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Honoring Tax Day

In Honor of Tax Day, let's look at an alternative. It is a time for fresh ideas, not merely tinkering at the edge of a corrupt system.

Here is the Tax Plan to save the economy, AND Social Security

Let's get the labels out of the way FIRST; It is a FLAT TAX!
Now on to the Details;
A Flat 18% income tax. No loopholes, deductions, carve outs, No ways for crooked politicians to craft new tax policy specifically for their donors. Only a generous personal exemption of $10,000 per taxpayer, and $5,000 per dependent. THAT'S IT! OH, and if you end up with zero tax liability, or less than $500.00, you MUST pay the MINIMUM tax of $500.00. EVERYONE must have skin in the game. Everyone benefits from society, therefore everyone must contribute.
For Businesses it is ALSO simple. a Flat 18% tax on net operating profits.
Now to the numbers;
According to the IRS; there are 209,000,000 taxpayers earning $12.5 trillion dollars. There are also 62,000,000 dependents. This means that we will lose $2.1 trillion to personal exemptions, under my plan, leaving $10.4 trillion being taxed at 18%, bringing in $1,872,000,000,000.00.
For Business;
According to the IRS there are $1.724 trillion in business profits. taxed at 18%, this brings an additional $310,320,000,000.00 for a total revenue of $2.183 trillion.
Now here is where it gets fun;
TOTAL Federal revenue for 2010 was:
$2.2 Trillion. of which;
$1.1 trillion was income taxes
$900 billion was SS and Medicare/aid
$200 billion was business taxes.
NOTICE, that our income tax plan covers Social Security revenue as well. This is to protect those Social Security recipients collecting, or about to collect social security. For anyone 50 or under, They will have the option to "opt out" of social security. This means that the 12.4% of their pay will keep being paid, but to a retirement fund that THEY OWN AND CONTROL, NOT CONGRESS! Initially only broad based index fund, municipal bonds, and other "safe" investments will be allowed, but those restrictions will ease, as more people opt for that and the burden on the taxpayer eases.
The Flat tax on business, and the prohibition on Congress from screwing this up, will make the economy explode. Gone will be the trademark temporary band aids and uncertainty of the Obama administration. Gone will be the endless need to bribe crooked politicians for favors. Gone will be the need to spend, collectively $600 billion on tax preparation, planning, and avoidance.
The flat tax on individuals will mean the savings of $64 billion spent on income tax preparation, and avoidance. A Flood of new capital for investment, and the opening up of former tax shelters to productive use of capital, as the tax consequences have diminished, as well as the need to avoid future political footballs. Social Security will be funded for those who wish to remain in it, and for those who wish to increase their retirement funds, they will be able to do so.



Screwy Lewis In The News!!

How about a little credit everyone.

I believe I was the first one to label Superior Court Judge John Lewis as “Screwy Lewis”.


Having dealt with this arrogant, self-important, over-educated progressive judge for a number of years it is wholeheartedly rewarding to have the general public catch a glimpse of what his “court room” was like.

Lewis “accepted” a reprimand from the NH court powers that be and retired early. (Laugh track here.)

Screwy Lewis was the guy who tried to make sure that Obama had plenty of college student voters in September of 2012 when he signed on to a NH League of Liberal Women Voters petition to create “mobile domiciled voters” and then dragged the case out past the election – where it still hangs.

This guy lets Atkinson’s FORMER Police Chief Phil Consentino run rampant through that town and Screwy Lewis tried to stick CNHT’s activists in Atkinson with thousands of court fees for having the gall to bring a case against the town for not letting CNHT’s photographer, Gary Brownfield, take pictures at a Deliberative Session in 2009.

Now that Screwy Lewis will not be making any more personal decisions in his crooked court it is safe to say what he was really like.

First, his recent reprimand/retirement kick in the ass:


Screwy Lewis tried to tag our guys in Atkinson with something like $30,000.00 in court costs for filing an equity case against Atkinson and along with that there was an effort to grab all of our emails between each other for several years. Thanks to our attorney, and Screwy Lewis not wanting to go to court, on the record doing so, we settled on a Mexican Standoff – Gentleman’s Agreement. This is a legal term for municipal court cases you have to experience firsthand to understand.

Screwy Lewis has left the Hanna Rivers v. NH case hanging in mid-air. That is the mobile domicile invention he created before the 2012 election.

I still get notices for the NH State Supremes about the time I have left to file with their office. That isn’t happening.

In NH you are never more safe than when you are outside a court room.

As with most thugs, they seem to step in it after they get too arrogant and careless.

When you look at Screwy Lewis’s pedigree, Dartmouth, Columbia, Fulbright Scholarship, it seems odd that it took this long.



"Four States" Tries To Change The Subject

In a desperate attempt to shift Attention from Democrat Jeanne Shaheen’s unwavering support for ObamaDemocratCare, transient Democrat spokesperson, Julie “Four States In Four Years” McClain, tosses a class envy, anti-big oil press release bone to the partisans in her party.

How sad is that?

Come on, sell that tax cut, keep your doctor, free health insurance program in New Hampshire Senator Shaheen!

Here is what “Four States” offers in its stead:


Brown did Wall Street’s Bidding Before, and They Want Him Again

Concord, NH—Today, Ending Spending Action Fund, a group founded by a billionaire Wall Street CEO, is spending another $42,000 in New Hampshire to buy our Senate seat for former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, so he can return to Washington, DC to protect their interests.

“Another Wall Street special interest group is swooping in to try and buy New Hampshire’s senate seat for Scott Brown because they know he will put their interests first,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Communications Director Julie McClain. “This ad is full of the same negative attacks Brown has been spouting across the state during his so-called ‘listening’ tour with no regard for the best interests of people across New Hampshire.

"It's laughable that a Wall Street interest group is trying to tell Granite State families that a Massachusetts Republican is ‘right’ for New Hampshire, when the truth is that the only people Scott Brown is ‘right’ for are the billionaires funding these outrageous ads.”

During his time in the Senate, Scott Brown watered down Wall Street reform and delivered billions in tax breaks. So it’s no surprise that Wall Street and Big Oil special interest groups have already spent more than $1.5 million in negative advertising against Senator Jeanne Shaheen, outspending progressive groups at a rate of three to one.


Any Friend Of Janice Rottenberg Is A Friend Of Voter Fraud?

The races for Congress in NH are taking shape and the Democrats want to frame any potential Republican or conservative in a light that would divert attention away from ObamaDemocratCare. What sane person wouldn’t want to avoid a middle class destroying Democrat mandate that destroys American health care.

To do this deed Democrats count on labeling any opponent as a kitten starving puppy kicker who wants to hurt the middle class.

This is just a start.

They will repeat, endlessly, that “Big Oil” controls the votes of any Republican or conservative candidate or just shout “Halliburton” from the rooftops.

One hope Democrats have is with a Mr. Havenstein, running for governor, and a doomed to fail Democrat campaign of challenging Havenstein’s domicile during a seven year “inhabitant” requirement to hold that office. The NH Ballot Law Commission threw out any vestiges of that law having any meaning with the pro-Democrat “Foy” Decision in 2000.

Suddenly, in a head spinning reversal of the dearly held Democrat position that people from out of state can vote in NH, Democrats are FOR a real definition of the legal term used by most other states and our NH Constitution.

And then the past comes back to give me a shot at the recent DCCC press release by a Mr. Josh Schwerin, a Democrat mouthpiece who issued a statement about the NH races.

I recognized that name right away!

Josh is a regular on the LinkedIn pages of out of state Democrat activist vote thieves we catch in NH!

Here is his LinkedIn page:


As you may notice, Josh has a lot of political pals listed on his LinkedIn site and one very familiar name is Janice Rottenberg of South Bend Indiana who is also a known NH vote thief who stole a NH vote in Nashua in 2012 when she was working to pass ObamaDemocratCare with Organizing for America.

Josh and Janice were transient campaign activists in 2012 working for Terry McAuliffe after the presidential election was over.

Here is Janice’s LinkedIn page:


It’s a small vote fraud world here in NH.

Can’t have a decent election without knowing who the players are!



35,000 Double Voters In North Carolina?

Here is the web site of Civitas, the go to group in North carolina for exposing election law violations.

Judge for yourself with the video included:


Remember, voter fraud in the case of double voting should be prosecuted in BOTH states!