NH's Governor's Office Worth Buying?

This Hsu donation of criminal campaign cash to Blue Hsu Hampshire politicians just gets better and better.

You know how “Halliburton” is an argument ending ritual word used by liberals to prove they are right about, oh, almost everything? A progressive need only invoke the word and conservative opponents cower in fear of being called crooks.

I have another often forgotten magic word many of you lib’s would rather forget… LORAL! The boogeyman of all magic words, if only conservatives would use it and the Feds would prosecute.

History update: Loral is the company that sold high tech secrets to the Chinese under Bill Clinton’s watch. This sparked the investigation into Chinese money laundering and payoffs during the first good old Clinton years. You could call this treason as well—for accuracy anyway.

The head commando at Loral was none other than Bernard Schwartz who walked away from this deal unscathed without being indicted. No need for a Clinton pardon for Bernie.

Nowadays, Bernie Schwartz is a big man on NY’s New School campus along with his pal… Norman Hsu. The New School is a refuge for liberals and has been Democrat politicians such as former presidential candidate Bob Kerry. He was a governor and US Senator for a while as well. A true liberal now perched in a tax funded haven.

The New School fills young minds full of mush with new ideas about… CHANGE!

Here is a sales pitch from one of the chain of Greenwich Village campuses:

“At the crossroads of sound policy and effective management, Milano prepares leaders to pursue creative solutions to the difficult, complex problems facing our world. Our students become innovators and agents of change...” —Dean Fred P. Hochberg

—Dean Fred P. Hochberg

It looks like at the “crossroads” these “change agents” turn hard left.

Hang on, here comes the kicker. Remember, Senator Hillary Rodham lynch Clinton is involved.

Senator Hillary Lynch Clinton secured somewhere between $700,000.00 and $900,000.00 in earmarks for the New School.

Yep, your tax dollars going to pay for lefties in NY City who sell secrets to the Communist Chinese, launder presidential campaign cash, defraud investors of millions of dollars in personal cash to give to the Arkansas mafia (check out Hsu’s rubber glove business—how appropriate) that has taken over the White House once already.

And along the way they scoop up cheap little politicians like our most popular governor.

Welcome to Blue Hsu Hampshire—Change is in its way!

(This article is dedicted to Richard who must walk past a weasel farm to get to work every day.)