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Class Warfare

The guy with CLASS won!

Mayor Guinta was re-elected Mayor of Manchester, NH despite the despicable mailings that come from under the rock at Amsterdam Democrat headquarters.

I don't know the other candidates for alderman and school board or the inside scoop and relationships between them so "no comment" other than the couple I saw at ward 4 where I was seemed like nice enough people.

The Re-elect Mayor Guinta victory party was fun. I don't go to many because CNHT does mostly school and town work, but seeing Marshall Cobliegh, Mayor Ray, Stretch (no last name needed), Biundo/Wilkins, and some of the other grass roots crowd was worth the trip.

Mayor Guinta was gracious and brief in his victory speech. His victory this time was larger than last.

The newly elected and current Aldermen should take note. The Manchester Republicans have two years to put their own political machine together if they can put aside internal squabbles and set an agenda (I suggest another spending cap try).

The time might be right now that the old tried and true dirty politics are no longer as effective.


Ha, Ha, Dover Has A Spending Cap!

Maybe we should call it the “City manager Paul Beecher Memorial Spending Cap”.

Admit it, the spending cap overwhelmingly adopted by Dover voters Tuesday was a direct result of that sneaky weasel’s actions as former City Manager of Dover before he escaped and got a job in Kingman Arizona. A job I should add Beecher was fired from August 10 of this year. Little did Beecher know there was no paper in Kingman such as Foster’s Daily Spendocrat that would provide him cover in that city.

Dave Scott was re-elected as City Councilor as well. Nice touch.

So now out of 13 cities in NH 4 have spending caps. Nice start.

Since you can only put a spending cap on a municipality with a charter, as opposed to town government, you would guess we have only 9 spending caps more to go, right?

Not really.

Ever since the adoption of Senate Bill #2, also known as RSA 40:13, the NH Municipal Association and other pro-government groups have been pushing charters for towns, putting local government under the whimsical dictates (as decided by superior court judges when things get litigated) of an individual charter rather than state statutes most of the 230 some towns use to govern themselves.

This means that if pro-charter/anti-SB#2 tax and spenders want to avoid direct voter control over spending at a Town Meeting and take over a town with a charter form of government, they also risk having a spending cap placed on their municipality at a later date AFTER they spend the community into a disaster like they always do.

Back when “Sh..ty Manager” Paul Beecher was in his glory signing backroom deals with his cronies in Dover City Hall he was for a time the head of the NH Municipal Association as well.

What a nice legacy Paul Beecher left.

Congratulations Dave Scott!!!


They Deliver

It’s official now.

America’s newspapers have the circulation of a corpse. Well deserved I might say.

The newest figures have most dailies in a decline, which is part of a long trend. The internet has taken its toll on newsprint because when you get your news from the web you get what you want and when you do buy a paper it seems like old news. I find the news in papers often FEELS older than it really is even when I know it is not the case.

That has to be tough on the print media.

No skin off my nose though because being a conservative most of my friends and I have often been the target of the papers because for the most part they are liberal arms of the government they cover. I go to events weeklies and dailies cover and have learned that what you read is predictably slanted.

When I read that my single favorite paper, The Wall Street Journal, had slipped a small percentage I was worried until I looked at the total circulation numbers.

According to Editor and Publisher magazine the WSJ slipped in the last six month reporting period by 1.5%. Not that bad as opposed to The New York Times, down 4.51% or the Boston Globe, down 6.66%. (Down 666 hmmmm?)

The only major “newspaper,” USA Today, which is more a cross between perforated tissue on a roll and what a comic book published by NPR would be like, GAINED 1.04%! This could only mean ONE THING!

There must be more motels in being built in the US because I only get my USA Today early in the morning off of the grimy carpet outside the door of my motel room whenever I am on the road. They are free! When you get to the lobby there are usually extra bundles of them in some corner.

On the other hand, The Wall Street Journal costs me $1.50 which I gladly pay even if I read only the front page and last several pages of the first section. It’s like cheese cake – a couple of good bites is plenty.

Another heartening figure is that the WSJ has a paid circulation of just over 2 million copies while USA Today is 2.2 million. The Washington Post and New York Times together don’t have 2 million in circulation.

The internet will win the war of attrition until newspapers can find a way to get people to buy them again. I will happily keep paying $1.50 for the WSJ because it has quality as opposed to liberal pap.

Since I stopped driving on NH toll roads and will not be paying the first 75 cents or the 25 cent increase maybe I’ll pick up a couple Washington Times or Human Events as well with the extra change.


Principles And Hope

Who would have thought Congressman Ron Paul would be the third largest single-day fundraiser of all the presidential candidates currently on the roster. That is amazing.

It is less amazing if you have followed Ron Paul’s grassroots campaign from outside the mainstream media’s box. I have had a look at it myself from here in New Hampshire. Dr. Paul has activists most candidates would saw a limb off for. And they run the gamut from neophyte to seasoned campaigners. Our taxpayer group, the Coalition of NH Taxpayers, has been leaned out a bit by the Ron Paul campaign draining some our more active members. This happens every election cycle as different campaigns look for real, live, legitimate, New Hampshire resident volunteers as opposed to bussing in help from out of state as some campaigns do.

I am not surprised that there is now a degree of downplaying the fundraising ability of Dr. Paul from some in the media who would like people to believe this campaign is simply an internet anomaly based on whipped up into a frenzy computer geeks. After you have been around campaigns for a while you might, if you paid the slightest attention, notice that much of what serves as serious campaign commentary is generated by whipped up into a frenzy campaign geeks.

What’s a guy to do for some real news?

Try taking a second look.

Ron Paul also set a single-event record, $102,000 dollars, for his fundraising recently. It was in Texas at a private home – from all indications it was a very luxurious home. The owners are people who regularly donate to worthy causes, such as hospice care, at upscale charity events. These are not computer geeks involved in a pretend campaign. Ron Paul has a broad spectrum of energetic supporters because he has a set of principals and sticks to them.

No matter how the Ron Paul campaign finishes I see a big plus for conservatives, libertarians, and all the combinations thereof because much of the Ron Paul support comes from young people who are just entering politics.

Here is a candidate, a sitting Congressman, with a voting record, unlike former dark horse candidate Pat Buchanan who was the last person to energize voters to this degree, who proposes limited government. Not only does Ron Paul preach the gospels of limited government (low taxes) but he backs the founder’s notion of avoiding foreign entanglements that endanger American lives.

And on top of this he is pro-life.

If the Ron Paul campaign can get limited government, low tax, Libertarian, pro-U.S. foreign policy, pro-life, activists working together and educating young people I think he has brought hope to America.


Such A Deal

This just crossed my mind while reading about Superior Court “Judge” Coffey
You must remember Superior Court Judge Patricia who helped create a trust to hide her husband's assets from debtors. The debtors in this case were clients defrauded by Judge Coffey’s husband.
Members of the fearsome State Judicial Conduct Committee have decided Judge Patricia Coffey, wife of suspended attorney John J. Coffey, has violated the esteemed judicial code of conduct. Now Judge Coffey may be subject to a wide array of scary punishments ranging from a private reprimand (Not that, Oh NO!) to disbarment (Code for some state job some place?).
Here is what you or I would be subject to if we did the same.
Section 642:4
642:4 Aiding Criminal Activity. – A person is guilty of a misdemeanor if he purposely aids another who has committed a crime in profiting or benefiting from the criminal activity, as by safeguarding the proceeds thereof or converting the proceeds into negotiable funds.
Source. 1971, 518:1, eff. Nov. 1, 1973.

Section 643:2
643:2 Misuse of Information. – A public servant, as defined in RSA 640:2, II, is guilty of a misdemeanor if, knowing that official action is contemplated or in reliance on information which he has acquired by virtue of his office or from another public servant, he:
I. Acquires or divests himself of a pecuniary interest in any property, transaction or enterprise which may be affected by such action or information; or
II. Speculates or wagers on the basis of such action or information; or
III. Knowingly aids another to do any of the foregoing.
Source. 1971, 518:1, eff. Nov. 1, 1973.

Forgery and Fraudulent Practices Generally
Section 638:9
638:9 Fraud on Creditors. – A person is guilty of a misdemeanor if:
I. He destroys, removes, conceals, encumbers, transfers or otherwise deals with property subject to a security interest with a purpose to hinder enforcement of that interest; or
II. Knowing that proceedings have been or are about to be instituted for the appointment of a person entitled to administer property for the benefit of creditors, he
(a) Destroys, removes, conceals, encumbers, transfers or otherwise deals with any property with a purpose to defeat or obstruct the claim of any creditor, or otherwise to obstruct the operation of any law relating to administration of property for the benefit of creditors; or
(b) Presents to any creditor or to an assignee for the benefit of creditors, orally or in writing, any statement relating to the debtor's estate, knowing that a material part of such statement is false.
Source. 1971, 518:1, eff. Nov. 1, 1973.

Well a brotherhood slap on the wrist is better than nothing I guess.

This is New Hampshire after all.