NHDOJ BOGUS "threats" false arrests case dismissed

As African AMerican males seek redress against NH officials who have come to count on the NHDOJ to trmel our rights one thing is for certain.  These acts of intimidation and harrassment have no leading grounds.  Ralph Holder, currently bringing the town of Newton to justice for flse arrests nd rights violations, took the NHDOJ all the way top the Supremem Court and won.  Why?  Because these acts are based on a hate for African American males in the NH administration.  Both Ralph and I hve fought for the last several years for justice and NH is keen at refusing to bow to the Constitution's laws that protect citizen's rights.  The USDOJ "was" under the Bush Era spell of reverse discrimination.  We can only hope that Holder and Perez turn this around because the NHDOJ shows no sign of fupholding rights of black males.  At least Ralph is beating them at times, otherwise the judges stick together.  Me, the only trumpcard I have is that the state of Washington and Connecticut are also involved.  New England corruption may work with CT and NH but I doubt that Washington officials will gamble their freedom in this blatant attack upon my family.  MY CHILDREN WERE HARMED, REPEATEDLY AYOTTE/ALBEE!    Bogus charges still hamper my efforts but I have bet the farm that in a court of law you will be found GUILTY!