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Henniker Hate-mailer Says Howdy

Henniker Hate-mailer Says Howdy

If you take the position hate mailers might have a mental disorder then you probably pray the hate-mailer would seek professional help.


I have a suggestion for a way a person who sends hate mail can begin travelling the road to recovery. (I borrow from some addiction lingo I have heard from TV commercials.)

What about this series of suggestions for a hate mailer who needs help:

1. Have you had yourself evaluated for mental health issues?

2. You certainly present as a person with severe personality disorders.

3. Do everyone, including yourself, a favor and get psychological counseling or psychiatric treatment before you write another hate letter.

Not a bad list for a hate mailer to have on hand before he or she is compelled to strike again.

But wait!

Here is what Dennis Hamel received in his special, one of a kind, Henniker Town Meeting hate mail letter, as a reward for speaking at the Henniker Town Meeting:

Have you had yourself evaluated for mental health issues?

You certainly present as a person with severe personality disorders.

Do everyone, including yourself, a favor and get psychological counseling or psychiatric treatment before next year's school and town budget season.


But maybe I am wrong?

It just occurred to me that this Henniker Hate Mail Dennis Hamel received might be a twisted liberal cry for help!

The hate-mailer is projecting to Dennis what she really needs and desperately wants for herself. Do you, as I do, feel a medical break-though happening without a big stuffed leather sofa? Call it a home grown Henniker liberal mental disorder recovery.

So here is my non-professional subscription for a non-chemical, organic remedy for the Henniker Hate Mailer.

Ed Naile

61 Tubbs Hill Road

Deering, NH


I will read and review any hate mail you send me (anonymous of course) if it makes you and yours feel better over there in Henniker.

I have a folder full of hate mail. There are even five poems a hate mailer sent me as well as TWO anonymous “Upgrade to Complete Asshole,” one in calligraphy, certificates – TWO. I must have really done my job for those badges of honor when I was a Selectman.

Send me your hate mail Henniker Hate Mailer I promise I will read it and cure you.



The Hate That Is The Collective Henniker Left

The Hate That Is The Collective Henniker Left.

Once one is labeled as anti-government, which to progressives means you are opposed to waste and abuse of tax dollars, the lefties lock-step let their hair down.

At first it might be disturbing to people not familiar with moonbats but soon you can see the usual pattern.

Obama shoveled a dose of it to political opponents after he was elected. His pent up chance to deliver came as something in the order of, “We won you lost.” Oh how long he must have pined to say that in public.

Here is an example of constipated condesention from the college town of Henniker after their recent Town Meeting. It is one of three letters sent anonymously to three individuals who spoke at the Town Meeting:

“Many hope that your complete humiliation at town meeting this year will encourage you to come down from your high heels, er horse.

Your condescending and pedantic attitude is obnoxious and opens you to the ridicule you so deserve.

Obviously no one supports your town meeting antics.

If you can’t control yourself, do everyone a favor and just stay home.”

Let’s break this down for those of you who don’t understand progressives.

The author has taken it upon herself to speak on behalf of the “many” which means the anonymous writer is probably a public employee or beneficiary of public funding in some fashion. It is likely it is not from a student going to NEC.

The words “town meeting” should have been capitalized even in hate mail.

Liberal hate mail writers always take the position that makes them feel superior as in this case where the writer points to the target being deserving of ridicule and some one can’t control herself.

Democrat Party Chairman Ray Buckley is famous for to this when he writes about political opponents as being “unhinged.”  It is a reoccurring theme in left-wing retorts, the superiority complex on display.

But when push comes to shove it’s the pansy ass liberals who write anonymouse hate mail to make themselves feel better after a “victory” that stands out in this Henniker case.

Imagine how they gritted their teeth in their bed that Town Meeting night after “winning” so overwhelmingly. Just knowing some citizens had the guts to speak up scratched that liberal nerve and forced them to scribble a hate letter.

Who is the big Town Meeting winner in Henniker if the hate mailer can’t sleep at night without sending each opponent some hate mail on behalf of everyone else?






Just A Couple More Months And It All Goes Away

As Hillary marches, falls, stumbles, and waddles towards the Presidency of the United States, an office that no longer holds much luster anyway, you have to remember one thing about the Clintons – time is always on their side.

Back when Hillary hired Craig Livingstone to grab as many FBI files of Republican opponents as he could get away with she simply lied about it throughout the average time frame a Clinton scandal lasts, about 18 months.

They know this. They live this. It works for them.

When Hillary first came to power as co-president she used inside information to discredit the White House Travel Office employees so she could replace them with trusted cohorts who would keep their mouths shut and do her bidding.

It was that inside information Hillary “acquired’ that lead to the discovery of the stolen 900 FBI files.

The Clintons lied, redirected, triangulated, used past administrations actions as an excuse, then dripped and drabbed the truth to the public for as long as possible.

The discovery of Filegate started in June of 1996 and limped along until November of 1998.

This is exactly how Hillary will escape her current illegal use of secret internet servers to hide what she is really doing – which may not be treasonous as much as just plain sleazy. Sleazy is a Clinton trait you can always count on.

Remember Bill telling Jennifer Flowers on her answering machine to just stick with a lie about their twelve year affair until it all goes away? He told her what he had learned as a young lad, a code they both live by – lie and swear to it.

Watch Hillary do exactly the same thing with the emails.

This behavior is truly what endears most Democrats to them. 


Christina Freundlich - Selfish Selfi Snapper

Just when you think you have seen the lowest form of selfi-mania there comes a snapping sound from New York City and the horrible fire they had last week. Some of America’s young smart set were caught taking selfis of themselves celebrating the demise of other people’s homes.


Oh, the locals were some happy with the smiling faces in front of the burning buildings posted on socialist media. The New York Post put some of the selfi takers up for ridicule on their own pages.

And then I heard the name of one of the self absorbed disaster posers. It was Christina Freundlich of the Iowa Democrat Party.

That name rings a bell.

If you remember the Nashua, NH vote thief, Janice Rottenberg, who was campaigning for Obama in 2012 from the home of State Rep. Cindi Rosenburg then you know we outed Rottenberg and tracked her voting registration in various states.

In that effort we noticed a Christina Frendlich had moved to Iowa to work with Rottenberg. Freundlich had been working in North Carolina, with previous ties to Vermont. Our contacts in N.C asked us if we could check on her Vt. registration, if there was one.


Also moving to Iowa from NH is one Sam Lu:


(Sam Lu worked in N.C in the same time frame as NH vote thief Caitlin Ann Legacki.)

If you check Christina’s LinkedIn page it shows she just left the Iowa Democrat Party recently – as has Janice Rottenberg.


That makes me wonder about the selfi with seven, as yet unidentified, young ladies of the same age, uniform clothing and hair style, who took a smiling selfi as a group.

It would not surprise me to find that these gypsy Obama campaign workers were travelling together in New York where Hillary Clinton will be gathering campaign workers in the near future - just a guess.

More on these people from a past article:


2016 is just around the corner and The Coalition of NH Taxpayers has a file full of interstate voters from past campaigns to keep track of. And we know where the perennial vote fraud nests and motels are.

If you live in New York City and want to identify who these disgusting selfi-takers are through Twitter and Facebook, which I refuse to use, then the information above should be a good start.

Remember to contact the opposing campaign of the next candidate they work for if you want some “Street Justice.”




Out-of-State Voters OK With The Ballot Law Commission & Vice Versa

Last Monday, David Scott and I were before the NH Ballot Law Commission to argue a simple point about Dover’s voter checklist under an old statute that had not been used in 40 years. It was the only statute available to do what Mr. Scott wanted – to clean up Dover’s voter checklist before 2016. So he complied with the process in a very limited time frame to prepare for the hearing.

The BLC wanted to limit the discussion to one very limited issue, unless it served them otherwise, and that was: “Are the Dover city officials doing their job under the law.”

That is an odd way of describing the way election officials do their business in NH but that is the hand we were dealt.

We presented evidence that citizens only see two means of identifying voters, a name and an address. Neither one can be checked on Election Day - with same day registration. That would be very difficult with long lines of same day voters showing up.

Even if Dover election officials wanted to check the address of a voter the NH AG’s Office sent out a memorandum to all election officials two weeks before the November 4, 2014. I got a copy mailed to me from a friend.

It has some disturbing language:

 Page #2

CAUTION: Under no circumstances should an applicant be turned away at the time and place of registration. Applicants who do not have documentation with them to establish their qualifications should not be told to go get such documentation. Rather, they must be given the opportunity to prove their eligibility by swearing to the Election Day registration form.

Page #3

CAUTION: Under no circumstances should a voter be turned away at the time and place of check-in because they do not posses sufficient photo identification. If a voter is unable to present photo identification when checking in to vote, they shall not be told to go get such identification. Rather, they must be given the opportunity to sign a challenged voter affidavit. Election officials should not in any way suggest to a voter that they must have a photo identification to vote. Thus, there should be no mention of photo identification to voters in or around the polling place until they are with the ballot clerks. Likewise, there should be no signage displayed at the polling place or on its grounds, regarding photo identification requirements, other than what has been distributed by the Secretary of State.

Notice how the memorandum from the AG’s Office says specifically that the same day registrant “must be given the opportunity” to sign a voter affidavit – not, shall sign the voter affidavit?

Why doesn’t the AG’s memorandum simply say “shall sign” the affidavit?

It’s the job, under state law, for the local election officials to determine if a person is a “qualified voter” using their own knowledge, not the AG’s memorandum.

How does an election official in NH conduct business with an AG memorandum using questionable language?

The person in charge of elections is the Secretary of State.

 652:23 Chief Election Officer. – The secretary of state shall be the chief election officer for the state. The secretary of state shall provide information regarding voter registration procedures and absentee ballot procedures for all voters, including absent uniformed services voters, absent voters temporarily residing outside the United States, and federal ballot only voters domiciled outside the United States. Instructional and informational materials published by the secretary of state for clerks to provide such voters shall include information on how to communicate electronically with election officials. Source. 2010, 317:4, eff. July 18, 2010.

Back to my question to the deaf ears of the Ballot Law Commission:

How are local election officials to do their job if the AG sends out a memorandum like this?

And if you think the specific language in this memorandum is a mistake we have another reference on page #4:

RSA 659:27. The moderator shall offer the Challenged Voter affidavit to every voter to whom a challenge is upheld. Here is the current language of the statute the AG referenced above:

 659:27 Challenge of Voter; Affidavit. – 
    I. A voter offering to vote at any state election may be challenged by any other voter registered in the town or ward in which the election is held, an election official, a challenger appointed by a political committee pursuant to RSA 666:4, or a challenger appointed by the attorney general pursuant to RSA666:5. 
    II. Upon receipt of a written challenge, the moderator shall determine if the challenge to the ballot is well grounded. If the moderator determines that the challenge is well grounded, the moderator shall not receive the vote of the person so challenged until the person signs and gives to the moderator an affidavit in the following form: I, ____________________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) under penalties of voter fraud, that I am the identical person whom I represent myself to be, that I am a duly qualified voter of this town (or ward), and have a legal domicile therein. My telephone number (requested but optional) is _______________, and my email address (requested but optional) is _______________. If the moderator determines that the challenge is not well grounded, the moderator shall permit the voter to proceed to vote. 
    III. No voter or appointed challenger shall challenge a person's qualifications to be a voter at the election day voter registration table.

Source. 1979, 436:1, eff. July 1, 1979. 2009, 278:3, eff. Jan. 1, 2010. 2010, 366:4, eff. July 23, 2010. 2014, 319:7, eff. Sept. 30, 2014.

Back in 2004 the NH AG’s Office used a similar last minute memorandum to gut the ability of challengers in NH to do their job and now we have jumped to 2014 and make sure all ballots, no matter from who or wherever, are in the box and counted.

So much for election officials doing their jobs and voter affidavits are not subject to the Right to Know Law in any case.