Take Just A Little Over The Top

Did you see the story about the frisky hairstylist in Concord, David Holden, of Hairbiz, who is challenging John Edwards to get one of his famous $400 haircuts at his Concord NH salon?

Hairbiz hairstylist David Holden will donate the Edwards money and all other proceeds from any another unkempt candidate wanting a $400 dollar cut to a charity for autistic children. Bravo!

I knew this would happen!

I did.


David has been cutting my hair for about 15 years or so. I went in for a $17.00 trim before I left for Iowa and he was talking about doing it. When I got back he showed me the stack of national news stories about the stunt he has collected.

This is one of those “you couldn’t make it up” stories that liven up primaries here in New Hampshire.

And you have to admit, Mr. Edwards might have brought it on himself by paying $800 bucks for haircuts in Beverly Hills with campaign cash.

The three minutes he is caught on You Tube primping his bangs with a pocketbook mirror didn’t help macho-up his image either.

If I were a Republican presidential candidate with a sense of humor and a spare $400 dollars I would rush my locks down to David’s place pronto for the publicity.

I’m surprised there isn’t a line outside of Hairbiz already.

Even Rudy or Fred Thompson could make hay out of this.

It’s for the children.