Go Ahead Cut Me

Did you notice how well coiffed Governor Mike Huckabee was at the Presidential Debate last night?

Well, Governor Huckabee stopped by HairBiz in Concord recently and took up the offer of the owner, David Holden, to have a $400.00 haircut with - this exception, the proceeds go to a children’s autism charity – not vanity.

Some candidates TALK about helping people while at the same time spending $400.00 on a haircut. Others see beyond the mirror in front of them and actually have some idea of what real Americans face every day.

Governor Huckabee’s new doo shows some perspective regarding the value of a dollar while emphasizing once again the fact that he has a sense of humor as well.

Not a bad combination.

Nice move Governor!

Thank you HairBiz for putting it all in perspective with your $400 dollar haircut challenge.