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Repeal, Dismember, Destroy - Nothing Less

The media pundits have declared ObamaDemocratCare “unrepealable” because it reached the phony milestone of trapping a couple million registrants who were kicked off real health insurance by ObamaDemocratCare.

The idea behind this new media mantra is that the Republicans will adopt this lie as their own marching order into the next election and learn to live with an unconstitutional, unsupportable, socialist scam – forever.

I know there are a lot of RINO heads bobbing up and down accepting their plight.

Not so fast.

How about we take it one step further?

When the Republicans, with the help of the TEA Party voters, take back all that can be taken and then some, repeal every evolving word in this mess of a mandate, do Democrats really think they can ever pass it again?

Doubt it.

Real Republicans are in no way associating themselves with ObamaDemocratCare – just as many Democrats want nothing to do with it.

Let’s get excited about the chances of Democrats ever in our lifetimes having the opportunity to cram single payer socialist garbage down our throats again.

Try this slogan:

“We have to repeal it to find out if they are stupid enough to try it again.”


Consentino's CIRCLE of POWER!

Woman abuser and Atkinson Selectman, Phil Consentino’s CIRCLE of POWER raises its nasty head.

Without a small army of get something for free acolytes the thug from Atkinson, former Police Chief and now Selectman Phil Consentino, would have nothing but free time on his hands – instead of that small object he let do his thinking for him, which is why he left the Atkinson Police Dept. in secret disgrace last year this time. That lawsuit thing which cost Atkinson taxpayer $100,000.00 we know of had a lot to do with it.

But, like with the couple who penned this disgraceful promotion below on behalf of the abuser, the Atkinson CIRCLE of POWER that keeps this pervert, if what is in the Complaint filed with the NH Human Rights Commission that forced his pals in the Atkinson Town Office to pay up and shut up, is true, it is the CIRCLE of POWER that is really to blame.

Here is the best the CoP brown-nosers could come up with in the lap dog Lawrence Eagle Tribune:

March 31, 2014

Letter: Anonymous mailing defames a good man

The Eagle-Tribune

To the editor:

To the anonymous person who has sent a second and very disgusting letter to the seniors of Atkinson: You have stolen the contact information given to the Police Department in conjunction with senior services. This was not meant for use in your crusade against former Police Chief Consentino. Take our names off your mailing list.

We have known Mr. Cosentino for over 45 years and find him to be of the highest character. He is one of the kindest, most caring persons we have ever know and very professional at all times.

Get a life! Spend your time and postage money helping the poor or the homeless. We would tell you face to face, but you don’t have the courage to give a return address.

Denise and John Murrey


The Murrey’s have no problem kissing the posterior of Consentino with their LTE because he uses his public office and private charitable trust to buy friends and votes.

It’s a dirty business sticking up for Consentino – but the Atkinson CIRCLE of POWER is up to it.

I tried to post a little something about Consentino, with a touch of humor and truth, in the Lawrence Eagle Tribune, but alas, they will not let it past the Tribune’s CIRCLE of POWER that has always had a man-crush on Consentino the degenerate, if public documents about Consentino and the once secret sexual harassment settlement are to be believed

Let’s see how many Atkinson citizens are in the CIRCLE of POWER.

Ok, we have three so far.


The Plight Of The Newlyeds - May Save Us All

Students with huge education/indoctrination debt may just be the best thing that ever happened to municipal government. Instead of graduating from some college and buying a house in a small town and doubling the cost of pre-pre-k -12 local schools, they may be forced to live with parents or stay in a city where the jobs might be someday and small towns will not be overrun by progressive tax and spenders.


I like this quote from the news story:

“Graduates who owe no money can begin building equity and start investing, while indebted graduates are laden with debts they have to pay off as well as the interest on their loans.”

When a young person, just out of indoctrination, begins “building equity” there are consequences for the victim community.

The first thing they do is begin spending on local education. The vote for bonds they will never have to pay for because they will “build equity” and move. The idea of this is the old myth that if you spend on local schools your property values will skyrocket. That may not happen again in America for a long time.

Several out-of-state, retired “educators” who moved to my neck of the woods have had their homes for sale for years and are losing their equity.

The other thing the elite, educated, “equity builders” and movers always vote for is ethnic cleansing zoning and planning regulations to keep the lower classes from building their own equity.

Wait until the newlyeds try and find a starter home. Someone should do a photo collage of the looks on their faces.

A college degree and home used to be the best investments for a young couple. Newly minted elitists just out of our universities who have tons of debt may not get the chance to dump their taxing and spending on other people.

Now all we need to do is make sure their wasteful, self-imposed, education debt isn’t dumped on everyone else as well.


What Would Sarah Palin Do?

Apparently Tina Fey doesn't read much.


Not being well read, she missed the law regarding Workman's Comp., as any socialist moonbat would.

Let me see:

Tina Fey - hypocrite.

Sarah Palin - has always paid her taxes.

(Maybe Tina Fay was in character whe she cheated her employees and was really just impersonating the bad , stupid, Sarah Palin who came on Saturdeay Night Live and boosted its viewership to the highest level in 15 years?)


It's The Democrats IRS Now

Republicans in Congress are used to letting the Democrats run things and as Democrats usually do they achieve the most political mileage they can out of positions of power.

Take the IRS for instance. The Obama Regime has used this bureaucracy to keep any political opposition, in this case the TEA Party groups, from acquiring tax free status, which they should have had years ago.

Scattered through out the Republicans in the House of Representatives are a few members who object to this criminal behavior and want to at least expose it.

But the IRS can not cooperate. They say it could take years to make copies of all the relevant documents. See this story:


Try as they might, the officials at the IRS can not find a way to get questionable and criminal documents to Congress even using the most advanced IRS billion dollar document retrieval service called: “Hurried Expedited Yeoman’s - Furious Urgency” document retrieval program.

The IRS testified to Congress that their H.E.Y.-F.U.  program will get subpoenaed documents to them just as soon as they can.