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Genius Of All Generals

So Her Highness Hillary is agitating for a public disclosure of the Bush administration retreat plans for Iraq.

But didn't she ask to see them back when she voted to go to war with Iraq in the first place?

Hillary did vote to send troops to Iraq. Remember how it was thought to be a bold and calculated move to take the "Democrats are weak on defence" theme away from Republicans?

I remember how helpless the Republicans looked having to sit by and watch Hillary show how tough a socialist/progressive/liberal could be when our country was attacked.

Back then it was political genius on her part.

What happened?


My Other Life, Part One

My lack of posting is the result of working on the 2007 Stihl Timbersports Series held this year in Dubuque Iowa, Decatur Alabama, and last week in Stillwater Minnesota. It will air sometime in November on ESPN II.

Except for a representative from each country going to Germany in October - I won’t - the season here is over for this national event – and none too soon - as I am beat from driving the truck back here 1,400 miles from Minn.

My “job” at the series is, along with driving the wood and stage materials to the event is to set up and tear down, along with all things chainsaw. I don chainsaw chaps and make all the cuts to any competition wood. I also set up a staging area and bunk for the Stihl technical guys to adjust the competition saws before each race.

This year I could not cut a straight line to save my soul. When it goes down hill it just keeps going. And no one else wants anything to do with taking this particular job. I can’t blame them. A chainsaw never makes a perfect cut like a cross cut saw can.

There is only so much competition wood available at an event so my job is to square up each saw race block with minimal loss. What is normally a simple task ended with small crowds surrounding me offering advice on what was going hay-wire. Add to that a thousand people in the stands watching along with two boom cameras and a multitude of shoulder-operated cameras staring at you as well. And on top of it my “receiving criticism” skills need some brushing up.

No pressure there.

I put on a new saw chain, cleaned the bar, tightened the chain, filed the chain, moved my feet, I even tried several stances and grips. There was no problem cutting straight lines in the warm up wood we had plenty of, which was baffling. I eventually borrowed a new model 660 from the Stihl guys, cranked that chain as tight as possible and ran that. It helped a bit but by then I had tried so many solutions everything was out of sync.

And then what happens?

With eight competitors we wound up with a tie for first place and between fifth and sixth place. Each competitor gets four inches to make two cuts and we only had two blocks of matched wood left - short blocks at that. Ties are broken by stock saw races with a Stihl 660 saw on 16" wood.

This means two more races in the type of wood I was using up trying to cut a straight line. We had to, in the end, toe nail the remaining competition wood, which was now in short pieces, to dummy blocks set up in the standard holders. Each time a race begins the judge makes a chalk line on the wood using the cut face I make as a template.

The last cut I made had a small tilt in at the bottom you could see from my side, which was the side the competitor was looking at. The tie was between David Bolstad and Jayson Wynyard, both competing out of New Zealand. Bolstad looked at the block I just cut and said he would take it, sparing me having to make another cut. The stocksaw race was for $18,000 and first place and a new Dodge pickup truck. Bolstad won by a hair so I lucked out.

Now it is back to the drawing board to find out what the heck was making me cut crooked.


L.A. Archdiocese Agrees To Pay $660 Million In Sex Abuse Settlement

Just a thought.

Shouldn’t it have been $666 million?


I Think I Saw These Guys, They Were Wearing Socks And Sandals

I have been known to go to a gun show or two here in New Hampshire and I am on the Board of Directors of PRO-GUN NH. So this story peaked my interest.

Anti-Second Amendment agitator John Rosenthal of Stop Handgun Violence was on convicted felon Tom Finneran's WRKO radio program recently bragging about how his pals at the Boston Globe paid for him and Globe reporter Steve Bailey to try to purchase a gun at a New Hampshire gun show using the fictional “gun show loophole”.

The two approached a gun dealer at a NH show and asked if they could buy a gun as non-residents. They were turned down, according to their own statements on the Finneran program. (You can get a transcript from the show on WorldNetDaily.)

After being turned down they had a “friend,” supposedly a NH prison guard, with them who passed the background test and purchased the handgun for them. That “straw” purchase is a Federal crime. Ten years max.

So where is the prosecution? Will NH or Federal authorities pick up the ball?

And if like the story goes, The Globe paid for the illegal gun, where is it?

Massachusetts likes to blame NH for some of its “gun” crime. So how ironic is it that these goobers were bragging about their illegal purchase on a convicted felon’s very popular radio program. Maybe it would bump the WRKO ratings a bit if NH or the Feds tagged these idiots with a few years in jail or a nice fat fine.

Tom Finneran can steer the pair to a semi-successful criminal lawyer, I would imagine.



Well, A Half A Brag Is Better Than None

Governor Lynch touts his recent achievement record in a press release I find a tad light on hefty.
Here is some of the bla,bla, bla, that is repeated over and over again in his July 14, uttering:

“From making it possible for more children to graduate from high school, to raising the minimum wage for the first time in 10 years, to implementing a research and development tax credit, to setting New Hampshire on a course to get 25 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2025, we came together to make this legislative session one of the most positive and productive in New Hampshire history.

As governor, I was proud to work with Democrats and Republicans to keep the promises we made and to make real progress on building a better future for New Hampshire and its families…” (notice he still sticks with that “non-partisan” theme)

Maybe I missed the part about the homosexual marriage bill he signed. That was historic.

No mention of repealing Parental Notification. Some of us noted that as well.

And a big “where is it” for the 17.4% jump in Democrat spending. Oh the joy that brought about, but no chest beating from his corner lair (the one he is holed up in so that no legislator can figure out what is coming next).

There WAS a mention about LEAD PAINT! For Heaven’s sake!

“We acted to protect the health of our citizens. We passed a new law that will better protect children from the dangers of lead paint, one of the most dangerous - and preventable - public health hazards to kids.”

This quote is remarkable for its hypocrisy seeing his DOT Bridge Department has been burying LEAD PAINT in the floors of state buildings for almost 20 years. And Governor Lynch brings back a hack that was in charge of the department for six years of this illegal dumping to clean up the mess and the DOT image.

Cleaning up the image is basically having NH’s lapdog press ignore the lead paint scandal. All is going well on that front, and Lynch’s 135% approval rating, per numerous UNH polls of local liberals, is humming along smoothly.