Electronic Voting in NH - Just Email Your Out-Of-State Vote Right In

  I called into a community tv program in Manchester the other night.  The panel consisted of two state reps and one state senator.  They were discussing how wonderful it would be to have electronic voting records and electronic wizardry at the polling places to help move things along. 

  I asked about other methods of speeding things up such as requiring people to register to vote at city hall and not allowing same day registering at the polls.  In addition I raised the question of actually requiring an ID to vote and dispensing with the affidavit in lieu of an ID. Again the idea was to speed things along.  All three members of the panel, all democrats, disagreed with my ideas.  Voter 'disenfranchisement' you see.

Well folks there you have it.  Any real reform towards voter fraud or any real attempts to speed up the voting process will be stymied by liberals who view these attempts as voter suppression.  It's classic backwards liberal thinking. 

Ed Sapienza.