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If You Can't Be Tall Be Handsome

No one has taken a photograph of Russia’s Putin since March 5, 2015. This is causing quite a stir in international circles. All kinds of speculation is peppering news reports of a coup, a possible illness, or some kind if self-imposed hiding to let things cool down after his major political opponent turned up dead.

I have a different suspicion. Not that I care that much but it seems so logical.

Take a look at photos of Obama from eight years ago and Hillary from eight years ago and then look at Putin. The guy has not aged a bit, not one bit.

My guess is he might be having a little more “work” done by the plastic surgeon he has obviously been visiting.

How can anyone run a dictatorship with all the problems Putin has, day in and day out, and not have one grey hair or wrinkle?

Go ahead and laugh now.

When Putin shows up with two eye patches on claiming he fell off his bike or was hurt windsurfing I can say I told you so.



Domiciles and Imbeciles

A NH Legislator has come up with a brilliant idea to raise money for the government.

How about this for a new law?

Tax every hotel room in a municipality that adopts this proposed legislation, only occupied ones that is. That new tax to be recorded and sent to the municipality.

The “hotel room” in this new legislation would be defined as in RSA 78-A:3, III.

Under this statute hotels are described in this fashion:

“ The term includes, but is not limited to, inns, motels, tourist homes and cabins, ski dormitories, ski lodges, lodging homes, rooming houses, furnished room houses, boarding houses, private clubs, hostels, cottages, camps, chalets, barracks, dormitories, and apartments.”

Under the old saying, “truth is stranger than fiction,” look who is sponsoring the legislation.


AN ACT relative to the enactment of ordinances by municipalities permitting an assessment on hotel occupancy for the use of municipal services.

SPONSORS: Sen. Fuller Clark, Dist 21

If this bill is adopted I would like to suggest an amendment to the definition of “hotel” in RSA 78-A:III to include “Private rooms in million dollar residences, located in exclusive Historic Districts, of elected officials who let out-of-state- vote thieves stay in their homes to work on campaigns, who then stay on our NH voter rolls for most of a decade.

Since State Senator Martha Fuller Clark knowingly lets out of state vote thieves like Arkansas Attorney, Bryan Gregory Griffith, campaign and vote in NH from her Voter Fraud Motel in Portsmouth, NH could pick up a few bucks from her fat wallet each election cycle.

What is Bryan Gregory Griffith doing these days?


Seems he is still a lawyer.






If The Devil Bargained With Another Devil, What Would The Bargain Look Like?

I think I have this Iranian Nuke Deal the Barack Hussein Obama Administration is putting together, in secret, with the  bargaining expertise of never employed in the public sector John Fitzgerald Kerry, all figured out.

1. The Iranians, in a country of 77 million, want to be a world power and a deadly threat to all Christian and Jewish nations so as to make the entire World subject to their genocidal form of Islam.

2. The Barack Hussein Obama Administration, in a country with in all likelihood 77 million illegal immigrants, wants a secret deal, exempt from Congress, which is solely intended make Republicans look bad in the next election.

Can you see the conflict here?

The next question is, if we are so good at bargaining with countries in the Middle East why were we paying $107 per barrel a few months ago? “Bargaining” has the word “gain” in it after all.

I looked this up. The cost to produce a barrel of fracked oil in North Dakota is $22 per barrel.

So why aren’t we the richest country in the World?

Apparently we can’t or refuse to bargain in our own best interest. Or we are on a suicide mission.

Maybe both.


Sir, Your Choice is No Choice

In a letter to the editor of the notoriously progressive and misinformed Milford Cabinet the Moderator of the Town of Amherst, NH takes the paper to task for mistaking a point he made about “choices” at a Town Meeting.

The link is here:


The Moderator, Steve Coughlan, wants to make sure he is quoted correctly in that he was NOT in favor of amending the town budget at the Deliberative Session because the attempt was to make the Default Budget equal to the proposed Operating Budget.

The Moderator has a point.

The Deliberative Session of an SB#2 municipality is what the good old fashioned Amherst Town Meeting used to be. The Moderator seems to be a fan of those more interactive “traditional” meetings.

So am I.

But he goes off the truth rails a bit with his next suggestion, about which he seems to be quite uninformed.

Moderator Coughlan says in his rebuttal to the hapless Milford Cackle, his point about choice is related to the loss of choice by having ballot voting.

Here is his quote:

“In any voting scenario, the same budget would be adopted, and no useful information would be provided by the thousands of voters who turned out to take time to exercise their will… we would only know the will of the 126 voters who attended the deliberative session. Which is exactly the argument used by SB2 proponents to remove decision making power from traditional school meetings, and instead to give it to all who come out on voting day.”

Now hold it right there Bucko!

Here is the jist of Article 23, the Amherst Operating Budget:

To see if the voters of the Town of Amherst will appopriate the sum of $12 million or so dollars or the Default number of $12 million or so dollars for the operation of the town of Amherst. (That's it in a nutshell. Some choice, eh.?)

Let’s have a little history lesson for the Amherst Town Moderator.

I was around and in the room when most of Senate Bill #2 was drafted back in 1995. And I know the “purpose” of SB#2. And it is not your version.

If I am not mistaken, your town operating budget is a bottom line budget of $12,427,814.00 or the default budget of $363,000.00 less. So it looks like you are a champion of two choices.

What a hero.

Senate Bill #2 was in reaction to the removal of ALL choice from voters with the now predominant bottom line budgets municipalities started providing as “choice” back in the 1970’s.

I remember a time when town halls were packed and we voted on the operating budget - line by line.

First we voted by ballot on Article 1. during the day for officers. Next, at Town Meeting we started by voting on the Executive Budget, the Highway Budget, the Police Budget, Animal Control, and so on until midnight.

Voting on each department line by line is a “traditional” town meeting with choice, not the bottom line, heads we win tails you lose, method we see today.

Voters are smart enough to see a rigged game. That is why SB#2 is so popular and no community can muster the votes to rescind it once voters see how it works.

Tell the truth Moderator Coughlan. Will you support a real town meeting in Amherst?


Welcome Jeb Bush

Dear Governor Bush:

When coming to NH to campaign for President you will run into many different types of “experts” who are willing to help you. I have carved out my own tiny area of expertise over the last 30 years or so from watching these events.

I have some advice:

1. Climb off the bus and shake some hands. (I think that is great advice.)

2. Hit as many over-cooked chicken dinners as possible. (Bring an antacid.)

3. Breath mints are a must!

4. Have some contacts from NH to escort you around. (Choose people who might actually be on your side.)

5. Try to avoid letting your “contact” make himself your unofficial spokesman. (Warning: Fergus!)

6. Always avoid a self-serving media sponge. (Warning: Fergus!)

7. Associate with people who are not complete political failures. (Warning: Fergus!)

8. Never let your contact be a person whose goal is to alienate the base of the party you might be from. (Warning: Fergus!)

9. Yale doesn’t always produce smart people. (Warning: Fergus!)

10. Relax, spend a lot of slales tax free campaign money and have a good time.