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Thank A Democrat - Shred Your Mail, Pull Your Shades

Fox News has, as news, an annoying revelation that an, unnamed - as usual, employee of the IRS took home the names, addresses, SSI #’s and such, on a thumb drive, for his or her; they are unnamed, as usual, did I mention that - personal use. (Notice the adventure in punctuation?)


If only the unnamed IRS employee who violated Federal Law by stealing private data on IRS employees had a name.

The first thing I would do is see how he or she was associated with any political campaigns in the three states that most of the info was stolen from.

Then you would see how it might have been added to the political master database the Obama people have been working on since the community organizer took over the White House in 2008.

Ever wonder how Obama motivated all those 99,000 same-day NH voters in 2012?

He has specific data on who they were, where they worked, where they live, and what motivated their very specific demographic position in life.

If you are at all surprised by what the Obama people will sink to collecting data for the master list, you probably don’t know what kind of people were elected by posing as Democrats. These are not your Daddy’s Democrats.

The Obama people know that no law applies to them when they are winners in today’s elections. No private data that can be used for an election, threat, or leverage is off limits. (Ask US Senator Feinstein what happened to her recently?)

Don’t believe me?

Hillary is running for President after having her aide, Craig Livingstone steal 900 FBI files with information from investigation about various Congressmen. And she is the Democrat front runner!

Try answering any political mail from any left wing group. Then just spell your name a little differently, or add a slightly altered middle name – see what comes back.



New Jersey - Tax Heaven

Bloomberg News has a story about a firm that did a study on escapees from Jew Jersey’s tax prison.


I was afraid it would show the escapees coming to New Hampshire. But it did not have a frightening number in anything near enough to cause a panic.

You see, it is very hard for any progressive to change his or her spots. That is just not in the nature of the beast. It is ingrained from the type of “higher” education/indoctrination they have paid for.

Look at Obama. Here is a highly indoctrinated individual who will never admit that what he absorbed in the Ivy League soft socialist halls of higher indoctrination is flat out wrong and unworkable.

That kind of elitism is like a warm cloak that shields him from ridicule.

He would vote for road-side trash pick up if he moved to NH in heartbeat.

So it is with rich New Jersey escapees from taxation. I know. I see the Massachusetts version every day. Move here - vote like they are still bowing down to Tip O’Neil.

Voting moonbat is easy to do with your retirement/investment package insulates you from the type of tax and spend voting that drives the locals and fixed income crowd out of town.

But as luck would have it, most NJ millionaires are moving to Pennsylvania and Florida.

We still have the Democrat Party Pajama Boy, Harrell Kirstien though.


Same Sex Partners With Baby Makes FOUR

Same sex couples have been parting ways forever but this couple is in it for the long haul, cause they are going to court.

Enter the lawyers:


The two women involved with each other want a divorce in a state that will not recognize it but have had a legal boost from an activist judge, Garcia, who knows what’s good for him if he wants to keep getting invited to the right parties and social events.

And to top it off, they have themselves a baby – 13 months old and already a participant in a social experiment. How sad.

Back to the love bugs.

One of the partners was some sort of mother, as in biological. The other partner was a “partner on paper” kind of parent.

Now we have the courts involved making everything subject to the most recent fad in destroying traditional marriage in the name of “fairness”.

I love the quote by the activist attorney:

“This illustrates what Judge Garcia identified as (what) same-sex couples are deprived of,” Neel Lane, one of the San Antonio lawyers for the gay couples who sued the state over the same-sex marriage ban, told the San Antonio Express-News. “First, they are deprived of the benefits of an orderly dissolution of a marriage. Second, their children are denied the benefit of the many laws to protect their interests in the event of a divorce.”

Actually, the deprivation of rights of the “victim” couple is in fact an advantage traditional couples in heterosexual marriages are not entitled to. And isn’t it what this is always about when it comes to progressive politics?

There is a male involved with this “marriage” who has no rights. How did that happen?

Some news for the homosexual couple: You are NOT the patents of a baby without the involvement of a male somewhere in the process.

When you have a homosexual partnership separation between two same sex individuals and it comes time to split up the goods, per se, things get dicey. In a traditional marriage parental rights are taken into consideration.

If the homosexual couple thinks that a contract with the sperm donor father, not to be involved, holds weight – think again.

That contract is only words on paper – like marriage laws you ignore all the time.



Parker Gilbert - "Willy" Black's Favorite Son?

Using the NH Attorney General’s and NH Secretary of State’s definition of the legal term “domicile” as a guide, a Hanover, NH voter Parker Gilbert, goes on trial.


He might be staying New London until the trial is over, but Hanover voter Parker Gilbert is from London – England.

And yet, when he goes up to the Hanover Moderator, Willy Black, and asks if he can vote, she says, sure.

Notice how the jury went to a dormitory to view the crime scene?

Well, a lot more dorms in Hanover are voter fraud crime scenes.

That is a fact.


Atkinson's Consentino Sworn In - Lawrence Eagle Tribune Rejoices


Former Atkinson Police Chief, Phil Consentino was just sworn in as a new Atkinson Selectman, and as could be predicted, the Lawrence Eagle Tribune has a picture of another Atkinson Selectman shaking hands with Consentino.

Yuck! Has this guy read the sexual harassment complaint that resulted in Consentino giving up his police chief job last year? I know they have it.


The Lawrence Eagle Tribune has always had a crush on Consentino which defies real reporting logic.

But it’s their paper so let’s make them a real story as a “balance” to real reporting in general.

I have to thank them for the handshake photo in any case.

Maybe the other guy feels safe shaking Consentino’s hand because he isn’t a babe with a “big rack” as Consentino refers to the women in the office.

Recently, the criminal division of the NH Attorney General’s Office spent quite some time investigating a county attorney for misuse of funds and sexual harassment.

That guy looks like a prince compared to Consentino.

The county attorney was on out of state trips involving his elected position and his misuse of funds involved putting the public funds in public accounts the AG deems inappropriate – but they were still public accounts.

The released sexual harassment complaint mentions how Consentino used money from his “charity” the Elderly Affairs Fund to attempt to further his personal pursuit of any female locked in Atkinson employment.

So what is the difference between the Atkinson sexual harasser who far exceeds the county attorney, verbal sexual harasser, to the AG’s Office? Could it be that the county attorney wins and important political position regularly?

Consentino has been a thug for about 45 years in Atkinson through his various positions – one of which is leaning back in his chair in the office…

But let’s not go there NOW.

How long will it be until Consentino makes the Lawrence Eagle Tribune look like a sexual harasser enabler and the NH AG look like they prosecute for political purpose?