As Goes Vt. So Goes SoHo

Vermont has a “group” that wants their state to secede from the United States.

OK, fine by me. I thought they already had since Vermont was taken over by people who seceded from New York and Connecticut’s upscale, gated communities and universities years ago.

Enter one, Thomas Naylor, 70, a retired Duke University economics professor and author. He is the “brains” behind the movement. Even wrote a manifesto to guide his lefties.

And we have, author Kirkpatrick Sale, 69, founder of the Middlebury Institute, a Cold Spring, N.Y., think tank. Sale is probably another great intellect.

Author Frank Bryan, 65, a professor at the University of Vermont is spearheading the secession movement as well.

We have, also working the cause, Rob Williams, 39, a history professor at Champlain College. Another very smart guy. (What no women? Not very smart.)

See the pattern. Male academics on a mission. (I see a federal grant and a book tour in the making.)

I can not for the life of me find out what kind of state the Republic of Vermont would be under the control of a bunch of university coddled liberals but a venture a guess that:

The Republic of Vermont flag will be red with a hammer and sickle, have a rainbow trim bordered by peace signs.

The Anthem of the Republic will have to be something with a Caribbean or African beat containing some serious social and anti-Bush/war folk lyrics.

These socialists all dress the same already so uniforms won’t be a problem.

Even zoning will have zoning.

It will be a no-smoking republic with total, unwavering, adherence to veganism under threat of prosecution.

It will be a land of peace.