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Nobody Is Watching - Right?

It has always been my position that the $300 million dollar “deficit” then first time gubernatorial candidate John Lynch campaigned on was phony. Now it is even more evident that this was the case because the $300 million dollar never showed up and Governor Lynch never “solved” it. Or much of anything else in two and a half years.

The liberal NH Center for Public Policy Studies projected $300 million dollar deficit Lynch and his media allies pasted former Governor Benson with was for the most part a projection that Medicaid money from the feds would not be part of the next budget cycle.

Well, some $265 million in Medicaid Enhancement Revenue money did come in and the “deficit” turned out to be a surplus. The NHCPPS projections in hindsight appear to have been nothing more than a nice donation to the first Lynch campaign.

But now, how ironically, Lynch may just get a chance to handle a $300 million dollar deficit – and maybe a few hundred million bucks more. Time to break out the magic rain slicker because something is inevitably going to hit the fan.

The Josiah Bartlett Center’s Supreme Allied Pocket Calculator Commander, Charlie Arlinghaus, has a new study out. Its based on of all things – facts.

If you are a Democrat thinking of re-election, with your right hand, click on the Josiah Bartlett Center’s web site at: www.jbartlett.org.

Then with your left hand covering your eyes, slowly spread your fingers apart and read the news about what over-spending and fake revenue projections will bring you in 2008!

If the Democrat plan is to spend New Hampshire into BOTH broad based taxes, well then you are almost there. Congratulations!


Hey You Four, Cover My Six!

Well not quite.

It seems Hooksett NH is the next town to get national attention for salacious gossip, after of course, Gilmanton/Laconia/Belmont in Peyton Place.

Now we all know that getting your dumb ass some national attention usually comes with having to do something bad, or something politically incorrect, which in most cases is the opposite of something bad.

So we have, instead of three emotional basket cases such as in Peyton Place there are four, not quite charming, municipal office fowl, flapping their wings and gums.

There has been some sympathy generated towards the gang of four after losing their jobs for “gossiping” about their male boss supposedly having an affair with another woman in the town office.

As a person with some background in how municipalities work I should point out that “gossip”, in this case slander if it isn’t true, is the mainstay of day to day operations in many towns and schools. It is the reason everything works…

for some.

A town or a school isn’t like a business. It is GOVERNMENT. It is a necessary evil.

So as forms the municipality – so forms the clique. And the preferred weapon of any clique running a town or school is gossip and/or slander. Get used to it.

Now if the Hooksett Gang of Four can run this Town Administrator out of town or ruin his life by saying he is having an affair with another employee, that’s just doing business.

And if the Town manager can get rid of the whole gang in one fell swoop, good for him!

Remember! A municipality doesn’t have to make a profit to survive. It is going to be there no matter what. What matters is WHO CONTROLS IT!

Good jobs, good pay, great benefits, job security, no heavy lifting. Just make damn sure you have a good “team” to work with and the benefits can be handed down for generations.

One other thing, the girls should get their jobs back as soon as they can prove what they supposedly said is true. It’s that simple.

Just kidding! Facts and truth have nothing to do with this, it’s a battle of wills and who has more friends in town.


Everybody Knows Chips Make You Fat

So the NH House passed a MILK TAX to protect farmland. What should we call it?

How about “COWCHIP”?

“COWCHIP”, kinda like “LCHIP” another land grabbing scheme designed to pay homage to the worshipers of conservation where unelected dharmans go forth with the public CHIP money and make land deals the mob would be proud of.

So where is all this spending and taxing getting us?

It must be that old liberal Democrat saying:

“When you’re digging a hole to an income tax…

keep on digging.”


Sorry Hillary

I guess the rabid addicts of political discourse have seen the famous "memo" from the Clinton camp already but if you haven't here is some of the "thought" behind the Clintonistsa plan to skip the Iowa caucus.

Here is the beginning of the "leaked" document:


To: Interested Parties

From: Mike Henry

Date: May 21 2007

Re: An alternative nomination strategy


The 2008 campaign for the Democratic nomination will be unlike any other election in history. In past presidential campaigns smaller states, like Iowa and New Hampshire, played a more prominent role in securing the nomination. That process was based on the momentum that was created from winning Iowa or New Hampshire. Thirteen of the last 14 major-party nominees have won Iowa, New Hampshire, or both. Senator Clinton's husband is the only exception. But I think this old system is about to collapse and it will happen this year because of the impact of primary elections that are being held on February 5th. In effect, the Democratic Party is holding a national primary with over 20 states choosing a nominee on February 5th This new focus forces us to rethink our overall strategy and assess where our time and money are best spent.

Bla, bla, bla, bla, and so on.

News flash for Hillary!

The New Hampshire Democrat/Socialist primary will be won by the Obama fella.

Our Election Law Committee and Legislature are diligently working to allow as much voter fraud as possible in 2008.

The last election saw 96,000 same-day registrants. Modest attempts to track these people shows about 10% of them are not traceable two weeks after our election. That is the margin for winning here in NH.

This margin will come for the most part as COLLEGE VOTERS!!

The kids like Obama. He is working on getting low cost college loan money for them as well.

Many of the college kiddies don't worship at the Clinton alter. They have some semblance of idealism and pathological liars like the Clintons take a second seat to fresh, young, charismatic newcomers.

Sorry Hillary.

(Don't worry though, in the end you'll still be the nominee. It will just entail some discomfort for a while. Real Liberal Democrats respect crooks who will never back down from a lie. And thank you for abandoning NH as well.)


Has John Edwards Had An Original Idea Between Coiffs?

Or is he taking his marching orders from the Democrats favorite convicted crook, George Soros?

In a policy speech before the Council on Foreign Relations (where else) Edwards called the "War on Terror" George Bush's bumper sticker slogan.

But what about Edwards himself, the CFR/Soros lackey?

Published on:
Tuesday, August 15, 2006 by the Wall Street Journal

by George Soros

"The war on terror is a false metaphor that has led to counterproductive and self-defeating policies. Five years after 9/11, a misleading figure of speech applied literally has unleashed a real war fought on several fronts -- Iraq, Gaza, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Somalia -- a war that has killed thousands of innocent civilians and enraged millions around the world. Yet al Qaeda has not been subdued;...

Unfortunately, the "war on terror" metaphor was uncritically accepted by the American public as the obvious response to 9/11. It is now widely admitted that the invasion of Iraq was a blunder. But the war on terror remains the frame into which American policy has to fit. Most Democratic politicians subscribe to it for fear of being tagged as weak on defense."

The world is too dangerous a place for a man who spends three minutes fixing his bangs before an appearance.

And America doesn't need another Soros lackey.