First, before you can properly digest a subject everyone must use the same definition for the key words involved.

Let’s talk about the word “COOL” as in Peterborough is a “COOL” town to live in – according to Budget and Travel magazine.

This type of meaning of COOl is different than the type of COOL Peterborough is in, lets say, winter. That would be COOL as in cold.

The COOL Budget and Travel Magazine is referring to is spelled the same but pronounced differently. It goes like this: COOOWUL.

Repeat after me COOOWUL. Say it like a Valley Girl would because that is where the pronunciation originates. And if you want to have a like a really like COOOWUL community you need to keep uncooowul people out – uncooowul businesses as well.

Did you see the latest news out of COOOWULVILLE?

Superior Court Judge James Barry has asked the Attorney General’s Office (laugh track here) to look into allegations made by former Administrative Assistant for Community Development head, Laura Norton, that ZBA members are altering minutes of meetings.

And what minutes have garnered the attention of the COOOWULVILLE ZBA?

That would be the minutes of the meetings regarding the application of C.N. Brown Corp. to have a dreaded Dunkin’ Doughnuts service in their fast food mart already located in COOOWULVILLE.

Yes you read that right! A low class, uncooowul, Dunkin’Doughnuts, instead of an Einstein’s Bagel or Starbucks. Oh the humanity.

And if it takes things like altering the certified record to omit the part where C.N. Brown stated at the hearing on their approved special exception to run a convenience store that they would sell coffee and doughnuts – so be it.

That is the price we all have to pay to make Peterborough a COOOWUL Community.

Makes you wonder about the missing 1966 ZBA records regarding the Lone Pine Gun Club In COOWUL Hollis NH.