Do State Representatives Get Special Treatment?

On Friday, August 13, 2010, Shane McCarthy was killed at 4:30 p.m. on route 111 in Alfred.  NH State Representative Laurie Boyce was driving the SUV which pulled out of Saco Road, Hitting Shane broadside, dragging his body under her SUV for 15 feet, ejecting his wife Lezlie over the hood of the SUV where she landed on the pavement with very grave injuries.  I came across this accident a minute after it happened and witnessed what I pray is the most horrific thing ever in my life because I do not wish to see anything like it again.  I did not know Shane, but, I wish I did, because after reading all the things people have to say about him, I would have loved him with my life.  I feel that someone needs to be his voice other than his family because I see all these people making excuses for Laurie Boyce, who has not made a written statement about the accident, nor has she said anything to his family.  Maybe re-election efforts are just too draining for her, or maybe re-election is more important. 

I see the news stations have run very little on this accident.  Why?  It is leading many of us to believe that this is being hidden, or swept under the rug.  And yes the paperwork has been forwarded to the AG for them to investigate/file charges.   Maine has a distracted driver law, was she distracted?  She must have been if she did not see that motorcycle coming from her left, so that she ran right into it.  It isn’t like it was a tiny little thing in the road like a chipmunk or something, for pete’s sake it was a Harley Davidson with two people on it, that is not something that is very small at all. 

Laurie Boyce is running again as a representative to the People of NH, Shane was a resident of NH, what about his voice.  My voice is now his.  There are things being said that people have spoken out about similar incidents about Laurie Boyce, where is the investigation into her?  Where is Shane’s justice?

It is also funny when some of her colleagues were contacted, they had no idea that this even happened, sounds kind of fishy to me.  Again politicians being treated with a different rulebook than the rest of us Americans. 


Vicki Trudell


This picture was taken the day that Shane gave his sister Heather away at her wedding.