Please vote Frank Guinta for Congress

To the Editors: 

The majority of Americans are angry at the way the current administration is running the country.  The decisions currently being made in Washington are proving detrimental to the country’s financial well-being, our families’ health and our children’s futures. They have, it seems, collectively decided that they know what is best. Telephone calls and emails, expressing legitimate concerns, are being answered with patronizing form letters and generic responses.

It is time to send in the proverbial Trojan Horse.  We need to rebuild from the inside by voting in the people who will actually listen to us and make the tough decisions needed to turn this country around.  We have the opportunity to begin rebuilding, and taking back our country, as early as the November elections.   In New Hampshire, we have a select few candidates with the potential to bring common sense solutions to Washington.

Frank Guinta, for example, is not merely making campaign promises, but has clearly defined which plans he would eliminate to reduce wasteful spending and return fiscal responsibility to Washington.  He has also outlined a 10-point job growth and economic development plan.  Mr. Guinta proved himself as Mayor of the city of Manchester.   As a member of Congress, he will have the ability to bring real solutions into Washington.  Solutions that do not place further burden on taxpayers.

Please vote Frank Guinta for Congress. 

Victoria Sullivan

Manchester, NH