Censorship Is A Good Thing When...

Here we are on Sept. 11 again.

Many of us forget that people who declared war on us many years ago killed some 3,000 souls in NY alone on Sept 11, 2001.

They would have done more damage had they the "proper" materials and ability at the time. It isn't over by any means but you can still put your thumbs in your ears and cover your eyes for protection.

I remember Sept. 11, 2001 as the day I called a radiator shop in Concord to see if my newly cored International tractor radiator was ready.

The lady who answered the phone told me to just hang up and turn on the TV because they were closed.

So I turned on the TV and saw the burning buildings in New York.

Then I heard the planes left FROM BOSTON!

My wife flies for Delta Airlines and had left for Boston that morning to go to work around 7am if I remember correctly. She found out what happened while on the employee bus going into the airport.

Everyone was sent home and she called to let me know she was fine. She said as soon as she was told what happened she thought, “They are after the fuel.”

While I was looking on TV for more information on the attack on I turned to the Spanish language stations for news. There I saw blurred images of the people jumping from the buildings.

Our US news sources censored those shots. They have until this day and always will.

Isn’t it funny how Americans can be assured they will always be treated to horrific TV images of carnage such as American soldier’s bodies being desecrated in Iraq, a Vietnamese girl burned with napalm, police in LA beating an angel dust freak.

But a few simple shots of two people holding hands while jumping to their deaths rather than be burned alive, THAT is taboo.

No Pulitzer for the photo of what appears to be a young black man falling head first into the street from hundreds of feet in the air.

I think a photo like that sends many messages and raises many questions.

What makes a person decide that jumping from a building and freefalling for ten seconds or more onto concrete is better than hanging on to some thing outside the building until the end?

What goes through their mind to make them go ahead and jump?

Who were they?

What would it have been like to be in the second building watching what was happening and then feel your building get hit?

Hundreds of people watched this happen and somehow they rarely wind up with any national exposure.

If you want a real 911 cover up here is one for you.