Obama is Robin Hood!

To the editor:

All throughout our childhood we learned the story of Robin Hood. Immortalized, and taught to us as the triumph of the poor over the rich. Robin is always pictured as a champion of the poor. But is that the truth?

The popular, and politically motivated, version of the story is that Robin Hood stole from the thieving rich to give to the downtrodden poor worker. Aww, does there exist a more potent symbol for the socialist utopia?

The truth is that Robin Hood was not a champion of the "poor", but of "property." Prince Obama ... oops, sorry, Richard (the government) was stealing through ever increasing taxation the fruits of the poor farmers' labor. The farmers (the private sector) who were receiving little direct benefit from this legalized theft, were actually supporting their oppressors, while being powerless to stop it.

Along came Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men, to save the day. They stole back from the government (the Prince) that which he had stolen from the farmers, through excessive taxation, and returned it to its rightful owners.

If the story were acted out today, in its literal accomplishments, Robin would be an anti-tax collector of sorts, retrieving our purloined monies from the IRS to restore to those who had it appropriated from them, which in today's America would mean 69.94 percent to the top 10 percent of income earners, 16.4 percent to the next 15 percent of income earners, 11 percent to the next 25 percent of income earners with the bottom 50 percent of income earners getting the 2.7 percent left — as that is today's income tax distribution.

We now live in a time where the ruling party in Washington has governed for 953 days without the legally required budget. Hence, with no spending plans or restraints upon them they have increased spending dramatically. But even they, as corrupt and self-centered as they are, could not approve Obama's budget proposal which further increased spending by $9.7 trillion.

The future success of our nation directly correlates to our perception of stories like this. The more people see it as stealing from the thieving rich to give to the poor workers, the further we slouch towards socialism. The more people see it for what it is — the workers' right to own the fruits of their labors, the freer our nation will become.