How Progressives Raise Money

Let’s take Jack Abramoff, the now convicted after being thoroughly investigated and prosecuted lobbyist, who spread campaign cash around Washington DC in a mind numbing, cash swapping, swindle-blizzard of sometimes somewhat and occasionally sure thing payoffs to politicians.
Why, good old Jack layered on the lbs as the press pounded away at Republicans for being so involved with such a cad. In fact, it was a major campaign theme of the righteous lefties – throw the crooks out!

Here in short from some related court documents is what Jack Abramoff did:
"offered and provided a stream of things of value to public officials in exchange for official acts and influence and agreements to provide official action and influence,"… "These things of value included, but are not limited to, foreign and domestic travel, golf fees, frequent meals, entertainment, election support for candidates for government office, employment for relatives of officials and campaign contributions."

Bagged and tagged. Jack is off to jail for a real long time. (Not much of a chance for a pardon from Pres. Bush I would bet.)

And now from a Sept. 8, 2007 story on the Wall Street Journal.

“At a New York restaurant overlooking Central Park in April 2006, the governor of Pennsylvania sat down to dinner with about a dozen Democratic supporters. The 10-course meal in a private room at Per Se, including dishes like Nova Scotia Lobster Tail "Cuite Sous Vide," cost about $18,000, says a diner who was there. The host, Norman Hsu, was a businessman that the crowd admired but knew little about.”

If The Journal, the only paper investigating this case of influence peddling by a Democrat campaign bundler who has pled nolo to a multi million dollar fraud case, is correct in its reporting (they don’t mention Governor Rendell by name but they should) then why is an $18,000.00 diner not a thing of value?

Norman Hsu donated almost $50,000.00 to Gov. Rendell who, now caught, has promised to give to charity. (Why give it back Gov. if you ain’t done noth’n wrong - worried about that VP spot?)

Abramoff was caught and offered to give testimony to investigators about all his criminal accomplishments. Typical Republican scandal – follow the money, except Abramoff donated to Democrats as well.

Norman Hsu, who defrauded investors in California and skipped his fraud trial fifteen years ago, what becomes of him?

He wanders around the US and the rest of the world a free man with no visible means of support, donating huge amounts of money to national progressives as well as liberal Democrats and their causes here in NH.

I found a couple small articles about Norm Hsu in some NH daily papers, nothing like the front page above the fold U.L. demand to know who was paying for the French Presidents vacation here recently. Not surprising. Why no interest in Mr. Hsu? (Best get an interview while he is still room temperature.)

And I am not at all surprised that national Democrat corruption would wend its way into NH so soon after their stunning “progressive” victories here – the ones calling for cleaning up corruption by electing Democrats.

This is what “progressive” means.

This is what “progressive” brings.

Behold! The Clinton/Lynch plan for New Hampshire.

(Did I hear the righteous corruption fighters Shea-Pelosi and Ho, Ho, Hodes call for an investigation?)