I'm supporting Mitt Romney!

To the Editor,

Next month Granite Staters will go to the polls to select a Republican nominee for President. I choose Governor Mitt Romney. Not only is Mitt the most conservative candidate who can win against Barack Obama, he is the best candidate.

Mitt has used the time since his first run to master the issues facing America. This kind of hard work and discipline are exactly what’s needed. His plan seeks to reduce taxes, spending, and government regulations. He’s a supporter of free-market economics and limited government, the advancement of Origionalism on the United States Supreme Court, and a foreign policy based on our national interests. He believes government has a moral responsibility to spend less than it takes in. He has a real jobs plan that will encourage new and sustainable private sector employment opposed to the smoke and mirrors of Barack Obama’s “jobs” plan, which is simply another ploy to spend more of our hard earned money.

This time around, America demands competence and experience that is attached to solid judgment. Now is the time for a sound CEO, someone ready and prepared to lead the country, on day one, through these difficult economic times. He is the first Republican candidate for president in more than a generation not to be syntactically challenged and able to articulately carry the Republican banner.

New Hampshire has perfected the art of retail politics and earned our “First in the Nation Primary” status. We have a long and storied history of vetting presidential candidates. As you weigh your choices in the coming weeks I appeal to you, now is the time for Mitt Romney.

D.J. Bettencourt

Majority Leader

New Hampshire House of Representatives