Just Fill In The Blanks

Tuesday evening I was up in the tiny hamlet of Windsor with some taxpaying residents plotting and planning the next moves of the newly formed taxpayer group there.

Two years ago we helped one of our CNHT members who lives in Windsor take the town to court to let an independent film crew film the Windsor Town Meeting for a potential documentary. It was on the front page of the Manchester paper – above the fold. CNHT was not mentioned – just the way we like it.

This year it was back to Superior Court to win LEGITIMATE figures from the BLANK PAGE in the Windsor Town Report where the Treasurer’s Report was supposed to be.

We won that information along with a PROMISE from Windsor to supply everything. (And the Windsor taxpayers won court costs as well!)

But some foot dragging has been going on. Not all the pages are supplied for some documents and others have dates that only a Dr. Who time machine could make possible.

What’s a taxpayer group to do?

Try this:

Since we have an ORDER from the court we will probably not bother with the Selectmen again. It’s the town attorney’s turn. Remember he was in the courtroom when Judge Abrahmson said, let there be documents. And she heard all the flimsy excuses for not filing things like TAX LEANS on delinquent property.

So why not have the town counsel pry the remaining MS (Municipal Services, RSA 21-J stuff) forms we need to do a layman’s town report, being the Windsor selectmen don’t bother.

Many of you may not know that each municipality has assigned from the NH DRA a person who checks up on the municipality to see how the finances are coming along after Town Meeting so that the TAX RATE can be set.

Well Windsor fell down on that as well. They may or may not file some MS Forms.

I guess they roll the dice to set the tax rate. Voo Doo doll anyone?

This means we get to have a nice chat with the NH DRA rep for Windsor. That should prove interesting.

But nothing has proved as interesting as this bit of information the documents we do have show.

It seems that just after we filed the 91-A case this spring several prominent ( A half dozen or so.) municipal figures paid up taxes going back three to four years.

What a coincidence.

While we are at it. Let's see if the NH DRA which is so excited about getting a shot at having a sales and income tax can handle a simple thing like getting some MS Forms from Windsor.