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What To Do About Voter Fraud

Because this issue is so relevant I will be doing a series of stories about it – that would be the NH Secretary of State’s “interview” with the Manchester paper.


In the “interview,” which asked no relevant questions, Sec. of State Bill Gardner mentions that he himself saw an AmeriCorps team from out of state voting in New Hampshire in 2008.

From the interview:

“In 2012, Gardner filed an affidavit in a case challenging the state’s voter registration form. In it, he told how he witnessed fraud personally in 2008 when he went to vote.
“The people that ran the polling place called me over, and said they had three people who didn’t know whether they could vote, and they wanted me to answer the questions,” he explained in our interview. “So I go over, there were two young men and a young woman, and they were AmeriCorps (volunteers).”

Big deal.

The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers caught a busload of 1996 AmeriCorps voters voting at a non-existent address on a non-existent road in a closed park in Deerfield. (Thank you Harriet Cady for copies of the original returned envelopes from your town.)

Our 1996, caught in 2000 when CNHT started documenting voter fraud, bus contained 19 low-life scumbag out of state vote thieves who I outed on www.NHInsider.com to the point several emailed and asked me to stop.

The next time the NH Secretary of State catches some out of state vote thieves I suggest he report them the only organization that will do something about it.

Just email what you have to www.CNHT.org or contact me directly.


New tool in North Carolina To Protect Voter Integrity


Thought you might like what Jay DeLancy has done in North Carolina and is working to help other states accomplish. 

Citizen activism. 




A couple who own a house in New Boston told me a little over two years ago that they have lived in their house 20+ years and one of the old owners, the husband of the couple they bought it from and who now lives in England, is still registered and voting out of their house. 


The children of the prior owners who were toddlers when they lived there are now registered and voting out of the New Boston house.  A child of theirs who wasn’t born when they lived there and now appears to be going to college in England is registered to vote out of the New Bston house. Apparently the wife is the only one not registered at that address to vote in New Boston, but they believe she is a British citizen.


All of this was brought to the AG’s attention in a formal complaint.  The formal response was that because the “English” voters live in England and have to use some address in New Hampshire to vote, everything is legal about this arrangement. 

Without tightening our laws, compiling this information across the state may be useful in understanding par of the problem.  Unfortunately, it is not going to solve the problem. 

Bill O’Brien


NB: Both of these entries were received via email and posted by NHInsider


Fun Stuff

Before I forget.

I work for Granite State Lumberjack Shows and since about 1993 I have been trimming and preparing wood for the Stihl Timbersports Competition. This includes driving a truck loaded with equipment all over the US and once in Alaska. We even did a show in Munich in 2001.

As far as I know, the 2014 Stihl Timbersports Finals we taped earlier this year at the Scope Arena in Norfolk Va. will be on ABC Sports:

Sunday, Sept. 21 at 5 pm

Sunday, Sept. 28 at 5 pm

Sunday, Oct. 5 also at 5 pm

Who knows, you may spot these old bones on the deck in one of the shots they couldn’t air brush me out of.

I compete in woodsmen’s competitions New England now and then and the only one I can make this year will be the Warner Fall Foliage Festival where they let me help out as well, setting up wood etc.

If you want to come cheer me on or boo the hell out of me this is your best opportunity. Warner has, for a small show, some of the best competitors in the US when it comes to hot saw racing.

An example of hot saw racing would be after taking both hands off the fixed 8x8 white pine cant the competitor grabs a sitting chainsaw starts it and then proceeds to make a down, up, then down cut again in around or under - three seconds.

Below is a piece Stihl did about me several years ago which briefly describes what I do.





Jeanne Shaheen Voter Fraud Queen

Jeanne Shaheen the Voter Fraud Queen is going to run as negative a campaign as she can against the Independent she is going to face in November. Her little army of out of state supporters will kick into gear here in NH then slip away after the election, just like they always do.

Case in point: Double voter and Jeanne Shaheen campaign worker and proven vote thief, Caitlin Ann Legacki.

Here is Caitlin Ann Legacki’s background and how she and Jeanne Shaheen used the corrupt NH election process to steal a vote from real NH residents.


Caitlin Ann Legacki came to NH in 2008 to work for Jeanne Shaheen – much like Shaheen’s daughter left her California apartment to campaign and vote in NH for mom, but that is another story.

Caitlin Ann Legacki registered in NH in 2008, while temporarily campaigning here, and voted Democrat from voter fraud nest at 1200 Elm St. in Manchester.

Caitlin Ann Legacki then moved on after that election to North Carolina in 2010 where she registered to vote while working for US Senator Kay Hagen. CNHT informed North Carolina activists about Caitlin still being listed as an “active” voter in 2014 and they in turn sent us all the voter history on her from their records. North Carolina has passed a set of excellent election reforms that New Hampshire should copy, fine tune for our state, and pass before 2016.

Caitlin then moved on to Missouri where she was a spokesman for US Senator Claire McCaskill. Caitlin Ann Legacki registered to vote in Missouri in 2012 and voted there. She is on YouTube on Election night all giddy about McCaskill’s win.

In November of 2012 CNHT caught Caitlin Ann Legacki’s name on the Manchester voter list – as voting.

That is called double voting.

This raises several questions.

How many states is Caitlin Ann Legacki allowed to be an active voter in AT ONE TIME and how come I, as a registered voter in NH do not have that “right” as well? We also have her as an active voter in Washington DC where she went after NH, NC, and Missouri.

But here is the special question you can ask Jeanne Shaheen the Voter Fraud Queen supporters when you see them.

How did Caitlin Ann Legacki stay on the NH statewide voter list when it was purged in 2010-11?

Who sent a letter back to the NH Secretary of State from the address she stole a NH vote from?


Do we have a special place on the statewide voter list for Democrat campaign workers who want to keep their national voting options open for themselves or a surrogate?

Boy it sure looks that way.

CNHT has other interesting examples of how our statewide voter checklist works in favor of non-resident voters.

It’s not just the courts, college professors, activists and liberal non-profits luring out-of state voters here.

Check out Caitlin on these sites:



Sorry, we can’t seem to find Caitlin Ann Legacki’s LinkedIn site any longerL




Another Day In The Life Of...Name That Moonbat

If you are involved in politics at the local level it will soon become apparent that public school teachers are mostly liberals and enjoy the comradhood of their chosen profession – even though they have little time off, get paid waaaaaaaaaaaay to little and have to buy paper and pencils for the “chiltren” with their own meager income.

Some in the profession get a bit off center when they are constantly shown so little respect by elected officials who are labeled as conservative, conservatives who are also known as “The Enemy”.

No wonder this Wisconsin professional went bonkers at the Jefferson Wisconsin State Fair.


Right now she is on paid leave until the investigation is over. That is nice.

I will take a wild guess she will be re-instated to her old job teaching our childten stuff and all that.

Why not let a crazy, political activist, and confessed violent person back into an elementary school unsupervised?

As long as none of the chiltren she “teaches” are conservatives she probably won’t harm any of them.