have been totally honest with you so far.

And here is Attorney Apple’s problem:

He chose to be the lawyer for the Selectmen and even argued against the taxpayers getting out-of-pocket costs for bringing this case. Not smart.

What he SHOULD have done was make damn sure the Selectmen and Tax Collector are being honest with him and the taxpayers because as the town Attorney - he is in the end, paid by the taxpayers.

In essence, whether he likes it or not, he is representing all parties and should have been impartial. But he was going for the big “win” and now none of us trust him.

Judge Abramson probably hasn’t looked at the 36 pages of 91-A requests that went ignored yet but we hope she takes them into consideration when she writes her Order.

Next we figure out how much Windsor property tax revenue is supposed to come in and how much really has.

Back to the 91-A drawing board, I’m so glad Attorney Apple has agreed to cooperate.