Judge Albee, Ex-Colonel NHSP Pickering colluded with Meriden CT PD???

A followup to what is all making sense now.  I have filed an Internal Affairs complaint since the mother of my children  Wendy L Smith, an opiate addicted mother, that Albee and Pickering loved so much they  threw equal protection under the law out the window, seems to be a Teflon Mom.  Seems Wendy, giving birth to three sons in a row, all addicted with drugs in their system, my last son Christian born prematurely and kept in the hospital for weeks after birth, has NEVER, I repeat NEVER been arrested or prosecuted for obvious child neglect.  And after my son winds up in a coma after ALBEE and PICKERING get involved and throw my sons to the wolves, again no arrest or prosecution for child neglect.  My Internal Affairs complaint is ignored and 4 messages left for a Capinigro, head of Meriden CT PD IA go without response.  But now, I have approached the state of Connecticut to investigate, and if that don't work I will file a Federal suit somewhere.  Albee, you are the lowest, Pickering, you too.  Deliberately stopping an African American father from protecting his sons from further abuse and neglect, and my son ends up in a coma and you STILL refuse to answer my letters/faxes.  I WILL SEE YOU BROUGHT DOWN FROM THAT BENCH ALBEE, PICKERING, BROUGHT OUT OF RETIREMENT.......SCUMBAG bitches.......you should both be sent to prison......Malicious Prosecution, I didn't get Due Process, have no idea what ruling you made in my quest to get custody, and can't drive because you think I should come to your courtroom, you shouldn't have a courtroom.  I spend hours commuting to my aerospace job, I am a licensed Government Contractor now, but can't drive.  Don't I look dumb?  No, you look dumb and the westcoast knows you to be a corrupt judge and rogue cop, respectively ; )  criminals.....you obviously  hate blacks.......I ain't backin down, take your hoods and robes off, I got you up for some special awards!