Atty Woodard, receptionist confirm investigation, ANNE RICE lies about it!

It is my duty to inform the New Hampshire citizens that to my knowledge, with confirmation by telephony from the receptionist and Atty Rebecca Woodard, that  New Hampshire officials, agencies and individuals are under investigation for Color of LAw and Fraud and Conspiracy allegations lodged by me.  I have the support of Congressmen Inslee(Wa.), Stark(Ca.) and Murphy(Ct.) who have and continue to approach the FBI seeking Victims Assistance and a full investigation.  My three sons were abused/neglected and had their rights violated by Judge Albee, Ex-Chief Pickering, Colantuono, Ayotte, Conway PD, Madison PD, Madison Selectmen and the DCYF of New Hampshire, Washington state and Connecticut, among others.  This country was founded on the Constitution and I will fight for those rights until the day I die.  Forcing two attorneys to abandon me at the last minute feigning a breakdown in communication is deplorable and abhorent behavior by officials/judge/law enforcement expected to serve the people.  You treat me as if I am not a citizen of the United States and that is Institutional Racism and a hate crime.  You hate black men enough to stoop as low as covering up sexual abuse and neglect and you allowed an opiate addicted woman who most likely had sexual relations with local Law Enforcement to further harm my sons.  I will not stop pursuing legal redress against you!