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SAU Cat Skinning 101

At various school districts in NH there is a growing trend to have elected school board and budget committee members pay thousands of dollars for access to public documents. The NH AG will not get involved and stop this abuse of office by offending superintendents, no surprise. And who in their right mind trusts any NH judge with doing the correct and proper thing. What school board member has the money for lawyers to get existing public documents anyway?

I think I have a solution for all the school superintendents who, in the process of administering million dollar budgets, do not have the time or patience to comply with citizen or even elected school board or budget committee member’s requests for documents - let the voters decide.

Here is a sample Warrant Article to be placed on any school district ballot:


We the undersigned taxpayers and voters of the ________________ school district request that an annual stipend of $5,000.00 be appropriated for each school board and elected budget committee member of that municipality to be used by that official to acquire existing public documents from the school district, cooperative school district, or SAU, that charges for copies and labor involved in complying with RSA 91-A, for the use of that member in any way the member feels it would benefit the school district’s voters and taxpayers.

Should one of the above mentioned members use their $5,000.00 public document appropriation he or she may use the appropriation of another member willing to acquire public documents on behalf of that member.  

In this instance the word, acquire, means by any lawful means.


And if we are still having problems with reluctant school employees who will not supply elected school board members with existing public documents we could amend RSA 189:1-a to be even more clear and specific that it is now. Simply amend this statute where it says “at district expense” to specifically state that access to existing public documents by such school board members shall be free to school board members. This would be a good time to amend this statute to, as part of a school board member’s duty he or she may acquire existing public documents from the Dept. of Education as well, at no cost. How simple is that?

Here is the existing statute regarding a school board’s duty:


RSA 189:1-a Duty to Provide Education. –

    I. It shall be the duty of the school board to provide, at district expense, elementary and secondary education to all pupils who reside in the district until such time as the pupil has acquired a high school diploma or has reached age 21, whichever occurs first; provided, that the board may exclude specific pupils for gross misconduct or for neglect or refusal to conform to the reasonable rules of the school, and further provided that this section shall not apply to pupils who have been exempted from school attendance in accordance with RSA 193:5.

    II. Elected school boards shall be responsible for establishing the structure, accountability, advocacy, and delivery of instruction in each school operated and governed in its district. To accomplish this end, and to support flexibility in implementing diverse educational approaches, school boards shall establish, in each school operated and governed in its district, instructional policies that establish instructional goals based upon available information about the knowledge and skills pupils will need in the future.

    III. School boards shall adopt a teacher performance evaluation system, with the involvement of teachers and principals, for use in the school district. A school board may consider any resources it deems reasonable and appropriate, including any resources that may be provided by the state department of education. In this paragraph, "teacher'' shall have the same meaning as in RSA 189:14-a, V.

Source. 1969, 356:10. 1973, 72:28. 1975, 22:1. 1983, 84:1, eff. July 23, 1983. 2011, 108:1, eff. July 30, 2011. 2013, 243:1, eff. Sept. 22, 2013.

I imagine this warrant article might stir some debate among voters at an annual meeting or deliberative session. Any school superintendent worth his salt would be happy to explain and defend this new budget item, wouldn’t they?


The Best Of All The Stans

If you want to keep track of what is going on in the Middle East I suggest this Kurdish web site:


You gotta love the comments section by Kurds who are living through the nightmare of ISIS. They do not appear to be a people who are going to give up.

The common theme is to keep our military aid out of Bagdad and get it straight to the people who don’t drop rifles and run.

Take a look at a map of Kurdistan some time and see how much the politics of this region will change when the Kurds are free.


Metzler Meltdown

I just received an email from one of our CNHT activists in Atkinson and it appears Timberlane School Stupidintendant, Squirrely Earl Metzler, requested the Plaistow police have him investigated.

And under what parameters do we use public funds to investigate, or rather, try to intimidate, a taxpayer who asks a few questions about a multi million dollar school budget?

Is The Earl of Metzler really this scared of some simple, interested taxpayer asking a few targeted questions?

How does the conversation between the Plaistow Police Department and an out of control school superintendant go?

(The Dr.) “Hello, is this the Plaistow Police Department – on my speed dial?”

(PPD) “Yes, how can we help you?”

(The Dr.) “This is The Earl of Metzler over at Timberlane Regional Money Pit and I would like to report a crime.”

(PPD) “What is the crime Your Highness?”

(The Dr.) “Well there is along list of crimes to be honest. We have a guy over here, a taxpayer, you know the type, asking questions about me hiring friends and relatives for no-show jobs and the like”. “And he has been showing up at some meetings I hear – public meetings – with a camera.”

(PPD) “Oh, I see.”

(The Dr.) And that’s not all. He has started a petition!! This guy is going around town collecting signatures on a piece of paper – FROM OTHER TAXPAYERS!”

(PPD) “No need to shout Dr., we are listening.”

(The Dr.) “So as you can see I am at my limited wits end and I need help scaring him off.” “This kind of stuff didn’t happen when I was a sports coach, everyone listened to me.” “But now that I am in charge of millions of dollars and not just a bunch of smelly sneakers and sweaty kids, I need help.”

(PPD) “Hmm, I see the problem.” “Maybe we can send an officer over there and check it out.” “Can you find and adult in one of your offices for him to talk to?”

(The Dr.) “I’ll try.” “Please hurry.”


Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall - Who's The Minority After All?

Here is an interesting case about minority voting rights:


In Dallas County, Texas Anglo (white) voters became a minority, now making up about 33% of the population and all of the County seats for office were won in the resulting elections by non-Anglo, in this case, Democrat candidates.

Along comes 2010 and time for redistricting. Surprise, the newly elected block of minority officials redistricted the Anglo, predominately Republican, voters into one district so they could keep non-Anglo control of Dallas County.

Here we have a law firm representing the white voters in a case of reverse discrimination. All they are asking for is a legitimate redistricting map something black voters in may states have sought court in the past.

Here is a 2011 Dallas County Map showing the Districts:


Meet Wiley Price, Dallas County Commissioner:


He seems to be a rather unbiased Commissioner. (Satire)

The present makeup of county officials is still a majority of Anglo commissioners but the Republican to Democrat change will be locked in by herding so many Anglo voters into one district.

I have my suspicions about this liberal law firm representing the Anglo voters at the head guy is Georgetown Law and Columbia
“educated” so this may simply be a fund raising ploy by the 501 (c) non-profit representing the mew minority, plus the case reads like middle school press release not a real serious civil rights case.

The courts who take up this case, if they bother, will have a chance to invent some new case law or conjure up some new legalese about former majority now minority rights.

Will they stand by the 1965 Civil Rights Act in a case filed so close to MLK’s Birthday?

Or is it all just a joke playing out over time?






Robin Harvard Is Back

Tonight, a Muslim President of the United States will give a State of the Union speech from Das Kapital of the United States, located in Washington DC, an area offering some of the worst FREE public education in the entire country.

He will offer more free stuff to potential, past, and illegal voters to ensure his Democrat Party can dominate American politics long enough to release the proletariat from its slavery - of working for a living.

Big deal!

Who hasn’t figured this guy out yet?

I believe there is a course at Harvard named after Obama that awards PHD’s in this dogma.


The first episode of the final season of “Justified” is on tonight.