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Disenfranchisement of the College Student

If you ever wanted to know how NH encourages out-of-state student voters to claim “residency” in NH in the never ending effort to steal your vote I have offered interested readers a paper written back in 1982 that pretty much sums it up.

Every Federal case regarding transient student voters is annotated in this Fordham University paper. It is quite balanced except it does not mention the stolen votes of the domiciled inhabitants of the states where unconstitutional student voting is allowed. That is a separate subject we cover at The Coalition of NH Taxpayers.

Here is the site:


You might notice it looks like a long paper but it is mostly annotations one of which is Newberger v. Peterson, the 1972 case regarding “intent” to stay a NH domiciled voter after swearing that you are when registering.

The famous case previous to Newberger is one out of Tennessee in which that state’s laws requiring draconian residency requirements was struck down in Federal court. This is what led to student voting activists picking NH as the next target regarding “intent” to stay.

Naturally this type of litigation to win NH elections with student voters spurred Judge Lewis to declare students “mobile domicliaries” who could steal a vote in NH and remain the legal residents of other states. That case is hung in limbo because of inaction by our higher court and will remain there as long as the activist who promote illegal voting think they can get away with it.

Here is a paragraph from this paper that exposes that idea:





I. Introduction

The standards used by state and local election officials to determine whether students may vote as residents' of the communities in which they attend college vary significantly among the fifty states. 2 Common law domicile principles 3, which determine residency for voting purposes, 4 often have been distorted when applied to students so that a state or its subdivision can effectuate its policy of encouraging or discouraging student voting at college. 5

I underlined exactly what the New Hampshire problem is: a policy of encouraging non-resident voters to effectuate, in this case political agenda.

Should readers take the few minutes to read the background of election law regarding student voters and domicile, the important word used in the NH State Constitution they will find out what a fraud has been perpetrated against NH voters by our courts, Attorney General’s Office – Elections Division and Secretary of State who sits on his hands.



Did You Notice No One Asked What They Eat?


Our trusted Federal Government is spending gobs of dough we have to borrow from ISIS to explore the reason why so many lesbians are obese.

Hey, it’s true! I swear by the vanishing Arctic Ice Shelf.


I looked up who was running this scam and she kinda looks like Woody Allen in blue glasses but I only took a quick peek at her picture. What does not surprise me is where the funny money is going – some Eunice Shriver building in Boston.


Next I hopped over to last year’s study results to se what is going on with all the heavy lesbians the Harvard crowd needs millions to ponder. Here is what we paid for:


Now we are getting somewhere. Here is the brief brief on the extra large briefs. Something stuck out in the description of where all the information they studied actually came from.



Gay, lesbian, and bisexual youth may experience significant body dissatisfaction. We examined sexual orientation differences in self-perceived weight status and the prevalence of potentially dangerous weight control behaviors in a representative sample of adolescents.


Data were obtained from 12,984 youth between 2003 and 2009 over four cycles of the Massachusetts Youth Risk Behavior Survey, a statewide survey of ninth- through 12th-grade students. Self-perceived weight status and past-month unhealthy weight control behaviors (fasting >24 hours, using diet pills, and vomiting or using laxatives) were compared among gay/lesbian, bisexual, or self-identified heterosexual youth with same-sex partners, unsure youth, and exclusively heterosexual youth using logistic regression, adjusting for age and race/ethnicity.


Compared with exclusively heterosexual males, heterosexual males with prior same-sex partners and bisexual males were more likely to self-perceive as overweight despite being of healthy weight or underweight (respectively, adjusted odds ratio [AOR], 2.61; 95% confidence interval [CI], 1.68-4.05; and AOR, 2.56; 95% CI, 1.64-4.00). Compared with exclusively heterosexual females, lesbians and bisexual females were more likely to self-perceive as being of healthy weight or underweight despite being overweight or obese (respectively, AOR, 3.17; 95% CI, 1.15-8.71; and AOR, 2.00; 95% CI, 1.20-3.33). Unhealthy weight control behaviors were significantly more prevalent among sexual minority males (32.5%; AOR, 4.38; 95% CI, 3.38-5.67) and females (34.7%; AOR, 2.27; 95% CI, 1.85-2.78) when considered together relative to exclusively heterosexual males (9.7%) and females (18.8%).


One third of sexual minority youth engage in hazardous weight control behaviors. Future research should investigate underlying mechanisms and determine whether clinicians should routinely screen for these behaviors.

Copyright © 2014 Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine. Published by Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Soooooooooooo the headline of this story I see says something about obese lesbians studied by supposed experts but in reality a couple million dollars went down the poor Kennedy well looking at TEENAGERS.

Now it all makes sense.

Who gets to share the database of the underage kids in the, I assume, public schools who are listed as having same sex partners?

Wouldn’t that be a great targeted source for a last minute political mailer to the parents of the studied children? Can you say Organizing for America?

It’s certainly the Chicago/A.C.O.R.N. way.

Don’t even bother denying this one moonbats.




And Then Fred Leonard Shows Up

Last Saturday I volunteered to cook a whole pig for the Concerned Veterans for America event in Rochester at their fairgrounds. It was just about a week long ordeal.

Get the pig, get the stuff to cook the pig, set up everything to cook the pig – without much sleep in between. But on the other hand they say we have a picture somewhere of Texas Governor Rick Perry taking a picture of our pig on the spit.


That BBQ sauce covered pig did look good and the crowd of media that showed up got singed taking the same photos.

And as is my custom as such events I did not speak to any of NH’s establishment media because it is always a waste of time. All I had was a quote in the LA Times.


With anything volunteerish one always depends on those who show up. CVA had just enough people to pull this gig off but it was a close call. You have to see bodies in person to gage whether or not you are going to make it.

Early on before our help arrived in total a car pulls up and it is Rochester’s own Fred Leonard. I have not seen Fred much since the Spending Cap battle in Rochester a few years back:


Fred seemed surprised he had not heard much about the pig roast and he offered to stick around and help.

Fifty lbs of cooked sausage later Fred disappeared without me saying thanks. Cooking fifty lbs of sausage on a gas grill is a hot greasy job Fred took on flawlessly.

Let me thank Fred right now along with the other volunteers who shouldered the smoked shoulders we also cooked.



Where Any Good NH Governor Should Come From - A Municipal Budget Committee

One candidate for governor of New Hampshire has the financial resources (millions of dollars, largely his own) to plaster the airwaves with self-promoting propaganda, 30 seconds at a time.

The other candidate, Andrew Hemingway, can afford to run some ads during the last few days of his campaign, but he's counting on grassroots support by word-of-mouth from people who know him.

I know Andrew. I know him very well, having served with him as an elected official in Bristol -- he was the chair of the budget committee, when I was the selectman member of the committee. I want to offer these first hand observations and you can decide if this is someone you'd like to see as your governor.

Fact: In the years prior to Andrew's service as budget committee chair, the budget process was cumbersome and cantankerous. So much so, it was impossible to find 13 people who wanted to serve on the budget committee and there was open hostility between the budget committee, department heads and selectmen. Andrew set a tone of civility and respect that was infectious. He repaired the relationships with the department heads and selectmen, so that it became cordial and not confrontational. The committee had a full complement of 13 members. The end result was a reduced budget that was presented to Town Meeting that had the unanimous support of selectmen, department heads, the town administrator and budget committee -- to the penny. The body at Town Meeting decided to add money to the budget. Can you imagine?

Fact: Bristol had failed to implement the Capital Improvements Program, a state law, that it had voted to adopt in 1987. As a result, capital planning was chaotic, with adverse impact on the selectmen's ability to maintain a stable tax rate. Under Andrew's watch, the CIP was implemented and continues to this day. The tax rate remains stable.

Fact: During Andrew's tenure on the budget committee, Bristol's municipal tax rate dropped to it's lowest level in 20 years: $4.65. As Chair, he proposed a modified budget process that eliminated inflationary departmental requests.

Fact: As a key member of the Town's recycling committee, Andrew's innovative approach to problem solving was instrumental. After arguing about recycling for 30 years, Bristol commenced a "single stream" recycling program that continues to produce income to the town and cost nothing to implement. Today, 75% of all refuse is recycled.

There's more -- like the public access television station, weekly town newspaper, and website to provide greater transparency in government -- but I think you get the idea. Andrew is the only candidate who's really from New Hampshire, and the only one with experience, and success, at building cooperation, cutting taxes, and using common sense to protect us from government waste.

He gets the job done.


Bruce Van Derven




Collaboration, Support, Loyalty, Sacrifice And Concession

The Monadnock Ledger Transcript, a liberal paper in the Peterborough area, has come out for slashing budgets and cutting the pay of employees of an exclusive local arts center and Franklin Pierce College.


You heard that right, slash and cut budgets and salary just because the economy is soft and the schools are not taking in as much as they want.

I have heard taxpayers make the same soft economy argument at town and school meetings only to be savaged by liberal papers who claim the taxpayer is selfish, greedy, or that he hates education – and “our” children.

So it is such a shock to see the opinionistas at the Monadnock Ledger Whatever softly plead in no uncertain terms for just the same thing – sanity.

In this case, the sanity of affordability is couched in the newfangled progressive terms of collaboration, support, loyalty, sacrifices and concessions.

What would happen if a taxpayer got up at a school district meeting asked that teachers involved in salary and more benefits discussions show a bit of  collaboration, support, loyalty, sacrifice and concession for the good of “our children”?

The Monadnock Ledger Whatever would call that budget slashing.