Please join me in supporting Gov. Romney

NH friends and colleagues:
I wanted to let you know that after a lot of thought and meeting the candidates I have decided to support Gov. Romney for President. As former Communications Director for the NH Republican Party, I value his conservative credentials and as an owner of a small business in New Hampshire, I believe he best understands how to create the small business and manufacturing jobs that will spark our economy.
Perhaps most importantly, as a former Peace Corps Volunteer, Fulbright Scholar and Country Director for the International Republican Institute and working in over 50 countries including such places as Iraq and Russia makes me value Gov. Romney’s foreign policy strategy of a strong America with a robust defense that leads from the front.
I urge you to support Gov. Romney and look forward to seeing you soon on the campaign trail in NH and beyond.
Best regards,
Mark Lenzi, A.M. ASCE
Civil Engineer and Majority Owner
SP Network, LLC
347 Young Rd. Suite 100
Barrington, NH  03825