Mixed Grill

I just pulled into a Hampton Inn in Debuque Iowa after two days on Interstate 90 in a Freightliner truck . I am working on the Stihl Timbersports Lumberjack Competition series that shows on ESPN II in December of most years. This is the preliminary where we whittle down the field. I have been doing this for about 11 years or so.

This is our second year at this Riverfest venue right on the Mississippi. Along with us and a gang of other events are The Doobie Brothers (whomever is left I guess) and if I heard right, Randy Travis. If this year is anything like last year I will be a bit ragged after our event so I don't go out at night much past the amount no time it takes to eat dinner. Last year I slept though the band, Styx.

Speaking of dinner - some observations:

The outfit I work for pays for everything while we are here, and on the way, including food, so don't hold back on the steaks and prime rib. What's the old saying: "You got the horses, you gotta feed'em". I think that's it.

Ah, but I am not the only beneficiary of all this travel.

When we pull into a Pilot Station or other truck stop to diesel up, something bizarre happens. At least I think so.

English Sparrows fly right up and under your truck grill and pick the June bugs, dragon flies, and moths, right off the hot radiator.

I remember years back birds coming up and looking on the ground around truck grills and sometimes picking up bugs on the outside of the trucks, actually going inside the grill is new to me. What resourceful little devils they are. Crows just walk along the sides of highways picking up bugs cars hit, and people consider crows pretty smart.

I suppose English Sparrows are not what you would call "top of the line" bird watching material among true birders. They are around any place people live or eat and are about as common as black top. But for those little birds to figure out how to get a hot meal for free without having to drive the truck - well they have me beat!