Cough, Cough

We can all admit its useless and dirty. It is a habit that is very hard to kick. But it remains something that people have engaged in to their detriment for centuries. Worst of all it serves no healthy purpose and infects everyone around it—especially children.

It is imperative that we keep it as far away from our public school children as possible because it weakens their ability to grow and learn.

I think we all know what I am talking about.

Its second hand socialism.

Real first hand socialism is bad enough. Look at the National Socialist Party (Nazis) in Germany where public education first was born. Kinda blew up in their face wouldn’t you say?

China, Russia, Washington DC, they all suffer under its addictiveness and lure.

Subjecting children in our country to second hand public school socialism is becoming too much to bear. It has to end and end now.

Feeding the beast is the least responsible thing to do. As we speak, a small cabal of NH State legislators is trying desperately to come up with a formula to cost a second hand socialism price tag to force on NH taxpayers.

You see, NH taxpayers were smart enough to stop funding failure and began forcing schools to clean up their children’s educational health. But it isn’t that easy. The socialists that run NH’s education industry are hooked on socialism’s promise of an education utopia where the money flows like water and everyone is equal and life is fair. (If only they were hooked on phonics.)

But since the proletariat here in NH refuse to follow along with the elite education establishment and their friends in cheap black robes they must try to shove socialism down our throats and hope we come around to the dream world they exist in (with all the government bennies).

Are NH taxpayers, the ones that stopped saying YES to education failure, going to sit back while the education elites scheme to steal what they can not entice people to vote for?

Or did we all stop caring about our children?