There are some New Hampshire families who are struggling at the hands of our family court system and are in dire need of help!

I am a Father who has not seen, spoken with, nor even been able to write back and forth with my two daughters in over two years, yet in the family court and in my own case I have “joint custody.”

You may ask, how is that possible? I will tell you how. Unfortunately the court and many local police agencies do not enforce the courts orders. If you find yourself in a bad situation, they will tell you it belongs in the family court- sometimes the same place you are being denied your parental rights.

This isn’t a one sided viewpoint, nor is this an ex-wife or ex-husband publically debating or airing their dirty laundries out.

I have met with men and woman who have been alienated from their children around our state and other states and it has to stop.

This is about children, New Hampshire.

Many family courts around the state are un aware that there are court rules allowing judges to “rule from the bench” which can wreck total destruction to a family already going through a traumatic event. There are times when no one sees that one side is getting favoritism and the other is getting ousted from seeing their children.

Please don’t misunderstand me, of course there are times where it is detrimental to a child to remove a parent or parents from them when it is a destructive environment for the child.

This is NOT what I am bringing to you. There are some wonderful loving FATHERS and MOTHERS both being alienated from their children.

If you are reading this, please look into what parental alienation is so that you will know how certain families are being affected, how to protect your children or someone else’s child or children from it, and please contact your local representatives to support bills and legislation to better protect parents rights equally.

It is what our great state believes in under RSA 461 of the Parental Rights and Responsibilities. Research it.

This is a huge calling to all New Hampshire families as all of our children go to our schools together, they are raised together throughout our communities, and our children are going to become the next citizens to replace us as we move on in our lives.

Children deserve the right to a loving relationship with BOTH of their parents regardless what the parents feel about one another!


Nicholas Haas

Hooksett, NH