My Other Life, Part Two

This year the Stihl Timbersports Series finals were in Stillwater, Minnesota. The event had pole climbing and log rolling, also known as burling, along with boom running, a competition involving running across a pond of floating logs. They even had a black Lab that could do it.

I work for Granite State Lumberjack Shows and we handle all the “heavyweight” events like chopping and stock racing saws as well as monster saws made from snow mobile engines. We ran our events between other shows.

This gave us time off during log rolling and climbing events to roam downtown Stillwater. I put it to some “political” use you might say.

Three of us hit several used book stores. John, the Barrington school teacher, and Garrett our Renaissance Man from Maine dived into the racks with me. John is a classic liberal and Garrett is a Libertarian/Free Thinker, if I can pigeon hole him at all.

I told them what I was looking for and that was some extra classic conservative books to fill out my collection. Garrett was interested in a book I told him about last year called, A Treatise On The Constitution, by John Story, one of our first US Supreme Court Justices.  Garrett had it online but wanted a hard copy. We could not find that book but it did lead us to the section I would love to own.

Human Action by vonMises in hard back cost me $25.00. I was happy to have it. I snagged a book on the history of tax revolts in America and a great book of photos of American Indian artifacts I am sure I had seen years ago at a neighbor’s house in Pa. when I was a kid.

Then I spotted what I thought was a real gem, The Correspondence Of Adam Smith. There were two copies.

There in that book were all the existing letters Adam Smith wrote to and received from the people of his time such as David Hume in the late 1700’s. I read some Hume last year but did not finish the book I had.

Since we were in a USED book store I had visions of loading up on several rare items. Wrong!

The Adam Smith book - $100.00! - so I left without it. On to the next used book store.

This store had for sale a set of books I own called, A Biographical Dictionary Of The Left, by Francis X. Gannon. My luck, they had no price so I could not find out what they are worth on the used book market. I own vols. I, III, and IV, and now that I know they are worth saving I guess I will keep them.

So I am content with the books I bought in Stillwater and I am encouraged that the ones I found interesting are still worth a few dollars.

That makes me ready for Matt Simon’s reading challenge I would assume.