George Soros: Great Thinker, Big Spender

Like the lap dogs they are, many of the intelligencia in the Democrat/moonbat wing of the US Senate have decided to take on Rush Limbaugh through fabricated accusations of US soldier bashing being leveled at him by convicted criminal George Soros’s Media Matters watchdog-stink tank.

Suits me. Bring on any discussion of who supports troops more. Better yet, how about a trip to see the troops and see who they support the most.

Media Matters, an arm of the Democrat party funded with crooked money from Soros has already scored one temporary hit by claiming the grizzled head of liberal shock jock Don Imus. They must be feeling frisky.

Imus will be back on the air soon and I predict he will have a slightly different attitude towards all of his liberal friends who abandoned him when he went into his rapper persona and called some female black athletes what black rappers call black female athletes. Either that or he will lose any credibility left in his cranky old skeleton.

Taking on Rush and the egomaniacal O’Reilly are another thing entirely. There is a huge difference.

These guys will defend themselves.

Betting on Media Matters taking out Rush Limbaugh is about as smart as investing in Air America.