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Too Many Trips To Foxwoods?

Last week the Manchester Paper had a FRONT PAGE article about how softly our judicial system treats people who abused their position as a municipal employee.

The $250,000.00 stolen from the Derry Economic Development Corp. by “Cherri” Crawford landed her only a few months in a real jail.

Ditto the Hampstead lunch lady who pilfered $10,000.00. (In NH anything under $50,000.00 shouldn’t even be prosecuted if its taxpayer money, why bother.)

But the Manchester Paper forgot, or maybe not, the El Primo thief of all time – Ashland’s “Rosie” McNamara.

Remember Rosie? Here is a hint: the tax collector/town clerk from Ashland you would NOT want to get in a seesaw competition with. And she’s bi-polar too! Well that was a defense anyway.

Big Rosie “miss-appropriated” $2.4 million in the late 90’s from Ashland through a scheme of giving away abatements, rigging water and sewer bills, as well as just plain stealing.

According to the prosecutor, our own Phillip McLaughlin, the NH AG at the time, Rosie would get two years in jail.

No way! She was paroled eight months into her sentence.

I went to the parole “hearing” and waited in line for three hours to get to speak.

I pointed out that Rosie “miss-appropriated” money taken from TAXPAYERS by threat of loss of property, not like this was a used car dealer or a lawyer stealing from a client, here the victims had no recourse but to pay the only game in town - the "conopoly".

Mentioning that Rosie was only CONVICTED of stealing $112,000.00, NOT the $2.4 million that the forensic auditors found missing, before they gave up, seemed to bother the NH Parole Board just a wee bit. (Guess they thought this would be easy and quiet.)

When I told them that The NH Municipal Association paid Ashland $660,000.00 in damages from the theft they had enough and began to ask me to please sum it up as I was “outside the scope of the hearing” as they put it.

I guess they wanted Rosie to get a FAIR hearing!

Here is how FAIR it was.

Rosie has to pay back Ashland at $25.00 per week for what her assets did not cover – about $70,000.00.

Rosie “miss-appropriated” at least $2.4 million in local taxpayer money. (The town tax are went up almost $3.00 to cover it.)

She was out of jail in eight months.

The three member Parole Board was appointed by then - Governor Jeanne Shaheen.

The prosecutor was appointed by - Governor Shaheen.

The law firm that represented the “indigent” Rosie McNamara – Shaheen and Gordon.

The “insurance company” that paid off Ashland – NHMA.

The “witness” who signed an affidavit taken by the AG swearing that Rosie was entitled to some of the money she took – an NMHA employee.

Theft of government money in NH is pandemic and historic.

Maybe letting people go is the reason. Along with WHO lets them go.



In Bow the Town is experiencing some growing pains.

One of the Selectmen – the new guy, has been stepping all over the apparent plan to tax the fixed income people into oblivion. Or at least Maine.

And so we have the “Street Light Named Desire” controversy. Everyone desires a streetlight.

In my Town of Deering we would vote to give an incompetent road agent any amount of money he could waste but spend three hours haggling over streetlights.

And it was an illegally signed, million dollar streetlight contract that chased municipal looter/city manger Paul Beecher out of Kansas City, Mo. and into NHMA and Dover. (Then on to Kingman, Arizona where he was fired August 10!!!)

I now rest my case that streetlights are important, but its really the clocks the Bow Selectmen should be worried about because tax fighting Selectman Tom Kean just cleaned theirs – again.

The good old boys in Bow must be using some outdated version of the “How To Crush The New Guy” playbook because Selectman Kean spanked them again Thursday evening.

The old ploy of “firing the elevator operator at the Washington Monument” to show the peon taxpayers how painful tax cuts are didn’t turn out to be the Statue of Liberty play for these guys. It backfired.

Tom Kean ran on a policy of fiscal responsibility. He was elected and proposed a LOWER RATE OF INCREASE IN THE PROPOSED BUDGET, which still turned out to be a 5% increase even after cutting some $400 thousand in PROPOSED spending.

The voters get it. The good old boys don’t – yet.

Stop playing games with the streetlights and take a hard look at town employee overtime like has been suggested by Selectman Kean.

No more gimmicks guys!

If I remember, it is some fella named Judd that is up for re-election in March.

Remember that name when you are sitting under your dark streetlight watching cruiser after cruiser drive by.



Just Fill In The Blanks

Tuesday evening I was up in the tiny hamlet of Windsor with some taxpaying residents plotting and planning the next moves of the newly formed taxpayer group there.

Two years ago we helped one of our CNHT members who lives in Windsor take the town to court to let an independent film crew film the Windsor Town Meeting for a potential documentary. It was on the front page of the Manchester paper – above the fold. CNHT was not mentioned – just the way we like it.

This year it was back to Superior Court to win LEGITIMATE figures from the BLANK PAGE in the Windsor Town Report where the Treasurer’s Report was supposed to be.

We won that information along with a PROMISE from Windsor to supply everything. (And the Windsor taxpayers won court costs as well!)

But some foot dragging has been going on. Not all the pages are supplied for some documents and others have dates that only a Dr. Who time machine could make possible.

What’s a taxpayer group to do?

Try this:

Since we have an ORDER from the court we will probably not bother with the Selectmen again. It’s the town attorney’s turn. Remember he was in the courtroom when Judge Abrahmson said, let there be documents. And she heard all the flimsy excuses for not filing things like TAX LEANS on delinquent property.

So why not have the town counsel pry the remaining MS (Municipal Services, RSA 21-J stuff) forms we need to do a layman’s town report, being the Windsor selectmen don’t bother.

Many of you may not know that each municipality has assigned from the NH DRA a person who checks up on the municipality to see how the finances are coming along after Town Meeting so that the TAX RATE can be set.

Well Windsor fell down on that as well. They may or may not file some MS Forms.

I guess they roll the dice to set the tax rate. Voo Doo doll anyone?

This means we get to have a nice chat with the NH DRA rep for Windsor. That should prove interesting.

But nothing has proved as interesting as this bit of information the documents we do have show.

It seems that just after we filed the 91-A case this spring several prominent ( A half dozen or so.) municipal figures paid up taxes going back three to four years.

What a coincidence.

While we are at it. Let's see if the NH DRA which is so excited about getting a shot at having a sales and income tax can handle a simple thing like getting some MS Forms from Windsor.


Sweetness And Light

So Jeanne Shaheen is going to run for US Senate - again. (After supporting invading and occupying Iraq the last time she ran.)

And lo and behold we have some other lefties in the pack.

One has a few dollars - about a million I hear.

All the emotion.

Tons of money.

And even a chance for a no-brain win like Shea-Porker's!!!

Play nice now.


Censorship Is A Good Thing When...

Here we are on Sept. 11 again.

Many of us forget that people who declared war on us many years ago killed some 3,000 souls in NY alone on Sept 11, 2001.

They would have done more damage had they the "proper" materials and ability at the time. It isn't over by any means but you can still put your thumbs in your ears and cover your eyes for protection.

I remember Sept. 11, 2001 as the day I called a radiator shop in Concord to see if my newly cored International tractor radiator was ready.

The lady who answered the phone told me to just hang up and turn on the TV because they were closed.

So I turned on the TV and saw the burning buildings in New York.

Then I heard the planes left FROM BOSTON!

My wife flies for Delta Airlines and had left for Boston that morning to go to work around 7am if I remember correctly. She found out what happened while on the employee bus going into the airport.

Everyone was sent home and she called to let me know she was fine. She said as soon as she was told what happened she thought, “They are after the fuel.”

While I was looking on TV for more information on the attack on I turned to the Spanish language stations for news. There I saw blurred images of the people jumping from the buildings.

Our US news sources censored those shots. They have until this day and always will.

Isn’t it funny how Americans can be assured they will always be treated to horrific TV images of carnage such as American soldier’s bodies being desecrated in Iraq, a Vietnamese girl burned with napalm, police in LA beating an angel dust freak.

But a few simple shots of two people holding hands while jumping to their deaths rather than be burned alive, THAT is taboo.

No Pulitzer for the photo of what appears to be a young black man falling head first into the street from hundreds of feet in the air.

I think a photo like that sends many messages and raises many questions.

What makes a person decide that jumping from a building and freefalling for ten seconds or more onto concrete is better than hanging on to some thing outside the building until the end?

What goes through their mind to make them go ahead and jump?

Who were they?

What would it have been like to be in the second building watching what was happening and then feel your building get hit?

Hundreds of people watched this happen and somehow they rarely wind up with any national exposure.

If you want a real 911 cover up here is one for you.