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Polar Opposites

If a snail darter shows up in a stream near your farm you are out on the street. But if a bear takes up residence at your elite downhill ski area, you just shoot him full of drugs and drag him to some nearby fly-over country:


Maybe some small town judge should order the ski area shut down until the bear moves on to a new home or establishes himself a permanent one at this elite, snob-infested, eco-aware, downhill ski area so it can be shut down to create a wildlife preserve.

We have our priorities all screwed up in Realville.

What a golden opportunity to hand the Starbucks crowd a taste of what they do to others?


NH Makes Voter Fraud News at, Accuracy In Media

After years of collecting evidence of New Hampshire style voter fraud here at The Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers we have a pretty good article about the subject that is included in a national story about how pervasive voter fraud is.

Thanks to Jim Simpson at Accuracy In Media a very small part of our collection is on display.



Some of the states most affected by voter fraud have grass roots organizations starting down on a path towards working together independently of the election officials who were supposed to be in charge.

This effort is just getting started here in NH.

Keep looking to the new NH media for details.

A good start would be here at NHInsider.com, CNHT.org, GraniteGrok.com, Girardatlarge.com. WLMW 90.7 – Manchester, and others for updates.



North Carolina vs. New Hampshire

North Carolina arrests one Antonio Terez Harris for Election Law Violations


Looks like the County Sheriff arrested Mr. Harris of:

707 Lake Dr. Herculaneum, MO 63048 Phone Number: (636) 479-6314

Also of 115 Meadowfield Circle, Aberdeen, N.C.

Think Mr. Harris has a DOMICILE problem?

There is so little information about this arrest in the news readers are left to speculate what got Mr. Harris in trouble. But now might be a good time to look at the difference in North Carolina law and our statutes here in New Hampshire.

Notice a slight difference?

North Carolina General Statutes § 163-278 Duty of investigating and prosecuting violations of this Article

It shall be the duty of the State Board of Elections and the district attorneys to investigate any violations of this Article, and the Board and district attorneys are authorized and empowered to subpoena and compel the attendance of any person before them for the purpose of making such investigation. The State Board of Elections and the district attorneys are authorized to call upon the Attorney General to furnish assistance by the State Bureau of Investigation in making the investigations of such violations. The State Board of Elections shall furnish the district attorney a copy of its investigation. The district attorney shall initiate prosecution and prosecute any violations of this Article. The provisions of G.S. 163-278.28 shall be applicable to violations of this Article. (1931, c. 348, s. 12; 1967, c. 775, s. 1; 1975, c. 565, s. 7.)

State of New Hampshire

7:6-c Enforcement of the Election Laws. –

    I. Upon receipt of a signed written complaint, or upon his or her own motion, the attorney general may in his or her discretion, conduct investigations to determine whether any violation of the election laws has occurred and may prosecute anyone responsible for such a violation. In conducting an investigation under this section the attorney general may enlist the aid of the county attorneys, the state police, and other public officers. In the exercise of his or her powers and duties under this section, the attorney general may hold hearings and require the attendance of individuals by the use of subpoena and may require the production of books, documents, records, and other tangible goods by use of subpoena duces tecum. Any testimony required by the attorney general at a hearing which he or she is empowered to hold under this section shall be given under oath. The attorney general shall maintain records of complaints and investigations of alleged violations of the election laws.

    II. (a) Beginning January 31, 2013, the attorney general shall, at least once during every 6-month period, provide a rolling report to the general court on the status of all complaints of alleged violations of the election laws received. The attorney general shall submit the report to the standing committees of the senate and house of representatives with jurisdiction over election law.

       (b) The report shall include, but not be limited to the following:

          (1) A summary of complaints received during the preceding 6 months, or during the period since the previous report if such period is less than 6 months, including the number of complaints categorized by type of complaint and month received.

          (2) For each complaint investigated, the results of the investigation and a description of actions taken following the investigation.

          (3) For each complaint not investigated, an explanation of why the complaint was not investigated.

       (c) The requirements of subparagraph (b)(2) or (b)(3) may be satisfied by including with the report, for the complaint described, a closure letter, settlement agreement, cease and desist order, or complaint filed with a court, or any other official communication.

Source. 1971, 314:1. 2012, 95:1, eff. May 29, 2012.



Trouble In Paradise


Bedford Teacher Survey (CONFIDENTIAL)

The, let me correct myself, OUR children in middle school in Bedford were assigned a survey to complete. Of course Bedford being a liberal, enlightened public school the survey asked about minors and their ideas about sex. You knew it would, right?


One question about this “survey” would be this. Who was it really for?

Want to guess it was for a data mining company or some non-profit paid to survey OUR children. (“OUR children” is how public monopoly school children are perceived by those who are part of the system, not the children of the parents forced to send them to the monopoly school. This is why there are surveys like this.)

As a way to counter the never ending attempt to survey minors or any monopoly school children about sex or private family matters – I offer this:

The Bedford School District Teacher, Superintendent, Teachers Aid Questionnaire.

1. How much do you weigh?

2. Are you married, divorced, single, co-habitating, or seeing a person other than your spouse?

3. How often do you view pornography?

4. How many times a month do you have sex?

5. How many times a month do you have sex with someone other than your spouse? (Answer if you responded to seeing a person other than your spouse on question #3.)

6. Do you mix recreational drugs with sex?

7. Are you interested in having sex with OUR children in the Bedford School System?

8. If the answer is yes, please state at what ages.

This survey is strictly confidential. You have no reason to fear it being printed in a local paper or sold to a data mining company from out of state.

Thank you for your mandatory participation and please leave the survey on the desk at the Superintendent’s Office.

Respondents will be notified of their “score”.

That should about do it.