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And Then Fred Leonard Shows Up

Last Saturday I volunteered to cook a whole pig for the Concerned Veterans for America event in Rochester at their fairgrounds. It was just about a week long ordeal.

Get the pig, get the stuff to cook the pig, set up everything to cook the pig – without much sleep in between. But on the other hand they say we have a picture somewhere of Texas Governor Rick Perry taking a picture of our pig on the spit.


That BBQ sauce covered pig did look good and the crowd of media that showed up got singed taking the same photos.

And as is my custom as such events I did not speak to any of NH’s establishment media because it is always a waste of time. All I had was a quote in the LA Times.


With anything volunteerish one always depends on those who show up. CVA had just enough people to pull this gig off but it was a close call. You have to see bodies in person to gage whether or not you are going to make it.

Early on before our help arrived in total a car pulls up and it is Rochester’s own Fred Leonard. I have not seen Fred much since the Spending Cap battle in Rochester a few years back:


Fred seemed surprised he had not heard much about the pig roast and he offered to stick around and help.

Fifty lbs of cooked sausage later Fred disappeared without me saying thanks. Cooking fifty lbs of sausage on a gas grill is a hot greasy job Fred took on flawlessly.

Let me thank Fred right now along with the other volunteers who shouldered the smoked shoulders we also cooked.



Where Any Good NH Governor Should Come From - A Municipal Budget Committee

One candidate for governor of New Hampshire has the financial resources (millions of dollars, largely his own) to plaster the airwaves with self-promoting propaganda, 30 seconds at a time.

The other candidate, Andrew Hemingway, can afford to run some ads during the last few days of his campaign, but he's counting on grassroots support by word-of-mouth from people who know him.

I know Andrew. I know him very well, having served with him as an elected official in Bristol -- he was the chair of the budget committee, when I was the selectman member of the committee. I want to offer these first hand observations and you can decide if this is someone you'd like to see as your governor.

Fact: In the years prior to Andrew's service as budget committee chair, the budget process was cumbersome and cantankerous. So much so, it was impossible to find 13 people who wanted to serve on the budget committee and there was open hostility between the budget committee, department heads and selectmen. Andrew set a tone of civility and respect that was infectious. He repaired the relationships with the department heads and selectmen, so that it became cordial and not confrontational. The committee had a full complement of 13 members. The end result was a reduced budget that was presented to Town Meeting that had the unanimous support of selectmen, department heads, the town administrator and budget committee -- to the penny. The body at Town Meeting decided to add money to the budget. Can you imagine?

Fact: Bristol had failed to implement the Capital Improvements Program, a state law, that it had voted to adopt in 1987. As a result, capital planning was chaotic, with adverse impact on the selectmen's ability to maintain a stable tax rate. Under Andrew's watch, the CIP was implemented and continues to this day. The tax rate remains stable.

Fact: During Andrew's tenure on the budget committee, Bristol's municipal tax rate dropped to it's lowest level in 20 years: $4.65. As Chair, he proposed a modified budget process that eliminated inflationary departmental requests.

Fact: As a key member of the Town's recycling committee, Andrew's innovative approach to problem solving was instrumental. After arguing about recycling for 30 years, Bristol commenced a "single stream" recycling program that continues to produce income to the town and cost nothing to implement. Today, 75% of all refuse is recycled.

There's more -- like the public access television station, weekly town newspaper, and website to provide greater transparency in government -- but I think you get the idea. Andrew is the only candidate who's really from New Hampshire, and the only one with experience, and success, at building cooperation, cutting taxes, and using common sense to protect us from government waste.

He gets the job done.


Bruce Van Derven




Collaboration, Support, Loyalty, Sacrifice And Concession

The Monadnock Ledger Transcript, a liberal paper in the Peterborough area, has come out for slashing budgets and cutting the pay of employees of an exclusive local arts center and Franklin Pierce College.


You heard that right, slash and cut budgets and salary just because the economy is soft and the schools are not taking in as much as they want.

I have heard taxpayers make the same soft economy argument at town and school meetings only to be savaged by liberal papers who claim the taxpayer is selfish, greedy, or that he hates education – and “our” children.

So it is such a shock to see the opinionistas at the Monadnock Ledger Whatever softly plead in no uncertain terms for just the same thing – sanity.

In this case, the sanity of affordability is couched in the newfangled progressive terms of collaboration, support, loyalty, sacrifices and concessions.

What would happen if a taxpayer got up at a school district meeting asked that teachers involved in salary and more benefits discussions show a bit of  collaboration, support, loyalty, sacrifice and concession for the good of “our children”?

The Monadnock Ledger Whatever would call that budget slashing.



Taking It Like Men?

Is it nice to see someone get the same nasty treatment they love to dish out to others?

Of course it is!

Consider the dilemma NBC Superstar Tom Brokaw finds himself in with this Page Six investigative journalism news flash:


NBC has hired a British news hottie, that is how she is described and photographed in several stories I have seen, (and they make fun of FOX News) to clean up the NBC mess that has come from being so left for so long.

You have to admire the side by side photos in this news article. Brokaw is flashing his crooked lower teeth and the British hottie has a sly, smirking pose.

The boys at NBC are steaming at a comment the new hottie laid on them. She said NBC was asleep for 15 years! The NBC group think turned to group stink.

Oh, the tender feelings of hard news newsmen.

Time to sit back and watch NBC for once?

Just joking.


Some New Texas Indictments Are In Order

Below is a Texas statute used to indict Texas Governor Rick Perry who vetoed tax dollars going to the department of a corrupt, drunk, county prosecutor, Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg, a Democrat, who Governor Perry wanted removed from office.

It is a pretty simple read:

Sec. 36.03. COERCION OF PUBLIC SERVANT OR VOTER. (a) A person commits an offense if by means of coercion he:

(1) influences or attempts to influence a public servant in a specific exercise of his official power or a specific performance of his official duty or influences or attempts to influence a public servant to violate the public servant's known legal duty; or

(2) influences or attempts to influence a voter not to vote or to vote in a particular manner.

(b) An offense under this section is a Class A misdemeanor unless the coercion is a threat to commit a felony, in which event it is a felony of the third degree.

(c) It is an exception to the application of Subsection (a)(1) of this section that the person who influences or attempts to influence the public servant is a member of the governing body of a governmental entity, and that the action that influences or attempts to influence the public servant is an official action taken by the member of the governing body. For the purposes of this subsection, the term "official action" includes deliberations by the governing body of a governmental entity.


Governor Rick Perry just happens to be the head of the office of the Governor of the State of Texas and in that capacity is exempt from this statute.

Or think of it this way:

If a governor of Texas can be indicted for using a veto, why can’t the Travis County Prosecutor be indicted for falsely charging and indicting former US Senator Kay Hutchinson, Congressman Tom Delay or Governor Rick Perry?

The Travis County Prosecutor’s Office under Ronnie Earle had both cases against Hutchinson and Delay thrown out for lack of evidence. After the damage was done

It seems this single Texas County has the ability, because it has the liberal, progressive, corrupt, City of Austin in it, to sway the political landscape of the entire State of Texas on a whim.

It’s almost as bad as New Hampshire where four non-residents, the NH ACLU, and the League of Liberal Woman Voters shop for crooked judges in a county that does not have the State Capitol in it so they can invent a right for non-residents to vote here.