Civil Rights

To the Editor:

New Hampshire   Legislators will soon be faced with a decision that will affect the civil rights of many of your neighbors and friends.  Perhaps for the first time in the state's history, the people we have elected to represent our values and beliefs will be voting to take away a human right from thousands of our citizens.

This will happen, not because they are felons, nor  because they are not legal citizens, but simply because of their desire to live among us free and equal.  The right to join in a civil marriage with the person with whom you share love, commitment, property, and dreams is a right that is available to all the residents of New Hampshire.  This right will be debated in the legislature again this year.  At risk are the legal marriages of thousands of gay and lesbian residents.

Imagine if your family's security and future could be challenged every time the political winds in Concord blow in a different direction.  Think about how you came to find love with another and married.  Imagine that the state government may now say that your marriage is not valid, not good enough and not equal.  That is exactly what will happen to thousands of New Hampshire families if the legislature votes to repeal the state's current marriage law.

What can you do?  Contact your state legislator and state senator and tell them about families you know who will be devasted by a vote to repeal equal marriage.  Tell them your own story and what it would be like to know you could not marry the person of your choice.  Talk to your friends and neighbors and ask them to do the same.  Everyone in New Hampshire deserves to live Free and Equal.

Carolyn Crane

Keene ,NH