Sometimes Its Right Under Your Nose

Other times its just above your forehead.

Earned Media – look it up.

Out there in campaign land, piled in the sun, is a heaping mother load of “I wish I had’s” and “I should’a-done’s”.

When your fifteen minutes of fame have flamed out, all the crying in your beer is going to get you nowhere.

Just think, I could have told my candidate to…

Get himself some FREE MEDIA!

Here is a simple, no risk, plan to have the AP crawling all over your favorite politician.

For a measly $400 bucks you can get a haircut at HairBiz in Concord.

Think of it. Just like the $400 dollar haircuts John Edwards gets.

Your candidate can have reporters showcasing him sitting in the HairBiz Salon getting “trimmed” of four hundred bucks which will be donated to children’s autism by the owner David Holden.

The ironic part of this deal is that the John Edward’s Concord HQ is close enough to HairBiz to smell the Barbisol, its two doors down from HairBiz on North Main St. just up from Pleasant St.

Good idea?

Here is a hint of how good an idea it is.

Last week a certain candidate was scheduled to stop in for the publicity bonanza but somehow missed the owner opening up that morning.

Now I can’t reveal who that candidate was but his initials are…

John McCain


(If you are a Democrat you can get the $400 from the communist Chinese or George Soros.)